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“You ready for today?” As you looked at Jack who was fixing his camera, staring at you with his handsome gaze, you took a moment to think and simply replied, “I think so. I don’t know if I’ll be any good though.” “oh come on,” he said, “you’ll be perfect.” He looked up quickly from fixing his camera to lock eyes with you for a moment, and when he looked back down at the camera, he smiled just a little, with wispy wrinkles forming at the sides of his lips. While he took pictures of you, he would cheer you on by saying, “Fabulous” or “Amazing” or “Perfect” or even “Flawless”; and every now and then, he would take a moment to stop what he was doing and look at you as though you were the most beautiful piece of art he had ever seen who could only mutter, “You are so beautiful.”

In between breaks, you would both sit on the floor eating your food and talking like you always did. In the midst of your conversation, you had managed to bring up the fact that he never really liked getting his picture taken. “Why is that?” you asked curiously. “Because I don’t,” he said simply, giving you one of his shy smiles. While he wasn’t looking, you grabbed one of the cameras that was lying right next to him and began to snap as many photos as you could; but alas, you weren’t fast enough as he smoothly looked away each time you tried to snap one of him.

After attempting for so many time, you had finally decided to give up, continuing on with the photoshoot as planned. At one point during the shoot, Finn had stopped what he was doing so he could go fetch another camera to use, completely forgetting about your plan to take a picture. Since you on the other hand hadn’t forgotten, you sneakily tiptoed over to the camera of your choice, walked up to him, and nonchalantly said, “Hey Finn.” “Yeah?” he asked, turning around to face towards you. It was a perfect moment as you took a snap of him, making him stop in his place with a defeated smile on his face as he looked at the ground, and while you looked on at him, you looked at him with expectant eyes, unsure of what was to come.

He shrugged his shoulders nonetheless, and said, “Let’s get back to pictures.” At first, you thought you were off the hook as you started to walk off with your back towards him, but as you walked you heard his footsteps start to rush towards you, making you squeal as you looked back at him. By this point, he had already grabbed you in his arms, pushing your face towards his in a romantic and passionate kiss. Once he let go of your face, he smiled at you and whispered, “I’ll let you win this time, but you’ll pay for it later today,” and then winked at you right before kissing you one more time.

~requested by reptilia-55

What he gave you for your birthday {Youtubers edition}

Finn or Phil: pair of shoes

 Jack or Phil: a swatch

Joe or Alfie: trip to disneyland

Caspar or Marcus: concerts tickets to see your favourite band