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Imagine: Skyping with Jack & Finn while in class because you’re bored and them trying to make you laugh…

You’d finished the assignment your teacher had given you about twenty minutes ago and now you sat at the back of the class bored out of your mind. You sneak out your phone and text Jack explaining the situation, and instead of getting back to you the Skype icon comes up.

You click accept to Jack’s call and are surprised to see both Jack and Finn smiling at you in their creepy twin way. You try not to laugh or draw attention to yourself but then the twins start pulling funny faces at the camera to try and make you laugh.

You spend the rest of the class on the verge of tears from the stupid things they’d done to try and make you laugh. How did you get so lucky to have two best friends like Jack and Finn?


Imagine: Finn trying to cheer you up on Skype…

You’d been cramming for your finals for the last few weeks and you’d finally had enough. Why was getting a degree so hard? You also missed your boyfriend Finn who was across the country at another university.

You start hitting you head on your keypad but not before you hear the familiar Skype music. You wonder who it is since you Skyped with your parents two days ago and Finn was also cramming for exams and coursework.

Finn: ‘Stop hitting your pretty head Y/N.’

You must have hit accept with your head. You push your glasses further up your nose and glance at the familiar face of your boyfriend who’s grinning like a mad man.

Y/N: ‘Why are you so happy? I’m stressing out.’

Finn: ‘That’s why I’m going to cheer you up Y/N. I know you keep your emotions bottled up but I got a message off your sister and here I am, ready to report for operation cheer Y/N up.’

You can’t help but laugh as he mock salutes the camera. You make a mental note to both shout at and thank your sister for messaging Finn.

Finn: ‘Now there’s the pretty smile I fell in love with.’

You blush slightly, you’d never really told each other that you loved each other.

Y/N: ‘I love you to Finn Harries.’

Finn smiles and fake bows which again causes you to break into laughter. The two of you continue to chat until the early hours of the morning, laughing and joking which eases your stress.

Finn: ‘Did I succeed in cheering you up Y/N?’

You nod your head sleepily.

Y/N: ‘I couldn’t ask for a better boyfriend.’

Extended Preference #2

-How you kiss-

Theses preferences went so fucking well it has 91 notes so far! I actually spent a long time thinking it through, it gave me feels


His unexpected bursts of energy always surprised me. We would just be laying there out of energy then his kisses would bring me back to life.


External image

His kisses would give me heart attacks, both from the sparks and his tricks. He always had a new trick every time.


His kisses were always filled with so much passion. He would hold you and lean towards you as if you were going to leave.


His silliness was the one thing you loved about his kisses. It would seem prefect until he got a better idea and fool around.

Jack Harries Imagine

New Year Eve:“Babe, do you ever wonder how many new year we going to go through together?" you ask while you cuddle in his arm. Unlike every other years, this year you decided to do something simple and stay home and cuddle. "Every single new year! Even if you die, I’ll still go to your grave every new year and count down with you.” Jack answered, while he kiss your forehead. “What if we both die?” You smile as you stare into his gorgeous green eyes. “I will make sure my grave is right next to your then I could still be right next to you.” He give you a quick peck on your lip. “Then what if the sun crash on earth?” “Our spirit will still be together! I love you! Why are you acting so weird?” “Life surprises you everyday, I want to make sure I spent every moment with you, if you ask me one year ago where do I want to be right now in this exact moment, I will say New York, but now I want be here with you. You’re the best surprise life had given to me, I don’t want them to take it back!” your tears start to build up “Don’t be silly! I love you with all my heart, I wouldn’t leave you for any reason. I still have to create memories and Jack junior with you.” He give you a smirk while he wrap your tears away. He lend in to kiss you but you cheekyily block it with your hand, so instead he kissed your hand. “Hey! not fair, he remove your hand and try to kiss you, and suddenly people in the television start shouting "10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, Happy New Year!” You guys kissed at exactly 1, it was passionate, and you could feel his smile in the kiss. “We kissed for a whole year babe!” He said 

This is like my New Year gift for you guys, I hope you guys have a wonderful 2014 and find yourself a Jack Harries! 

Image Preference #5

-How you are at school-


External image

We shared large amounts of PDA. We have got in trouble a handful of times but it was there fault putting us in the same class.


