finn finnegan

It’s not too early ;D
Christmas card design for work for their fundraiser, but employees who designed something also get a free pack of cards as well, so I couldn’t resist!
So this one features my dumb cat, Finnegan. If I have enough cards, I’ll be sending one of these out to each person who is apart of my Christmas card trade as well C:



“so, nugget, how was school?”
“why does everyone call me that?”
“cause you’re a nugget. what would you like me to call you?”
“uuhhhhmmmm. ah. something scary.”
“uh huh. you get back to me on that when you figure it out.”

“i’d rather go to your school.”
“what, high school? no you wouldn’t. it won’t be long til you’re there, really. but still, by the time you start high school i’ll be teaching first grade geometry.”
“real funny, uncle finnegan.”


*Finn hysterically laughing*

Jack: “What’s the problem?”

Finn: “What is on your face?”

Jack: “What do you mean what’s on my face?”

Finn: “I go away for like 3 month and you’ve just grown hair here, you’ve got Harry Potter glaces, your hair is falling back over your head, you’ve lost it. - Little do these guys know that your trousers are pink”

*Jack shows his trousers*



“thank you so much, finnegan, for being here when she got home from school.”
“it’s no problem. she’s a handful, that one.”
“oh, yup. I don’t know if i’m scared or excited about her teen years.”
“be very afraid. I can’t believe you’re having another one.”
“when will you be back in the city, uncle finnegan?!”
“hmmm… let me see. when you’ve thought of your scary new nickname, give me a call.”

I came up with a lovechild for Cass and Arryn and now I can’t stop drawing her. I got more sketches that I might post in the future ANYWAY this is Finnegan, Finn for short. She’s got Cassandra’s hair color and Arryn’s eyes ^^ She’s also a mage, mostly focusing on elemental magic!