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Hetalia Fusions, as requested. They were fun! 

Pairs are listed in order from top to bottom, left to right. 

spain x romano, n x s italy, romano x Liechtenstein, china x russia, russia x denmark (this one was a mistake on my part since the original request was actually russia x prussia specifically as pastel punk), finland x russia, austria x germany, turkey x greece, and lithuania x belarus

Bonus from the stream: DenmarkxJimmy Neutron’s Hair

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Here are a few things to imagine for the micro nations: 

  •  Wy having a crush on Finland because every time she hangs out with Sealand his totally cute dad is very nice to her.
  • Sweden playing with toys for Ladonia and Sealand, he likes to make tiny furniture for their doll house.
  • Seborga cooking along side his older brothers. Italy praising him, Lovino scolding them for the giant mess they are making. 
  • America taking Molossia shopping to get clothes that make him look like a total sweetheart or a snazzy looking prick. There is no in between.
Nordics as Things My Friends and I Have Said (8)
  • Finland: I am evolving into an adorably evil monster right now.
  • Norway: I'm mean, irritable, and absolutely brilliant.
  • Denmark: As long as I don't call a human an ape, I'm fine.
  • Iceland: Saying liquorice tastes horrible is the greatest insult of all.
  • Sweden: Non-IKEA furnitures are a disgrace. Must get the IKEA. IKEAAAAAAAAAAA!
The Human Names masterpost

In fanfiction especially, many people like to use the human names. I also noticed that many people use the wrong names, pronounce these names wrong, don’t know how to pronounce them at all (I’m looking at you Poland), or are just confused on human names in general. So here is a list of all the names officially confirmed in Hetalia. I will make another post for unofficial names another time. If you want something added or think I forgot something, feel free to tell me. 
NOTE: No nyotalia names are officially confirmed by Himaruya. 

Extra info:

Character: Italy Veneziano
Name: Feliciano Vargas
Pronunciation: Fe-lee-chya-no 
Misconceptions: Many pronounce it as Fe-lee-see-a-no.
Extra info: Vargas is actually a Spanish surname, but comes from Alberto Vargas, an Italian Artist. 

Character: Germany
Name: Ludwig
Pronunciation: Lood-veeg
Misconceptions: His last name is not Bielschmidt. That is Prussia’s last name. He was never given a cannon last name.
Extra info:

Character: Japan
Name: Kiku Honda (本田菊)
Pronunciation: Kee-koo Honda (Think of the car)
Extra info: Eastern order is Honda Kiku. 

Character: England 
Name: Arthur Kirkland
Pronunciation: Ar-thur Kerk-land
Extra info:

Character: France
Name: Francis Bonnefoy
Pronunciation: Fron-cees Bon-ne-fwah
Misconceptions: foy is another spelling for foi.
Extra info: An alternative for his first name is François (Fron-swah)

Character: America
Name: Alfred F. Jones
Pronunciation: (Most of you are American so I think you know how to pronounce this)
Extra info: The F stands for Franklin, Foster, or Fucking. It is unconfirmed which.

Character: Russia
Name: Ivan Braginsky (Иван Брагинский)
Pronunciation: ee-vahn brag-in-skee
Misconceptions: This name is mispronounced as Eye-van constantly. Braginski is an incorrect spelling, and is actually a Polish name.
Extra info: Vanya (Vahn-yah) can be used as a nickname, for it is often used in Russia.

Character: China
Name: Yao Wang (王耀, Yào Wáng)
Pronunciation: Yao Wong
Misconceptions: No, his last name is not pronounced the same way the slang term for penis is. 
Extra info: Eastern order is Wang Yao.

Character: Austria
Name: Roderich Edelstein
Pronunciation: Road-air-risch Ay-dehl-stine
Extra info: Edelstein is commonly found among Jewish families in Austria.

