Star Wars Trios by Generation 

I put this together based on different generations and how typical qualities of each generation line up with the trios in Star Wars:

Padme, Anakin, and Obi Wan aka Baby Boomers - stoic/hard-headed/bold

Han, Leia, and Luke aka Generation X - disillusioned/sacrificial/kind

Rey, Finn, and Poe aka Millennials - inexperienced/rebellious/strong

anonymous asked:

the reylos stole finn? I personally stole finn. he is mine now. he too ships reylo. (I mean he doesn't cause he's terrified of kylo ren I'm pretty sure but he supports me so he supports my ships!!!). we're in love.

This is so pure

finn and rey making out and doing other naughty stuff but constantly getting interrupted by bb-8 (he doesn’t know any better, he just wants to spend time with them) so rey & finn have to find hard to get to areas for a ball droid, but little bb-8 is still determined to follow them, even if he cant quite reach them, he’ll get as close as he can and stay there and wait until they’re finished doing whatever it is they’re doing (bb-8 is innocent he doesn’t know) and greet them when they’re done.

so rey and finn have to deal with bb-8 asking why they were making weird moaning noises and why they look all sweaty and out of breath