finley family

Because Jim is a late addition to the Starfleet recruitment cycle, he’s not available right away for any of the on campus, work study jobs. Bones is handed clinic hours as soon as he steps on campus and he’s mostly okay with the graveyard shift, knowing that he has to pay his dues. 

Jim though, Jim has worked all his life. Whether it was hustling pool or poker in the dives around Riverside, or working as a mechanic in a local garage, he always had money in his pocket, split in two piles. For now and for later. Too many times he’d been stuck without a way out and if he was to live up to his new credo, not believing in no-win scenarios, he had to always have a way out. Money, he realized what as good a way out sometimes as any. 

The only place that was hiring was a family owned pizza place and bar, just outside the academy’s gates. A basic landmark, the building was over three hundred-years-old and the family had been there for longer. Finn’s it was called. 

They hired Jim after they gave him a trial at the bar. He had worked it before but he was a natural working it so that the tips were flowing and his charm was infectious. Finn’s had the best night in over a decade. 

“Good god, Jimmy.” Luke Finley said as he sat back in one of the velvet cushioned seat. “You wanna work here every night?”

Jim winked at him. “For as long as you’ll have me.”

And so Jim was adopted into the family. Luke Finley was one of eight brothers and sisters, four of which lived in the San Fran area. The rest spent their time hosting their mother and father who traveled to the colonies and parts of the Federation that their children had settled in. But when they came back, they embraced Jim too. 

Made him feel good. A happy comfortable calm settled over him, akin to confidence, when he stepped through the chipped wooden door of the old establishment. He was greeted always by regulars and workers alike. Girls would know his schedule, draping themselves over the bar and telling him that only he could make their special drink. 

But Jim only had eyes for Bones. Who would come on Saturday nights when he wasn’t working the clinic or after closing to pick Jim up. He’d wear the same beat up leather jacket he wore on the shuttle when they met. They would smile at each other over the girls and other patrons of the bar, Jim sliding him drinks and making sure Elsie, Luke’s Aunt, kept Bones fed. Which was good because Jim always felt bad that he couldn’t always eat. Lactose Intolerance was one of his sins and he could only have a few slices of pizza or Elsie’s famous Chicken Parm if Bones gave him a hypo first and Jim usually forgot to ask. 

Laurie Finley, one of the second cousins, promised to make good on the promise to bring Jim into the family by seducing with her “orgasmic cooking”. Too bad Bones wasn’t around when Laurie basically spoon fed him the ravioli, which she insisted was meet and not cheese. Of course it also had a sprig of nutmeg in it and Jim stopped breathing about two minutes after taking his first bite. 

It was a good moment for Bones to walk in, Jim knew. Thank god he was more aware of Jim’s allergies that Jim was and always carried around a few epi-pens for good measure. 

Jim spent the night curled in a ball in Bones bed, making frequent trips to the bathroom because of the fucking cheese in the supposed meat raviolis and sipping on ice water because of his sore throat. 

Luke gave him a whole week off and Laurie was sent back to the colony without any marriage proposals. Apparently Bones set her straight. 

After the Narada, Luke and Elsie hang up his news clippings around the bar (after making him sign an official Starfleet headshot) and dedicate a night to him. All the regulars come in and they sit around until way past closing, getting about as drunk as Bones would allow them, passing out hangover cure hypos while calling them all taxis. 

The sex was awesome that night too. Which is about the only thing Jim remembers. 

Before he goes after his five-year-mission, after Harrison and Marcus and his resurrection, Luke presses a key into his hand. “You got a home here, kid. You know that right? You and your doctor.”

Jim hugs him and promises to keep in touch, feeling the same warm feeling he had when he first started bar-tending. 

A year later, on shoreleave, he brings the Bridge Crew to the bar and lets his two families meet, with Bones and himself at the corner of the bar, watching amusedly as Elsie tries to coax Spock into eating chicken parm and Luke flirt with Carol. 

It’s not a bad place to be.


Meet the Finley’s!

Clara and Curtis are going to be my founders for my new legacy! I’ve decided to not make a banner like my previous family, but to add a lil thing in the corner in the corner (let me know how u like it)

I’ve moved them into a small, 2 bedroom apartment in San Myshuno because I want to play with the city living stuff a bit since I never really got around to doing that!