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Blogs that intentionally exclude black characters from their graphics are suspicious as fuck. Especially those who do it because of shipping reasons. Black leads like Finn, Iris, Michonne, Bonnie, ect are so fucking rare in movies and television, and the fact that some people go out of their way to erase them from the narrative is telling. Not wanting to make graphics that revolve around certain characters is perfectly fine. Not liking a character is perfectly fine. But when you make graphics that are supposed to include the entire cast of a film or television show and you go out of your way to make sure the black characters aren’t in it, that’s fucking telling.

It’s like making a post listing all the presidents of the United States and randomly leaving out Obama.

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Star Wars PSA:

Because I keep seeing the “Finn is useless”/Finn erasure crap in some of the tags/fan spaces, I feel like this needs to be said:


Finn saved the entire galaxy. Straight up. If it weren’t for Finn, Poe would be dead. Rey would still be on Jakku. The First Order would have gotten BB-8 and the location of Luke Skywalker, and the Starkiller would still be operational. 

Finn’s the biggest hero in the whole film, and the entire galaxy owes him a great debt. 

That is all.  

Favorite Ships Tag Game

Okay, let’s start a game! Write 10 (or less) of your favorite ships and include a picture or gif of each one. Then tag 10 people who (and whose ships) you’d like to get to know better. Have fun!

1. Jaime x Brienne (Game of Thrones)

2. Sherlock x Molly (Sherlock)

3. Carol x Daryl (The Walking Dead)

4. Thorin x Bilbo (The Hobbit)

5. Finn x Poe (Star Wars)

6. Haymitch x Effie (The Hunger Games)

7. Miroku x Sango (Inuyasha)

8. Remus x Tonks (Harry Potter)

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