External image

We hated showing affection towards his and my friends. They would tease and take personal photos. Sneaking out in class just to share one kiss was what kept our relationship filled with sparks.

I Love You and Only You - Joe Sugg

whatthemarta: Hey, sweetheart my name is Marta, and I wanted to ask if you could write me a Joe Sugg imagine, one where he is jealous of Finn Harries, because we spend too much time together? (: Take all of your time lovely! xx

Anon: Can you pleaseeee write a long cute joe sugg imagine? 

A/N: I’m a bad person for not doing requests, but hey I’m trying. So once again sorry it’s extremely late and thank you for being patient and sticking around ^_^ also sorry to Marta for not using your name and using Y/N instead, I had to combine requests to get through them. I hope you don’t mind :3

You were lay on the couch in Joe’s shirt and some pajama shorts, Joe was busy out thatching roofs while you lay at home having a few days off work. You held the book you were currently reading above you getting lost in the story until you felt your phone vibrate from it’s position on your stomach. You giggled a bit at the sensation before marking your place and putting the book to the side, unlocking it you opened up the message from one of your best friends Finn. You’d met Finn through Joe along with others in the YouTube community, and like many in the YouTube community you and Finn had become good friends fast.

Finn Finn the better twin: Can’t wait till tomorrow!! :) Even though we live in the same city it’s been to long since we’ve met up XD X

You smile to yourself, it had been a while since you and Finn had met up due to both your schedules, especially the past couple of months where you and Joe had been moving into your new flat in London together. You and Finn always texted but it wasn’t the same as meeting up so you quickly type back a response

Y/N: I know, it has been too long!!! :) Only one more sleep until you remember how annoying my randomness is ;) X

You hit send and place your phone on the coffee table before heading into the kitchen to make yourself a drink when you hear the front door shut followed by a tired sounding Joe “I’m back love.”

“In the kitchen” you reply and hear his sock clad feet pad towards you followed by two muscular arms wrapping around your waist from behind and slide under the shirt. “You must have heard the kettle go off” you joke and turn to give him a quick kiss to his lips before turning your attention back and making him a drink.

“Well being British when I hear the kettle I’m drawn towards it and the promise of tea” you both chuckled before slipping out of his arms to get the milk. Pouring it into both cups you handed Joe his and placed the milk back in the fridge before taking a sip from yours. “Thank you love” Joe smiled and gave you a quick peck before making his way into the living room with you following shortly behind. Joe sat on the couch holding his drink in one hand and holding the other one open signalling you to sit next to him. Holding your cup in your hands you took the seat next to him and curled into his side. Joe’s arm instantly wrapped around your waist and he felt some of his stress and tension from that day start to fade. You sat there for a while discussing what had happened in each others day while the TV played softly in the background causing a warm glow around the room. You both eventually turned your focus to the TV and sat in a comfortable silence occasionally sipping your drinks. As you lent forwards to put your now empty cup onto the coffee table your phone beside it vibrated and lit up.

Finn Finn the better twin: I could never get bored of your randomness, it’s one of the quirks that we all love about you :D So are we still meeting at the cafe at 12? :) X

Y/N: Of course :) Just don’t be late like last time! ;D X

Once the message had sent you placed your phone next to you on the couch and curled back into Joe. “Who are you meeting tomorrow?” Joe mumbled into your hair.

“I’m just meeting Finn seeing as we’ve both been busy, it’s been a while since we got together." Throughout the night you and Finn texted one another talking about different things, the next message you received from Finn was a joke causing you to giggle out loud, typing your response you hit send as you felt Joe shift beside you and let out a sigh. Putting your phone down you rested a hand on his chest looking up at him. "Everything okay?”

Joe glanced down at you “Yeah everything’s fine.” Your phone vibrated again, another text from Finn. Joe glanced across letting out another sigh as a frown appeared across his face. Gently cupping his cheek in one hand you tilted his head towards you. “Are you sure? I can tell when something’s up Joe.” He sighed again, eyeing your phone out the corner of his eye. 

