finn hero hudson

The Super Hero
  • Finn:
  • 4am was the time Finn woke that morning. Usually, he would hate t be up that early but today was different. Today, he was finally getting to start filming his new movie. He had to be on set by 5 and thankfully, he arrived on time. Of course, he had a hot coffee in his hand and a script in the other.
  • Hours passed quickly as he made his way through hair, make up and the costume department. The first scene of the day required him to be in full costume and as he looked at himself in the mirror, he couldn’t help but smile like a kid. He was a super hero and he loved it.
  • There was something about the costume that soon as it was on, he turned into the character and really felt the part. He knew usually he was a drummer in a band but today, he really realised how much he loved acting.