finland cat

Nordics With Their Cats
  • Denmark: He doesn't hold the cat properly, to say the least. That's his only problem, though. He'll always take videos of the cat doing weird things, and he's obsessed with Cat Stacking.
  • Norway: He'll makes organic cat treats himself, and buys silly outfits for the cat and takes a lot of pictures. Like, a lot. He always feels bad for not playing with the cat enough so buys him lots of treats to make up for it.
  • Iceland: This guy fills his Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook with pictures of that cat. He's constantly uploading new ones, but his followers never complain. Ice is extremely protective of his cat, and will tell the other Nordics to back off a lot if he feels they're crowding him.
  • Finland: He complains that the others don't clean the litter box enough, and he's always the one doing it. He feeds the cat too much, and actually doesn't mind when the cat sleeps on his face. He finds it adorable.
  • Sweden: He complains about the cat hair everywhere, as it gets in his shop machines. He'll pretend to hate the cat, but when he thinks he's alone he'll put him on his lap and they'll watch TV together.

Forest adventure with fluffy cows.. and a cat in the tree