Character: Belarus
Name: Natalya Arlovskaya (Belarussian: Наталля Арлоўская. Russian:Наталья Арловская)
Pronunciation: Nah-tahl-yah Ahr-lohv-ska-ya
Extra info: Natalia is a western variation, but the Belarusian language would spell it as Natalya. (Technically, her name has 2 Ls in it so it should be Natallya, but I suggest using Natalya)

Character: Canada
Name: Matthew Williams
Pronunciation: (Most of the fan base knows how to pronounce this)
Extra info: 

Character: Egypt
Name: Gupta Muhammad Hassan (غوبتا محمد حسن)
Pronunciation: ghoob-ta mu-ham-med Hah-sahn (accent the H)
Extra info: Gupta is an Indian name. There is also no P in the Arabic language. (Hima fuck up counter: 1.5)

Character: Estonia
Name: Eduard von Bock
Pronunciation: Edward von Bahk
Extra info: von Bock is actually a German last name (Hima fuck up counter: 2.5)

Character: Finland 
Name: Tino Väinämöinen 
Pronunciation: Tee-no Vine-uh-moi-nen
Extra info: Tino is rarely used in Finland. Many use Timo instead. (Hima fuck up counter: 3.5)

Character: Greece
Name: Heracles Karpusi (Greek: Ηρακλής Καρπούζης or Iraklis Karpuzis)
Pronunciation: Hair-a-kleez Kar-poo-zeez
Extra info: Karpusi is not a real Greek last name. It is the Greek word for watermelon. (Hima fuck up counter: 4.5)

Character: Hungary
Name: Erzsébet Héderváry 
Pronunciation: Air-zee-bet Hay-dair-vah-ree
Extra info: This is a name that is said to have a romanji dispute. Elizabeta, Elizaveta, Elizabeth, and Erzsébet are all possible spellings. But recent findings from Hungarian followers have told me it is Erzsébet. Eastern Order is Héderváry Erzsébet.

Character: Latvia
Name: Raivis Galante
Pronunciation: Ray-vis Gah-lahn-tay
Extra info: Galante is an Italian surname, however, this last name comes from a Latvian opera singer. (so I can only give a half point. HFUC: 5)

Character: Liechtenstein
Name: Erika Vogel
Pronunciation: Air-ih-ka Voh-gel
Misconceptions: Lilli Zwingili is often to be mistaken for her real name.
Extra info: While it was not official, all the other suggested first names were removed later…So that left Erika Vogel.

Character: Lithuania
Name: Tolys Laurinaitis
Pronunciation: Toh-lees Lor-in-eye-tis
Misconceptions: The most disputed romanji mistranslation ever. Since the L is nonexistant in the Japanese language, many think his name is Toris. Toris isn’t a real name…anywhere. It is a dog name though. Tolys, however, is a real Lithuanian name. I believe it was just lost in translation. 
Extra info: Oh boy…glad that’s over. (Oh no Poland’s next…)

Character: Poland
Name: Feliks Łukasiewicz
Pronunciation: Feh-leeks Woo-kah-sheh-veech
Extra info: Why Poland why?

Character: Prussia
Name: Gilbert Beilschmidt
Pronunciation: Gill-bert Bile-shmitt
Extra info: In German, when 2 vowels are next to each other, the second vowel is pronounced (like my last name).

Character: Italy Romano
Name: Lovino Vargas
Pronunciation: Loh-veen-oh
Extra info: Lovino is not an Italian first name. It is a last name. Romano actually is a first name in Italy. (HFUC: 6)

Character: Sealand
Name: Peter Kirkland
Pronunciation: …
Extra info:

Character: South Korea
Name: Yong Soo Im (임용수)
Pronunciation: (as spelled)
Extra info: When addressing him on a first name basis, use Yong Soo. Eastern Order: Im Yong Soo

Character: Spain
Name: Antonio Fernández Carriedo
Pronunciation: An-toh-nee-oh Fer-nan-dez Cah-ree-ed-o
Misconceptions: Many are confused if his first surname is Fernandez or Hernandez. Fernandez is the most reliable. 
Extra info:

Character: Sweden
Name: Berwald Oxenstierna
Pronunciation: Ber-vald Ohks-en-stjærn-a
Extra info:

Character: Switzerland
Name: Basch Zwingli
Pronunciation: Bahsh Zveen-gee-lee
Misconceptions: Many often use Vash, however, Basch has a more historical signifigance. But either is acceptable to use.
Extra info:

Character: Turkey
Name: Sadık Adnan
Pronunciation: Sah-dick Ahd-nahn
Misconceptions: When spelling his name, never use the englise “i”. Always use the Turkish “ı”
Extra info: Sadık is actually a Turkish surname rather than a first name. (HFUC: 7)

If there’s any pronunciation I got wrong, please tell me. I would really appreciate it.


