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jackharries: Hello!

I wanted to write a soppy message as i’m sure you don’t already have enough filling up your social feeds… I’d like to take a moment to say a HUGE thanks to anyone and everyone who has watched our videos or participated in our channel over the last year. Specifically to those who have been watching for longer and have stuck with us.

This year more than ever before has been challenging, rewarding, exciting and a big lesson for both Finn and I. We’ve met new people, explored new places and learnt new skills. Importantly we’ve been on a journey of experimentation and discovery and although it sounds like a cliché we feel like today marks the start of a new Era.

I can’t wait for 2015. Next year we will be using every inch of our creative brains and every second of our time to make the best stuff we possible can and share it on here. Our aim is to carry on telling stories, exploring new places and capturing the world around us.

I feel so proud of what JacksGap has become and the incredible community that surrounds it. Thank you for making it what it is. We feel so lucky to have had such a great year and we’re going to do our very damn best to make the next even better.

Bring on 2015!

Jack x (Sorry for filling up your feed)

finnharries: Last month I travelled to rural Tanzania to make a film. I’m excited to share what we’ve been working on and some of the photography we captured while we were there. Everything launches in June. Here’s a #worldjump in a traditional Masai Shuka. If you get the chance to visit Tanzania in your life time - take it. Beautiful people, beautiful country. #worldjump

finnharries: The video I made with @jackharries and @wwf_uk about climate change has now been watched more than half a million times since we posted it. The feedback and discussions around it have been amazing. If you haven’t seen it yet… The good news is the link is in my bio 😉. Big love from the JacksGap team! 📷 by @edeani

finnharries: I spent the last week in Northern Tanzania making a film about a boy called John Medo. I met him two years ago when I began working with a charity called The School Fund. His enthusiasm for life and passion for education really inspired me. I wanted to capture that and share it with others. The day after John dropped us off at the airport, he died in a car accident. We had spent the week riding motorbikes, hiking in the mountains, meeting his family and talking about the future. I’m devastated. He taught me to be a better person. I hope we can make a film that honours his memory. Rest in peace John. I will miss you.