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Emperador Nicolás II de Rusia, Rey de Polonia y Gran Príncipe de Finlandia
Импера́тор Николай II России, Царь Польский и Великий Князь Финляндский
Imperator Nicolaus II Russiae, Rex Poloniae et Magnus Princeps Finlandiae
Kaiser Nikolaus II. von Russland, König von Polen und Großfürst von Finnland
Emperor Nicholas II of Russia, King of Poland and Grand Prince of Finland
Empereur Nicolas II de Russie, Roi de Pologne et Grand Prince de Finlande

Andrey Alekseyevich Shishkin (1960- ), 2013.

forandwithart for you ;)) xoxoxo

My friends where just a few feet when they had this “moment” and they were like “oh okay.. normal Tessa and Scott” XD

Tessa was exiting from a lift and this just happened lol Scott was in his best mood lol

The funny thing is that my friends didn’t understand HOW they ended up like that looool

Tessa and Scott special powers i guess XDDD

Finlandia Trophy 2013 press conference. Gold : Yuzuru HANYU (JPN), silver : Sergei VORONOV (RUS), bronze : Artur GACHINSKI(RUS).

One of the reporters ask Yuzuru about his “Romeo & Juliet” costume. And Yuzuru answered “I don’t Know” and it’s designed by Johnny Weir. Meanwhile upon hearing Johnny Weir designed Yuzu’s costume, VORONOV give a peek to GACHINSKI and smirk like “lol i’ve told you, it’s Weir!”


P.S : i will make the gifset later, i have to do morning routines for my patients ^^;

Tessa and Scott during FD practice at Finlandia Trophy 2013

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From Benedetta G. and Ice Princess.

Added Yuzuru’s OG awarded money ^^

I will delete this post soon, becuz i will add his OG prize money in the list too… :))

Here’s my approx summary of Yuzu 2013-14 GP prize money.

  • OG 2014                            6,000,000 JPY (est. 58,840$)
  • GRAND PRIX FINAL                25,000 USD
  • SKATE CANADA                     13,000 USD
  • FINLANDIA TROPHY 2013        3,000 EUR (estimated 4,160 USD)

                             TOTAL                159,000 USD

Note: not include Japan National since I don’t know their prize money and for OG prize money from Japanese Government, our good boy Yuzuru donated all of his prize money to disaster area. (need ref : amount of money he recieved/donated 3,000,000 JPY from FOC and 3,000,000 JPY from Japan Skating Fed)

**If we include his OG prize money, that will make him a no.1 for sure!!