finn huddson

The Slap Heard Around The World!

ALRIGHT! about tonights episode of Glee!

I personally LOVE Finn and everything about him!

And I don’t understand why everyone is getting so mad at him!

Yeah it was mean of him to say that to Santana buttt its NOT his fault that someone over heard him and decided to then tell the person that was running for office!!! Like seriously guys!

Thats not his fault!

AND (don’t get me wrong I ADORE Santana) but she has been overly vicious this season!

Like really she needs to calm it down!

Yeah I know thats just Santana but she got herself into this mess!

And slapping Finn isn’t going to get her out of it. 

The Kiss didn't cost them Nationals!

I’m seeing this sooo much on my dash. It wasn’t really the kiss, it was the fact they didn’t have the songs until like the day before the competition. All the other teams would have been practicing since their regionals competitions, ND were prancing around fountains and having pillow fights. They didn’t deserve to win, they put hardly any effort in. Heart and passion will only get you so far. You can’t expect to win a competition of that size with that sort of attitude. Yes, the kiss wouldn’t have help their case but I really don’t think it made that much difference in the grand scheme of things. Also, they weren’t disqualified, as so many people are claiming, they placed 12th. If the judges had been that offended they wouldn’t have come that high up. ND were just looking to blame their loss on something other than their laziness.

And lets be fair, they lost so they would have a story line for season 3!