do you ever get them moments when you’re just going along with your day and all of a sudden you get attacked with this overwhelming love for exo and you dont even know where it come from like you could be washing the dishes and just think ‘i wonder how the exo members are feeling, are they eating and sleeping well’ then you start to subconsciously smile while thinking of them because they mean so much to you while in the meantime you’ve dropped and smashed like four plates because you’ve got distracted by the wonders that are kim junmyeon zhang yixing byun baekhyun park chanyeol oh sehun kim minseok do kyungsoo kim jongdae and kim jongin 


Made with blood and fire sweat (and partly breathing), this shooting challenged us in all kinds of possible ways. Maybe, it’s our tradition? I mean, have some challenges? We tried to picture that period of agony, when Chloe was looking for Rachel.
I’m so tired, so I’ll just leave it here. We made our best, and I’m really proud of us. I’ll post some extra snapshots later, I guess.
Lana as Chloe Price

*When you were led to believe your sons and daughters in SM are off to Hawaii to have a well-deserved break but Satanic SM decides to make it into a work-related experience*

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└ Here’s looking at you two~



I did it~! Tell me what you think, bruh!


A 7 year internet based friendship became real life when my friend Annmarie came to visit this week. (Owner of Three Leaves Co)
Spencer filmed the shit out of our 4 days together and created something so magical and something I will seriously cherish forever. I hope you love it! Enjoy xo

Filmed & Edited by: @deejaybm

Who should u fight in L&C
  • Lucy:I mean you might lose but if you really want to ok i guess
  • George:You'd win probably but you'll feel bad afterward
  • Holly:why??? would you fight holly??? you can but why???
  • Flo:you can if you want but idk if she'd fight fair
  • Penelope Fittes:do not fight her. Don't do it. U die.
  • Mrs Cubbins:Have you no heart?
  • Kipps:definitely. have fun.
  • Kat:I mean, okay? I guess?
  • Bobby:NO. Do not fight the lil bab. he may be mean but he smol and may break
  • Barnes:No. He is old and will also break
  • Skully:you can kick him around i guess, just dont break the glass
  • Lockwood:pUNCH HIM IN THE FACE

“NO! You can’t date Anthony Lockwood! He’s Penelope’s ex-boyfriend and ex-boyfriends are, like, off limits! That’s just, like, the rules of feminism.”

there’s gonna be a lot of age bending and a couple genderbends in this AU whoops