“Yeah just…. a tough day at work. That’s all.” Joe stood up and stretched “I think I’m just gonna head on up to bed.” He leans down and presses a kiss to your forehead “Don’t be to long.” he calls back as he heads up the stairs. You check the time and decide you should head up as well, turning everything off and locking the doors you head upstairs to find Joe already in his pajama pants heading out of the bathroom. You quickly text Finn goodnight before heading in the bathroom yourself. Climbing into bed Joe wrapped his arm around your waist pulling your back into his chest. “Goodnight love” His warm breath tickled the back of your neck as you felt him place a kiss there. 


*The next Morning*

You woke up to the sun creeping in through a small gap in the curtains. Stretching you felt the empty space beside you telling you that Joe had already gone to work. Getting up you made your way into the bathroom where you had a shower before getting dressed and heading down stairs to have some breakfast. As you ate you pulled your phone out your pocket and noticed a text from Finn.

Finn Finn the better twin: Good morning sunshine! :P Today should be a good day, see you soon :) X

You replied before looking at the time signaling it was time for you to leave, you slid your phone into your pocket and grabbed your purse off the side. Taking your backpack from by the door you locked up putting your purse and keys inside and started walking to the cafe. Once you arrived you took a seat inside and texted Finn to let him know you were there, just as you pressed send you saw Finn walk through the door and his eyes start scanning the room. Once they found you he let out a huge grin weaving his way through the tables to you. Standing up as Finn got there you embraced each other in a warm hug before sitting down and ordering our drinks. “So Y/N, how you finding living in London?”

“It’s good, it’s certainly different from what both me and Joe have been used to but it’s easier for both of us and not to mention Joe’s YouTube career. He should be able to make more videos now we’ve finished unpacking”

“That’s good. I know a lot of people have missed his videos, myself inluded." 

"I’ll be sure to tell him, but how have you been? You look great.”

“Pretty good thanks, I’m guessing you saw the Rickshaw Run? and Jack and I have been working on some other projects, and hey now that you’re in London and we’ll see each other more you should do a video with us!” Finn grinned to himself obviously liking the idea. You and Finn continued to talk in the cafe for a while before heading off to one of the local park seeing as it was a nice day. Walking around you and Finn found a spot on the grass to sit and soak up some of the sun. You both sat and chatted watching the sun reflect off the lake and young children run around chasing one another or the occasional unsuspecting pigeon. Taking a sip from your bottle of water you had brought with you, you felt something cold and wet hit the top of your head and drip down your face followed by Finn trying to contain his laughter.

“Finnegan Frayn Harries! You did not just pour water on me?!”

“May……Maybe” Finn managed to choke out between his laughter

“Oh you messed with the wrong girl!” You shouted as you got up and began to chase Finn around the park. This then lead to you two having a play fight and you jumping on Finn’s back as he span you around a few times causing both of you to laugh before he continued to walk around with you still on his back.

As the day came to an end Finn walked most of the way back with you. “I had fun today. It was good to get together again, we should do this more often.”

Finn smiled back at you “We most defiantly should and will” winking at you Finn leaned down to hug you as you both said goodbye and parted ways. Entering your shared flat with Joe you kicked off your shoes and placed your bag next to them. “Joe! Babe, I’m back!” You walked into the living room to see Joe perched on the edge of the couch, his phone clutched tightly in his hands and his knee jumping up and down nervously. His head span round to meet your gaze as you entered, you noticed his jaw was tense and he had a certain angry look in his eyes. Walking over to the couch Joe got up and paced with his back to you. “Joe? Is everything okay?” You reached out to grab his shoulder but he pulled it out of your grasp.

“I don’t know. Why don’t you tell me?” Joe looked over his shoulder at you, his voice sounding bitter.

“What do you mean?”


You flinched at the sound of his voice, you didn’t expect him to get so angry so quickly, in fact you didn’t expect him to get angry with you at all. “What do you mean ‘I’m cheating on you’? Why would I cheat on you? and who is it I’m supposedly with?” You bit back.

“ ‘Supposedly’? …. It’s pretty clear you’re with Finn!” He shouted back running one of his shaking hands through his hair. Joe pulled out his phone showing two pictures of you and Finn from today, one when you were in the park play fighting on his back and the other on you two hugging before you headed home. “Not to mention you’re constantly texting each other. God knows what else you two have been doing behind my back!" 

