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Do you every cry due to the beauty of Finn Hudson sending Sue Sylvester on the war path through a continuation of the only truly unforgivable thing he had previously done?

I’m talking about “Laryngitis” and Finn using his supposed friend Sean to shame Rachel. That’s the only time he’s ever downright antagonistic, to the point where Rachel goes back without him to smooth things over and Finn directly asks us whether we’re disappointed in him.

As Burt says in “Theatricality”, Finn is supposed to be a new kind of guy, and the universe of Glee harshly demands that Finn shape up and fulfill that destiny (not the word I’m looking for, but close enough).

I have a hard time getting mad at Finn for a lot of things - he ultimately responds well to the gay stuff and his anger at Brittany in “Pot o’ Gold” is absolutely an extension of frustration with his own gullible nature - but if he wanted to teach alongside Sue Sylvester he needed to face that part of himself.

(And then he discreetly has Ryder diagnosed, three episodes later.)

psychotardis-deactivated2011120  asked:

i literally cannot take anymore of this finn hate. i mean, i know he's "just a character" but for one, he's really not because i relate to him on such a personal level that my heart actually aches for him.
and two, none of the other characters get this much hate. none of them.
and three, why don't people just spend time on characters they DO like?

1- I couldn’t agree more, Kenz. I don’t think of any of them as fictional characters, especially him and Rachel.. they’re like people I’ve known my whole life. And I see parts of myself in both of them. It’s like people are putting down both a good friend, and.. me. It hurts. It hurts that they don’t even take the time to TRY to understand him and where he’s coming from and why he acts the way he does.
2- SERIOUSLY. I just responded to Julia with that point.. where are the Santana hate blogs for just being a bitch, or the Artie hate blogs for being a total misogynist, or the Puck hate blogs for what he did to Quinn and Finn, or the Jesse hate blogs for his douchiness? OH WAIT, I forgot Finn’s the only one who’s made a fucking mistake. ………….. You can’t live in some one-sided bubble where the characters YOU LIKE are excused for their behavior, but the ones preventing the happiness of the ones you like should be stoned to death.
3- I will never understand this. LOVE is an infinitely stronger message than hate. You just look pathetic for spending all that time and effort BASHING something. What’s the point? The people who already dislike him.. already dislike him. And they’re all gonna come over and tell you how awesome your blog is. Whoop-dee-freakin-do. We, at least, get to spread how much we love Finn, and what’s so wonderful about him, which, I know for a fact, is making other people see him differently and forgive him for anything they used to hold against him.

None of it makes sense to me. It’s a lack of maturity, I suppose.. that’s all I can attribute it to. We’ll just have to work overtime now to make sure the Finn love still makes its way out there, right? ;)

I have to go pick up my sister and run some errands bb, but have a great day and I’ll hit you up when I’m back :) <3

Okay for some reason right now on my facebook a guy in my college class is mocking Cory Monteith right now!...

I posted the video of Cory talking about the fake sweat on my facebook profile with “I just love him!”
Then a guy in my class commented asking me “Why” so I replied back saying how I love him that Cory is the most sweetest,adorable,funny guy plus his singing and drum playing are amazing
I get a reply back saying
“I don’t want upset you by shedding doubt in the form of fact based information upon your beliefs" 

Anyway who could honestly not love this gorgeous man c'mon!