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Did anyone else notice how Mockingjay-esque the protagonist is presented in the new Star Wars trailer that came out today? Before anyone freaks out–that’s not necessarily a bad thing, and no, it’s not just the fact they are both female and part of a rebellion–I mean the actual camera shots, appearance, apparel, even some of Jyn’s shown expressions. I can pick parallel sceenshots of Katniss in Mockingjay that mirror those in this trailer. I wonder how much of it is just marketing of the trailer vs. how the movie actually is. Anyway, excited to see the movie! (And no, while there are similarities, she was not the *exact* same as Katniss. I realize that.)

Katniss on a train

Katniss talking to President Coin, Plutarch present. Screen and table. Welcome to Distract 13!

Very Katniss expression.

Katniss undercover in the Capitol. Tell me I’m not crazy.

(For the record, I’m a fan of both Star Wars and The Hunger Games–not trying to start a war. Just thought this was fun.)

(Someone PLEEEEEEAAAASE start making crossover fanart or fanfic or fan theories!! I NEED to see and hear them)

Buttercup III

Katniss stared at the creature in her child’s hands, her scowl as deep as it could go. “Peeta?”

Wiping his hands on a rag as he walked, Peeta walked up to her smiling, “Yeah?” He stuck the rag into the front pocket of his apron. “Oh, no. I know that face. That is the face you used to get when But-”

“What is that…. Thing doing here, and in my child’s hands, no less?” She asked, pointing to the thing, never taking her eyes off of it.

Peeta just laughed. “Well, Katniss, that thing is a kitten, and it is in our child’s hands because I gave it to him.”

Katniss turned her head to her husband, leaving her finger pointed at the thing, a look of sheer bewilderment on her face.

Peeta had to bite his lip to not laugh at the way she looked.

Walking up behind her, Haymitch put a hand on her shoulder and said, with his usual smirk, “Yup! And he has named it, ‘Buttercup III’.” He moved his hands above his head as if he saw the name in lights.


Everyone looked over to where the little boy sat with the purring kitten in his lap.

Walking over and kneeling beside him, Peeta said, “Yes, son?”

“I think I want to name her ‘Prim’.”

Peeta had a lump in his throat as he turned to look at his wife. He saw her features start to soften, and behind her, Haymitch smiled proudly and nodded.

Turning back to their son, Peeta said, “Okay, Finn. Whatever you want. But why P- That name?”

“Because mommy has told me so many stories about auntie Prim, and she was so brave and so beautiful, I just thought it fit.”

Peeta had tears pooling in his eyes as he turned back to his wife once again. She had dropped her hand and was staring at their son with a look that conveyed amazement, bewilderment, sadness, and joy all in one. I guess that’s what love looks like, he thought. She had silent tears running down her face.

Behind her, Haymitch had placed his hands on the top of each of her shoulders and was rubbing gently, one silent tear running down his face, and a glint in his eye that Peeta couldn’t tell if it was pride or sadness.

Gripping her upper arms tightly, Haymitch leaned in to whisper so only she could hear. “You did a hell of a job with that one, sweetheart. I’m proud of you. Now, when are you going to tell lover boy that you are going to have another runt running around here?”

Katniss walked over and sat beside Finn, placing a hand on his back as he smiled up at her, and she smiled back. “I think that is a beautiful name.”

Finn beamed.

“And we can name the next one ‘Buttercup III’ so we don’t hurt daddy’s feelings.”

Peeta tilted his head and looked at his wife. “Next one? What? What are you talking about?”

“Well, Prim will get bitter like Buttercup if she doesn’t have a companion,” Peeta chuckled, and she continued, “Plus Finn’s little siblings might get jealous-”


“Hallelujah! Thank God, she finally told him!” Haymitch hooted.

“Finally told me?” Peeta turned to Haymitch.

“Yes, Peeta. She may have been the You-Know-Who, fought in the You-Know-What, and competed in two You-Knows, but telling you has made her more uptight than her first interview with Caesar.”

“You still don’t know the effect you can have, do you?” Peeta asked, turning to Katniss with a goofy grin on his face. She looked down at the floor bashfully with a small smile, and he lifted her chin up with his finger then tucked a piece of hair behind her ear.

“Peeta, I’m pregnant. Again. And before you ask like last time…. Real.”

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Bandages: An "All I Know" ficlet

Happy Monday! Welcome back to the grind–I hope this story helps you out of those Monday blues. For keelaree and cchester1985, who wanted a liitle happy story about Zoe. 

Takes place four years after “Small Bump”. Let’s say this is a premise to the new story in the “All I Know” universe.

Summary: Zoe Mellark instructs her little sister, Daisy, on how to be a proper doctor–with the help of Finn, of course.

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A Place To Call Home (pt 2)

Prompt 30: Peeta trying to impress the girl of his dream buy getting her tickets to see Hamilton : The musical . Only problem it impossible. [submitted by Anonymous]

Dear Anon, thank for this Prompt it actually worked beautifully with the first part of this story.  I hope you enjoy it.

Rated G/K warning un beta’d

A Place to Call Home pt 2 by @mega-aulover

“I found my thrill on blueberry hill…..” Finnick crooned in Peeta’s ears.

 “Awe hell Finn how long have you been standing there?”  Peeta rubbed his face how long he stood by the entrance of the Park staring at Katniss and her younger sister walk away he did not know.  All he knew as that for the first time he didn’t mind living in the Bronx. 

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