I got another friend to play Dragon Age!! :D

She’s playing a much more aggressive character than I ever play so this is interesting!

I’m seeing a ton of dialogue I’ve never seen before.

She’s playing as a Dalish elf and has so far decided that Tamlen is pretty much the equivalent of the “dumb white girl in a horror movie” trope.

Updates as we continue! :)

Austin Ethical Fashion Guide

“When we see something broken, we should try to fix it. I made the commitment from then on to only buy from ethical and sustainable companies and help encourage, educate, and equip others to do the same. I know my impact is small, but it’s a start.” Today we’re thrilled to share a Fall ethical fashion guide featuring three of our inspiring Austin interviewees and their budding brands. Enjoy our initial stories with each of these talented makers, shop the pieces featured in this story and discover their thoughts on ethical fashion’s growing prominence in Austin and around the world.

Photos by Katie Jameson for The Style Line

View of an advertising card for the Schilling Corset Company. Card is a humorous depiction of owls and frogs. Printed on front: “Restoration. Compliments of Schilling Corset Co., Detroit, Mich. Copyright 1886.” Price list and drawing of corset on back.

  • Courtesy of the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library

On parole pt. 1 / 2

[ Note: This takes place at the same time as the dads’ date. Also, sorry for the bad lighting at the library, need to remember to fix that. ]

I was at the library, in what was supposed to be a study group with Umeko, Ariel, Miriam and Tobias.
“I thought you were grounded?” Ariel whispered to me.
“Me too,” I shrugged.
“Ariel, have you done question 8B?” Tobias interrupted.
“Sorry, I skipped it since I didn’t understand it.”
“You guys are hopeless,” Miriam shook her head.
“You done it?” Tobias asked.
“Of course.”
“Then maybe enlighten us?”
“I’m gonna borrow a computer,” I left the group. 

Since I still was without a phone, and other techs, I saw my chance. I logged into Plumbook, only to see Dorian had posted a picture with him and his new boyfriend.

“Who’s that?” Ariel asked over my shoulder, causing me to jump in my chair.
“No one,” I clicked the photo away.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to pry. I just couldn’t help but see.”
“Don’t worry about it.”
“You okay?”
“You’re not much better liar than me.”
I scoffed, “I’m going outside.”