Placing Joe’s phone on the coffee table you took a breath to calm yourself ” Joe. I. Would. Never. Cheat on you” With each word you took a step towards him “Yes me and Finn text a lot but that’s because we are friends Joe. FRIENDS. And today we met up because Finn has been busy with YouTube things and we’ve been busy moving in here so we hadn’t hung out in a while. I thought the whole point of moving to London was so you could be closer to your YouTube friends?” You felt your blood start to boil and the anger building up inside you

"It was but it looks like you only came here so you could be closer to Finn!" 

” FOR CHRIST SAKE JOE! I’M SORRY I TEXT FINN SO MUCH BUT WHEN YOU TEXT YOUR FEMALE FRIENDS YOU DON’T SEE ME GETTING JEALOUS DO YOU?! AS I SAID BEFORE ME AND FINN ARE JUST FRIENDS AND IF YOU STILL DON’T BELIEVE ME YOU CAN CHECK FOR YOURSELF!“ You pulled your phone out of your pocket and bought up the texts between you and Finn before throwing it on the couch. Storming over to the airing cupboard you pulled out a blanket and a pillow throwing those on the couch as well. "Have fun reading your bed time story because you’re sleeping down here tonight Joe.”

Joe looked up from your phone having read the most recent message “Y/N…I….” 

“Goodnight Joe.” You cut him off before heading upstairs. Getting undressed you slipped on one of Joe’s shirts you slept in out of habit and got under the covers, closing your eyes the fight between you and Joe played over and over in your mind leaving you tossing and turning. Eventually you must have gotten to sleep because when you woke the clock said 9:00 am and you heard movement in the kitchen. Swinging your legs out of bed you gently padded your way into the kitchen, stopping in the doorway you saw Joe in his boxers at the stove preparing what smelled like bacon and eggs. Turning round he stopped what he was doing giving you chance to take in his appearance, his hair was a mess and he had red rings round his eyes with heavy bags signaling he didn’t get much sleep along with dried tear tracks down his cheeks. Seeing this made you feel guilty and you felt your own eyes begin to water.

“Y/N…I…..I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions and….and I know that you and Finn are just friends…..I guess I just got jealous that you and Finn are good friends and were texting so much…… I guess I’m just scared that I’m going to loose you somehow..” Joe let out a sigh and looked at his feet as a tear fell from his eye, slowly traveling down his cheek. You quickly make your way over to him and gently wiped away his tear with your thumb, bringing his eyes to meet yours.

“Joe I forgive you…but only if you forgive me. I should have realised that I was ignoring you….but one thing I do know is you’re not going to loose me, not to Finn, not to anyone. I. Love. You. You and only you, okay? So am I forgiven?” Joe nodded causing you to smile seeing Joe smile as you gently brushed your thumb over his cheek causing him to lean into your touch. His arms wrapped around your waist as yours went around his neck, burying his head in the crook between your shoulder and neck. You both stayed like that for a while gently swaying in each others embrace before Joe pulled away and placed a loving kiss to your lips. You both pulled back lips still slightly touching “I love you Joe.”

“I love you too" 

Requested Imagine #003

ANON: hiii could you do a finny imagine where we have a massive fight then we make up??? THANK U

***Disclaimer***: This imagine contains strong language. I apologise in advance to anyone who is easily offended by swear words. Reader discretion is advised.

Our first ever anniversary is approaching and I still can’t really believe I’m Finn’s girlfriend. This year’s passed so fast like a day and I still love him as much as he said he loved me a year ago. However, right now I’m not quite sure whether he’s loving me like he’d been. Right now he sucks so bad. Right now I want to break his face into million pieces just like how he’s torn my heart. Right now I want to punch/ kick him in his balls. Right now I just want to physically destroy him. But right now I don’t want him in my sight. Right now he fucking sucks. Sucks as horse shit.

“You two can’t go on like that,” say Y/F/N, a friend of mine. Yes, right now I’m staying at my friend’s place instead of the flat Finn and I both share. “either of you must do something, seriously.”

“I KNOW,” I yell at her as I’m pouring the tenth glass of red wine, “of course I know we can’t go on like that. I don’t want to go on like that! I seriously don’t and I seriously know! But he’s the guy and he should be the one to do something about it, not me.”

