It Hurts my Hands to Hold the Rope by salem

liam/harry | rated M | break up fic | 35.1k

Harry Styles is a very popular photographer living and working from London, UK in the year 2021. Other than his Labra-doodle and Great Dane and those who force their way into his shell, he keeps himself too busy for friends or lovers. He’s hardened, shut off a bit because of a past relationship that just can’t seem to disappear from his life.

Liam Payne is a very popular musician based in Los Angeles. He’s been through a lot and had to do it all alone while in the public eye. He writes mostly about his ex-love, speaks candidly about his struggles and sexuality and is currently ending his world tour for his second album in London, desperate to run into a familiar face.

Or in which Harry and Liam met when they were sixteen and dated for six years until Liam left Harry and their life in London to try and make it in the music business. It’s nearly five years later and Liam’s sort of stalking Harry but in the least weird way. Harry’s over Liam and wishes he’d stay out of his life. Niall’s Switzerland and Louis is loyal. Nouis own a pub and have families of their own. Harry owns two big dogs and his own photo studio. Liam just wants his old mates back.

written for @1dbigbang ! art by @stylespayne !

Okay but just imagine if Draco had witnessed a 12 year old Harry Potter fearlessly standing up to his father (in COS) only to undermine him and free Dobby.

Like we all know Draco probably actually got a skewed version of it from Lucius’ POV later but imagine if he was eavesdropping and saw it.

He’s simultaneously infuriated, in awe, and a little jealous. Of course Harry freaking Potter thinks he can just–God but Draco wishes he could just–

doctor who series 9 having as a theme truth or consequences, a plane that can’t land, mentions of playing a long game and weird footage with unrealistic, scary bits and death defying acts as a plan/alibi. also in series 8 there was an episode where the characters erased their memories willingly for their own safety like. mofftiss are you done

i have three episodes left from s9 and i can’t imagine what else i could possibly have to witness with my own eyes

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The thing that made me really start to dislike zutara is that almost all of the arguments for it completely glossed over all of Aang's character development towards learning responsibility and maturity - he's 12 and raised in a completely different culture, let him learn - and point only to his childish moments, usually from early in the show. Of course, the exact opposite is done to Zuko, their Tragic Fave(tm)

Double standards and hypocrisy are so deep in this fandom regarding Aang and Zuko. We can call Zuzu jerk, emo and a loser, too. Can’t we??

But you’re right, I know many of Zuzu fans are quite selfish. They think people should root for his character by default. They think the story should be about his character, he should get to shine and put on the pedestal at the expense of all others. He shouldn’t need to earn affection or respect, people should just love him cos he’s hot and has a sob story. Everything wrong he does is justified or someone else’s fault. “But he struggled!” Aang struggled, Katara struggled, Sokka struggled, Toph struggled. Other characters have sob stories too? They don’t matter, the story isn’t about them. They are entitled, a lot of their arguments boil down to Zuzu should get this and that.

I don’t understand why they have such limited empathy for Aang. The exuse for this limited empathy for him is “he’s the way of my ship” an exuse that uglier than a sin.

Claim to be anti-abuse and care about “honor”, yet ridiculously, verbal abuse everyone in the fandom and considered by many fans as the more obnoxious, most infamous part of the fandom.

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Sherlolly prompt, please! Co-pilots AU?

“What’s the itinerary today?” 

Molly Hooper rolled her eyes. “You know, as captain, you really should read the schedule. Do you even know where we’re going?”

“Of course I do,” he bristled, tucking his hat under his arm, squaring his shoulders. “We’re flying the Beechcraft Premier to-“

“No,” Molly shook her head. “That’s later, if the weather is good. We’re on the old bus today. And I’ll have you know we’re on this pick-up-drop off because of you.”

“Me?” he stopped walking, turning to face her so she did the same.
“Yes you!” hands on her hips, glaring up at him. “If you hadn’t kissed me while the speaker was still on-“

“I don’t recall you disliking it!”

She colored modestly. “No, I didn’t dislike it,” she answered, quieter, realizing they were still in public. “Sherlock, I love my job, I love what we get to do, we get to fly…”

“I know,” he nodded soberly, understanding her loss of words. There was no feeling like it. They were privileged enough to pilot some of the best aircraft in the country. Molly had once upon a time only been a sometimes co-pilot for him. John Watson had flown over one-hundred missions with him, until he was transferred to Lockheed-Martin, met the woman he decided he was going to marry, and then started up his own flight-school. Thus far, he and the newly-minted Mary Watson were teaching students to fly old aircraft- beautiful Lockheed Electra’s and smart little Piper Cubs and Cessna 172’s and thrillingly noisy WACO’s. Sherlock was…only a little jealous. Still, when he was given orders that Molly Hooper would be returning as his co-pilot, his heart skipped a beat. They worked well together, she was brilliant, beyond clever, and made a thirteen-hour flight seem like three. She wanted to be a flight instructor one day. She was excellent at what she did, and was happy to assist wherever she could. It was the flight to New Zealand, ten hours in when he turned to ask her to announce over the com about the sights, knowing she liked to do that sort of thing. Instead he kissed her, and she reciprocated. Unfortunately, the com was still on. He and Molly found themselves in the office of his elder brother, and owner of the company, quite angry at them both for their conduct.
Somehow, and it was a miracle, after three weeks of separate piloting and both having to practice touch-and-goes separately, they could fly together again. During those three weeks unable to work together, they made time after work to discuss the parameters of their relationship. They had decided they wanted the same thing, and after a discussion with Mycroft and several of their peers, they decided to take up an old offer from John, to help run his flight school in the country. Business was growing for the Watson’s, and they needed two more pilots who knew the planes mechanics as well as how to fly them. It would mean Sherlock and Molly would both need refreshers on the old aircraft. Still it would mean HR wouldn’t be breathing down their necks, and they’d still get to fly. 

As they crossed the hanger bay to start the pre-flight checklist, Sherlock reached, and very meaning, drew her against his side, pressing a kiss to her temple. About to thank him for the gesture, she opened her mouth and suddenly yelped, feeling him pinch her bottom. 

“Sherlock!” she gave him a shove, her laughter behind her blush was unmistakable. She handed him the checklist, trying very hard to be annoyed at him. “It’s our last set today, don’t spoil it by having it cancelled! So behave.”

“Fly the plane?” he quoted, and she nodded.

Rising on tiptoe, she kissed him once before she took his hat, placing it on his head, setting it at a cocked angle. She grinned, admiring him a moment. 

“Fly the plane.”

‘Fly the plane’ is a phrase taught to pilots, meaning you are the one in control, don’t let the machine run you, just ‘fly the plane’.