Nordics as bad pick-up lines
  • Denmark: Do you work at McDonald’s, because I want you to be in my happy meal
  • Iceland: Are you wifi because I think we have a connection
  • Sweden: You remind me of my big toe, because I'm gonna bang you on every piece of furniture in my house
  • Norway: If beauty was time, you'd be eternity
  • Finland: People call me Tino, but you can call me tonight

anonymous asked:

I plan on writing/drawing a SuFin comic in the future. Can you please tell me a little about Sweden and Finland in their relationship? Like, behaviour-wise. I don't want to misinterpret them, or make them flat characters

Their relationship is a little bit complicated for the fact that Finland is really, really oblivious about Sweden’s feelings. He just doesn’t realize it, even though it’s so obvious.

Sweden tends to be really there to whatever Finland’s need. Is Russia threatening via phone? He ends the call. Does Finland needs clothes? He gives Finland his most expensive clothes. Does Finland needs space? He puts himself in a corner so Finland can have a lot of space. Do you see where I’m getting at? 

Sweden would never say his feelings if that means his friendship with Finland could end. He values the relationship so much that he prefers to continue be in love with him and not doing anything about it, than saying it and scare Finland.

Finland also value their friendship a lot. He actually gets more talkative when Sweden is around. Don’t make him scare of Sweden, please. While he was when they escaped from Denmark’s house, that’s something that already is in the past.

There’s two mistakes that people tend to make:

1. Sweden being abusive to Finland. He is not a controlling ass towards Finland. He respects Finland. The thing is that Sweden is just too socially akward and doesn’t know how to act around him/other people. 

2. Finland being an insensitive towards Sweden. You got to realize that Finland is just a little bit air-headed. So he doesn’t realize it. What are you saying, Sve? is a question that Finland makes a lot. 

If you don’t want to make them flat characters, you got to remember that:

a) Sweden struggles to communicate to other people. He just sucks at socializating. But he is a really nice person. The only one who annoys him is Denmark and this doesn’t happen a lot. 

b) Finland is a cute character but he is not a crybaby. Finland is actually quite eccentric. He can be a badass, he is quite strong and he won’t hesitate to fight if needed. 

I hope this helps, but if you need more help, just send me another ask! :) 

(Please note this is a very old picture from the artist)

北欧でカラオケその2Pixiv ID: 5345775
Member: 遠野@ドアラ厨

※Permission to upload this was given by the artist. Please view/rate the original art on Pixiv. DONT repost/edit without the artist permission.

The mother and the maiden (hetalia nyo-SuFin fanfic)

(I don’t usually write nyo-characters, but I got inspirated and then I thought why not. I like to try different things sometimes. I wrote this one rather quickly and I think I might fix it a bit later and put in too. I just like to think that Tumblr is a great “playground” to try different things…

In order to have difference between male and nyo-characters, Sweden’s name is now Svea and Finland’s Fina. Just playing with their names because I didn’t want to use human ones but also not to have a clear connection to male versions. 

Mother means Sweden as the real personification of Sweden is Mother Svea. Maiden is Finland because Finland is called “Finland Maiden” by the Finns. It fits, you see.

This is safe to read. Only some kissing included and like one rude word. I would like to point out that even if Finland is said to be girl at the beginning, their relationship is not going to be romantic until she had grown up to be a woman.)


Svea looked down at the girl who was lying at her feet. She had been running, her chest raising and lowering rapidly with breathing and sweat flattening her light hair. She had tried to escape the invaders, but falling down in the forest had sealed his fate and let Svea close enough to grab her arm. The girl was still staring at the older woman with determination, though she knew it was too late. She had been finally captured after all these years.

First they didn’t say anything. Svea only observed the girl, noting that she was way too thin and she had scratches on her arms and legs from all the hard work, though she was still dressed with unbroken and fine enough clothes. She even had some simply jewels made out of wood.

