finn handsome

Imagine Rey accidentally calling Finn handsome, like maybe they’re discussing a plan and she’s insisting that he should let her go into some situation alone:

“They’ll let their guards down to a girl- but if I go in there with a handsome man and a droid-”

“Handsome?” Finn blurts, looking bemused and teasing and pleased all at once.
Rey immediately goes hot all over and her heart jumps. Caught…

“Well THEY might think so anyway; and don’t interrupt!” She says haughtily, but Finn’s steady little smile doesn’t fade, and Rey blusters and changes the topic.

Later, she abruptly says, “I think you are. Handsome I mean.”


I’d never seen this before, and it’s pretty great. (Prince Devitt gives a press conference in-character)

Also, how is this character coming out of Sweetie McLego here??

Idk, personally I think that Finn being able to slaughter the people he has lived and worked with his entire life without any apparent sign of sadness, regret, or even hesitation that they could be just like him (and want an out) is a woefully underutilised aspect of his character that is frankly more interesting than the one-dimensional Bravest Purest Sweetest Gluten Free Organic Cinnamon Roll Can Do No Wrong UwU interpretation we’ve got going on here.


Finn Trevelyan x Dorian for dalishious-elf

handsome mages in love give me life

cutest thing I’ve ever drawn PERIOD. it will be hard to beat this one <3  

thank you for commissioning me dear :3