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10 fave characters meme, tagged by the wonderful @rizahmad here we go my top ten favorite characters in no particular order:
Joan Watson, CBS Elementary (tho every Watson im like 😍😍😍)
Will Graham, NBC Hannibal (and also in general from the Hannibal series ie. Thomas Harris’s books & the movies) Stella Gibson, BBC’s The Fall
Jesse Pinkman, Breaking Bad
Prompto, Final Fantast XV
Sophie, Howl’s Moving Castle (both the ghibli film and the novel !!)
Zuko, Avatar: The Last Airbender
Imperator Furiosa, Mad Max: Fury Road
Finn, Star Wars
Cath Avery, Fangirl
& I tag @harvarddotedu, @officialbenjaminfranklin, @official-tony-pajamas, @flipadelphia, & @thunda-whales



This wasn’t happening, there was no way in hell this was happening. Right? Sex slavery? Each time Brian’s eyes glossed over the words his anger grew more and more. The guards and his cell mates should’ve been counting their blessings that he had been stripped of his werewolf ability. “Fuck!” He yelled out as Brian ripped up the welcome letter and threw it on the floor. “So,done get me out of here!”

She had been spending more time in the basement lately than she ever had before. Checking on Finn, seeing if Avery was around, and chatting with other friends. It was still difficult on her, her powers going into overdrive the moment she passed through those doors. She soldiered on though..she always did. Today though..there was something different. Someone was angry but that was nothing new. No..there was an aura that she didn’t know..but it seemed like she should. Qhuinn followed the feeling, which led her to the angry young man. “ there something that I can do?” she asked lamely.