“Y/N, why are you so stubborn? Being a girl doesn’t mean you have to be on the passive side. At the end of the day the relationship belongs to both of you. You both have the responsibility to solve it when there’s a problem, okay?”

“NOT OKAY! It’s his fucking fault! He’s responsible for originating this fight! He should be so ashamed of himself and come up with a bloody resurrection plan like at least ring me or text me. Today’s the second day I’ve left him but you know what? NO! HE’S DONE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Would you be mad if you were me?”

“C’mon, let’s go to bed. You’re drunk and PMSing. A good night of sleep fixes everything.”

“YOU’RE DRUNK! I’m not done yet. Would you be mad? Would you? ‘Cause I’m so angry! I hate him so much just because I love him so damn much, do you understand?” then I begin to explain to her the 154th time what happened.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Two days ago it was a Friday night which I expected to be as normal as other Friday nights. I came home from work at 6:30 pm and found Finn in the kitchen preparing dinner. That was very strange to me since Finn hardly knows how to operate a microwave oven and I’ve known that very well. We’ve made a pact that I’m in charge of dinner-cooking every evening even though I come back considerably late. I actually am okay with it because I enjoy cooking and love good food made from scratch. Also, nothing’s better than satisfying your loved one’s appetite with food you make with love. His face of content is my relief from a day of hard work. But he was in charge that day and I honestly felt a bit invaded because I see the kitchen as my territory. No one should be allowed inside, including Finn.

“Finn?” I said as I peeked into the kitchen.

“Oh hi babe,” responded Finn, “how’s work?”

“As usual, thanks.” I gave him a hug from behind while he was making two plates of salad, “How’s your day? Have you been cooking all day? I’m highly sceptical about the fact that you can even cook, like you rarely turn on the stove.”

“You think. Dinner’s almost ready. Go take a seat and it’ll be served in a few minutes, my princess.” He’d planted a kiss on my forehead before I left.

I threw my bag on the couch and sat on the dining table which was nicely set up. There were even lit candles . It was fresh to me, the whole romantic dinner thing. Part of me loved the idea but I felt slightly uncomfortable. Probably because I was afraid of the high probability that Finn was going to burn down the flat. I told myself to just chill out—he was only trying to be affectionate like he always had been, though in a different way.

“I got you flowers, my majesty,” he came out of the kitchen. His face wore a charming smile, his hands held a lovely bouquet of red roses which smelt amazing. The pleasant scent travelled through my nose, hitting my senses, suddenly reminding me this was weird. This whole flower thing was way over the top, totally unnecessary for an ordinary Friday night. He handed the bouquet to me, my voice let out a “thank you” while my eyes were still fixated on it. “What’s up with all these overcompensating shits for?” I thought to myself.

Not long after, salad was served following with a “nice” roast dinner and a bottle of too fruity red wine which literally tasted like Ribena to me. Apparently Finn knew only a little about wines but I wouldn’t blame him. I know nothing about Youtube and video-making as well so I was at no place to judge.

“Is the dinner okay?” he asked around a mouthful of roast beef.

“Not bad, acceptably good.” I didn’t want to tell him the truth which was that the beef was so chewy, the potatoes were undercooked and the gravy was painfully salty. Truth hurts.

“I think the beef is a little bit overcooked, don’t you?”

“Considering that you’re the type of person who overcooks pot noodles, I would say this is indeed quite impressive.’’ I joked. He laughed.

“To our one year anniversary!” he raised a toast.

“Excuse me?”

“Cheers to our first anniversary!”

“No wait, Finn. Are you serious?”

“I know, I know. Theoretically it’s next Tuesday, but we can still celebrate it today? Doesn’t really make any difference at all, right?”

“No,” I scowled, looking a bit annoyed, “Tuesday is Tuesday. You can make a Sunday roast on Friday or any other days but our anniversary is on Tuesday and you can’t change it, just like I can’t change your birthday, or my birthday. It’s fixed.”

“The date is fixed,” he started to lose the suggestion of a smile, “but the celebration can be at anytime.”

“But if you can make it on Tuesday then why bother doing it today?” I paused for a short while, “You’re not free?”

