finn is talkative


top 50 otps of all time ☆ #35. Rae Earl & Finn Nelson 

“When I look around, I see that everyone’s the protagonist of their own story. And the thing about stories is that not all of them have a happy ending. But some do.”

instagram fandom

this is what you’re not going to do

- call finn RUDE for saying that mileven isn’t real. it’s not. it’s a fictional ship between fictional characters.

- constantly throw “fillie” in his face. he is fourteen years old. stop shipping him with his cast mates, it’s weird. they’re kids. stop doing that. 

- say he’s acting differently towards fans when he’s with his friends. obviously? when you’re in the spotlight you’re going to act different on camera than how you act around your friends and family.

he is fourteen years old, guys. give him a break. the insta fandom is so dramatic and imo they are being babies. he shouldn’t have had to apologize to anyone for anything he said on his livestream. y’all are going to drive this kid off of all social media if you keep accusing him of being rude/different. he doesn’t have to act any type of way towards any of us. again: he is f o u r t e e n.

why do siths get the really cool lightsabers? i’ve never seen a jedi with a different looking lightsaber. that’s probably how the sith lord “seduces” young jedis “hey kid you want a wicked lightsaber?”

bodhi rook and finn

when i saw bodhi’s backstory in rogue one it immediately reminded me of finn. bodhi was someone who had a second chance (given by galen erso), a chance to do something good and he grabbed it, sticking with it til the end (the way he says “this is for you, galen” fucking broke me cuz it was just before he died). finn, a boy who grew up inside the first order, being indoctrinated by them; when he saw what the first order would require him to do to others, he ran to the first rebel he saw and started to help the rebellion, almost losing his life in the process. they’re both mentally complex and beautiful characters (which is something we don’t see very much out there with characters of color); they chose to be good when they easily could stick to their status quo and work for a fascist organization who gave them nothing but traumatic experiences. they need more love and comprehension, always. 

Finn: I always have this conversation with Karl Anderson, and Sami Zayn as well. He’s- you know. As you’re aware, he’s quite a- a deep thinker.
Jericho: *chuckles*
Finn: And he’ll always say like, “Man isn’t it so crazy that you spent like 14 years honing your profession, trying to be like the most detailed, technical wrestler you could possibly be, and all of a sudden you paint your face and everything just mushrooms at lightspeed?”
—  Talk is Jericho, Ep275
  • how sky people view grounders: primitive savages
  • how grounders actually are: have formed civilization that has adapted to apocalypse and are pretty nice once you get to know them
  • how grounders view sky people: have formed civilization that has adapted to apocalypse and are pretty nice once you get to know them
  • how sky people actually are: primitive savages