All of a sudden his face turned into a look of shame. The only expression he was wearing was guilt. His eyes couldn’t even meet mine. “Listen, Y/N. I’m so so sorry. I… I… I have to go on a trip with the crew. A business trip, we’re doing a project and we’ll be leaving on Monday. I can’t make it on Tuesday. I hope you understand, I’m very sor—”

“You forgot our anniversary.”

“No I remember it it’s just that the trip is very—“

“Your crew, the dream team, Jack, Ben, Louis, Will and the rest. They are more important than me.”

“Oh Y/N don’t be such a baby. I said I’m sorry and I’ve done something to compensate already. You know how much I love making videos and how dedicated I am. Just this time, I promise. Just this time, okay?”

“Of course I know. You love it so much more than you love me, is that what you want to say?”

“Babe, no. I—“

“I got a job, Finn. I just asked for a day off for next Tuesday to give you a surprise, to give us some private time together to enjoy such a special day to both of us—well no, obviously just me. Do you think it’s easy to get a day off? What do you reckon my boss will think? A newbie working not long here already seems not liking the job, huh? I need to work, Finn Harries.” somehow I love saying people’s full name when I’m furious at them, “I’m not like you. I’m not like you all who are famous all over the internet with shit tons of fangirls worshipping you. I’m not like you all who don’t need a job to eke out a living.”

“Hold on a second. You mean being a Youtuber isn’t a job?”

“You can’t write it on your CV, can you? It’s just a hobby that earns you money and you’re just lucky that you’ve got a beautiful face that’s loved by so many people. Finn, wake up. You’re the one who’s childish!”

“STOP IT!” he yelled and glared straight at me, his eyes so fierce, “You’re just plain disrespectful to what I do. You’ve crossed the line and I don’t want this argument to go any further!”

“Don’t forget you’re disrespectful to our relationship too. And frankly I’m just telling the truth. Remember, truth hurts, Finn Harries. And in all honesty the dinner is… is… rubbish. And so is your bloody job.”

“I SAID STOOOOP!” he shouted and hit his fist against the table, “If you don’t have anything good to say then don’t say it!”

“You know what, I’ll stop. I’ll shut up ‘cause I’m leaving.”

“Go ahead. I don’t give a fuck.”


“SHUT UP YOU DRAMA QUEEN! It’s only a friggin’ anniversary why take it so serious?”

“Then why are you taking your YouTube job that serious? Same thing Finn Harries.” The whole fight went on for about five more minutes until we both shut up. Of course it didn’t get any better. I figured it was only going to get worse and if I continued arguing with him I would’ve broken up with him but at that moment I didn’t want to. So I packed a few pairs of underwear and other everyday essentials in my bag and left the apartment. I didn’t regret my decision. At least we could have a cooling off period to calm ourselves down.

I shed a drop of tear while walking down the stairs. Just one. Not even a drop more. And it was a teardrop of pure anger. I was too tough to cry over a man who doesn’t care about me and our relationship but I wasn’t tough enough to sleep in the street so I rang my friend Y/F/N to ask if I could stay for a day or two. Never have I ever expected there’s going to be a third day.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Right after explaining all this shit I quickly rush to the toilet and puke, throwing up all the alcohol I’ve consumed and the shish kebab (best hangover cure ever but I’m going to be hungover again tomorrow so basically it won’t really do the curing job well, anyway) I ate for dinner.

“Jesus Christ I’ve just cleaned the toilet!” Y/F/N moans.

“I’m sorry… *puke* I… *puke* I’ve made it everywhere.”

“If it weren’t for you I would’ve kicked your ass out of my flat. *sigh* Are you okay, hun?”

“Can I get some warm water please?” I wipe my face with some Kleenex.

“Sure. In a second.”

But just before I take my second sip I start puking again.

“Awwhhhh…” Y/F/N finally shows her slightest sympathy.

“I HATE HIIIIIMMMMM!” I groan howlingly with vomit all over my face.

“You seriously need a good night of sleep, darling. Can you make a sick leave for tomorrow?”

“I wish I could, but I’ve wasted my day off on that stupid day that nobody fucking cares.”

“C’mon, get change, clean your face then go to bed. I’ll wake you up tomorrow.” After I finish emptying my stomach, she helps me to the bedroom and I immediately collapse in the bed. In no time my eyelids are glued shut and I’m in complete unconsciousness.

The next morning, with a thick layer of scum, an unpleasant smell of alcohol and a severe headache, I brush my teeth and take a long shower to freshen my mind up and get myself ready for work. I’m shattered to a point that every steps I’m taking is heavy as fuck. Nevertheless, my body makes it to my workplace but my mind is still in the toilet puking shits and my soul is still laying in bed sobbing like a newborn infant.

“Forget about that bastard, Y/N.” I think to myself, pinching my forearm hard to bring myself back to reality.

The day has been no different from others despite my bad condition. After working nine hours straight, I leave the office with only an expression of exhaustion. I should be happy about tomorrow’s day off but sadly I’m not because I can already picture myself spending the day all alone. Solitude is something I have never savoured since the day Finn came into my life. Now he’s gone. He’s left with his mates going on their business trip. I actually suspect whether the business part is true. If it is just a getaway, then he’s a big asshole getting rid of me so he can have some fun with the boys regardless of our first anniversary. But is Finn really that bad? Has he been that bad all the time? The answer is no, absolutely not true. We’ve together had loads of lovey dovey moments and he’s been a lovely boyfriend. We rarely have fights except this time. Perhaps the trip is, as he said, really important. Perhaps I was really being, as he said, a baby. Perhaps I should’ve been more considerate of him. I feel so terrible and guilty and sorry. It’s like realising a devil in fact does have a heart. No. Finn is not a devil. He’s the angel in my life. The only angel. The one and only.

“Y/N?” I call Y/F/N.

“Yes darling.”

“I’m not coming back tonight. I’m going back home. Thank you for letting me stay at your place and sorry for the mess.”

“Oh. Is everything sorted?”

“No, but at least I feel better now and eventually I’ve got to go so—”

“Good for you! You two will be fine trust me. Keep me updated, okay?”

“Sure. Will hit you up later. See ya.”


I walk out of the office building with my head down, my phone in my hands, my thumbs busy typing an apology text to Finn. It’s definitely not the best way, though it will make things less awkward. Suddenly, I feel someone tapping my shoulder, I turn my head around and my jaw drops to the floor.

It’s Finn.

“Why are you here?” I frown, “Shouldn’t you have left already?”

“I didn’t go on the trip at last,” he smiles, “but the rest of the team have gone.” He grabs my hands in his but I instantly become so repulsive and shake them off because I don’t want him to think that I’m giving in.

“Get off me!” I warn, louring at him “I don’t want to see you.”

“Y/N, I’m terribly sorry. Really, I couldn’t be any more sor—”

“It’s in the middle of the pavement. We’re blocking people’s way.” I’m still scowling at him.

“Okay, okay, okay,” he holds my upper arm and pulls me aside, “okay. I’m sorry, Y/N. I’m sorry for being such a dickhead who forgets the first anniversary with his girlfriend and… I guess now I just have to be very honest with you. Yes I did forget our anniversary in the beginning when we were planning the whole trip. It didn’t come across my mind and that’s why I didn’t notice it happens to be during our special day. But in the end I did realise that and tried to do something about it hoping you wouldn’t be so upset. I even lied to you and I felt utterly terrible. I… I swear I hadn’t lied to you for once before that night I told you that the trip was very important. It’s not, really. It’s still a business trip, however. But the thing is that we’ve paid for all the transport and accommodation and if I don’t go it’ll be just a waste of money. Everything is my fault and I hope you will accept my apology, Y/N. I’m so so so so sorry.”

“Sorry?” my glare has turned into just a stare. My anger has lessened a bit, just a little vexed about the fact that he lied but at least he’s telling the truth now and the truth doesn’t quite hurt.

“Babe, forgive me my foolishness. I did the stupidest thing in the world which is hurting your precious little heart and I promise from now on I’ll protect it very well and I’ll never ever ever ever forget a single anniversary between us. The bed felt so empty without you by my side and I basically didn’t sleep last three nights.” he keeps apologising and that’s when I spot the scarily dark circles around and the massive eye bags under his hollow red eyes, “I’m not ready for a solitary life without you because you’re my everything. You mean the world to me, sweetheart.”

“How can I trust you anymore when you’re the master of sugarcoating everything you say?” I break my long stare and glance down at his torso. He’s wearing a white t-shirt with his own writing which says “I’m so sorry, Y/N. Love, the stupidest man in the world xxoo”. That kind of raises the corners of my lips a tad bit. “Have you been wearing this whole day?” I ask with a tiny giggle.

“Yes, I have babe. I’ll do anything to win you back,” he encircles my waist, “and I swear to God I won’t upset you for the second time. Trust me, please. I’m miserable without your love. Let’s go home, okay?”

“I’ll go home by myself.” I still am not giving up my play-hard-to-get strategy although I’ve forgiven him mostly. There’s this weird thing about girls and to be honest after being a girl for about two decades I still don’t quite understand.

“You forgot your keys, silly.” he runs his hand in his jeans pocket and takes out my key. I recognise that it’s mine because there’s a lock key chain attached with it while his key chain is a key. I make a few attempts to grab it from his fist but the key has become my least concern. I notice a few burns on his hands when I take them in mine for a closer examination.

“What happened to your hands?” I ask, slightly worried.

“Well I guess you’re right to say I’m a bad cook,” he sniggers, “I burnt myself last Friday night when preparing dinner.”

“And cuts,” as there are three plasters around three of his fingertips. My key is in his open palm but it’s too late for me to get it because he’s put it back in his pocket.

“I’ll give the key to you when we’re home, deal?” he grins.

“Finn… I have to say I’m sorry too.” my grimace turns into a look of sorrow completely, “I said things which shouldn’t be said and which I regret so much saying. I fully understand your passion for video-making and I hope you can forget the nasty things that came out from my mouth. I didn’t mean it at all. I should be a more considerate, supportive girlfriend. I’m sorry, Finn. I genuinely am.”

“It’s okay, Y/N,” he cups my face between his palms, “no one knows what they are ranting when getting mad, not to mention that I know you are on your period. You know, PMS and your boyfriend forgetting the first anniversary between you and him don’t mix.” he says, I chuckle, and he presses his lips to mine as softly and lightly as butterfly wings. All my rage I had dissolves like mist in an instant. "I want to see you smile again. I miss your smile so bad.“ and I do give him a smile. A smile of relief.

“Let’s go home and have a good night of sleep tonight. You look very worn out.” I say.

“Have been waiting for you to say this. We’ll have our best day together tomorrow, I promise.”

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Extended Preference #5

-You play on instrument-

Joe: Electric Guitar

     My fingers glided across the strings, the amp emitting an boisterous sound. I quietly sung supporting the band’s voice in front of the camera. Youtube Boyband was making an acoustic version of their released single. The nerves in my brains and my working hands were hacked by the melody of the song and the notes to the sheet. 

     I did a quick solo at the end, when the words died and the silence was born. “Thank you guys for donating,a little goes the long way.” Jim told the camera.

“We would like to thank the writers and people who helped in the process of this song.” Alfie waved his hands for dramatic effect.

“Our singing was probably horrible,” Marcus laughed. “But never the less we had fun.” Caspar finished his abrupt sentence.

“Please give a thumbs up if you think my girlfriend has amazing guitar skills.” Joe planted a warm kiss on my cheek.

Finn: Cello

External image

     I sat on the elevated wooden chair, my arms waved back and forth the sympathy calming the sadness flushed in m body. My eyes were shut as the pinnacle parts of the master piece came, a few tears rolled down my face. The beats in my chest quickened as my emotions were spilled out.

     The song covered my feeling of sadness. I needed one for anger. I started with a jolt, my arm vigorously moving through every notes thrashing out at my music. I felt the stretched of the strings as the song climaxed. My head was moving through every direction feeling the music, my cello rejected the request to finish the song as the string broke.

“I am sorry.” Finn stood at the door way of our guest bedroom. He had a few tear stains of his cheek. His arms were wrapped around me, the anger and sadness washed away. “Now, lets get that string fixed shall we.”

Jack: Piano

External image

     The crowd surrounded around the brightened stage, their faces flushed with awe and the annoyance of being obligated to come. I sat down at the lowered bend, my fingers moving to every note. I smiled and closed my eyes, the keys were engraved in my memory.

     The song sped up, adrenaline was pumped in my veins. I performed till the feeling was washed from my body. My delayed breath was finally released, I scurried off of the stage.

“That was amazing!” Jack threw me into his arms, spinning me around.