The girl stared back, but Svea couldn’t guess what she was thinking about. Probably she was scared, after all she had run and tried to escape, but she hid it well. Svea had been only one running after her every time she had come close enough to been seen by the Vikings, and finally the wild chase had ended. It felt almost unreal.

“Who are you?” Svea finally asked, her voice coming out commanding and almost too harsh. The girl flinched and didn’t reply, but after while she frowned.

“You”, she said and Svea wondered how such a small girl could have so strong voice, “you are like me?”

“Yes”, Svea replied, “who are you?” The girl seemed to hesitate. That was understandable, because even if Svea hadn’t done anything to her, she was still intruder in her land.

“They call me maiden”, she finally said.

“No name?” Svea asked and the girl shook her head, “very well, they call me mother, but you may call me Svea.”

“Svea”, the girl repeated. The way how she pronounced it sounded cute, Svea noted.

“Will you stay now, if I let your arm free?” Svea asked. Honestly, she would not have blamed the girl if she ran away again, but she hoped she would stay. Svea had been alone for so long and her brothers were too busy with their own things. She felt like this young girl might be a good friend and company for her.

“I will”, the girl replied and so the Swedish woman stepped back.

“We should give you a name”, she told the girl, who simply stared back, “my people call your land Finland so… Fina. Are you Fina?”

“It sounds decent”, the girl replied with a shrug. She got up on her legs and kept her eyes on the Swedish woman in case she would try to grab her again, “I have to go now.”

“To where?”

“Nowhere”, the girl replied.


It took months before Svea managed to persuade the Finnish girl to come with her and even longer time before Fina replied to the name that had been given to her. Their life together started with difficulties, but somehow they got over those and finally there was a day when they were both happy and satisfied. Svea, who had already reached womanhood, guarded the younger nation and happily she watched her to grow up to be a fine woman, just like her name.

“Fina?” Svea called after returning home and she could hear the steps coming closer before the Finnish girl replied.

“Svea! You are back!” she said with clearly happy voice, “how was the travel?”

“Fine enough”, Svea replied and hugged another nation. She noted that Fina had grown up again, probably due the University and other things that had been recently built on her land. Soon she would have to stop thinking her as a girl.

“Come, I have made some dinner”, Fina said and tugged the Swedish woman’s hand, “I hunted rabbits today and got some vegetables from the market, so it is all fresh.”

“Sounds lovely”, Svea said and followed her. Fina had lost her girlish figure and got more curves. When she walked, Svea wondered why the way how the Finnish woman’s hips swayed bothered her so much.  


One evening they were spending time outside together. The summer evening was calm and the only sounds were the birds and the wind playing. Svea was lying on her back, listening the breathing of another woman near her. Fina’s head was only few centimetres from hers and their hair tangled together on the grass. Svea only felt so peaceful when she was near the Finnish nation so she cheered every passing moment.

“Svea”, Fina said suddenly, breaking the silence between them, “why they call you mother?”

“I don’t know”, Svea replied honestly, “I assume it is because I care for them like mothers do and they rely on me like they do on their mothers.”

“But you don’t have children?” Fina asked, “I have never heard about you… Um… being pregnant.”

“I have never been”, Svea replied, “I… I am not for a man.”

“Oh”, Fina said, but she didn’t ask more about that. After a while Svea decided to speak up just to make sure that nothing was going to be weird between them.  

“Why they call you maiden?” she asked. Fina didn’t reply right away, but soon she laughed.

“I don’t know”, she admitted, “I think it is because they believe I am pure.”

“You are that”, Svea noted.

“For now, yes”, Fina said. Svea heard her moving and she turned her head to see if the Finnish woman was leaving. But she was only changing her position, laying now on her side and staring at another woman.

“Is something bothering you?” Svea asked because she knew that look. Fina always looked at her like that when something was wrong and she was trying to figure out a way to tell about it.

“Will I be always pure?” she asked with so weird tone that Svea couldn’t say if she was sad, serious or just joking.

“Yes”, she replied. Fina sighed.


Svea felt like her world was coming down. Not because of any wars, not because of catastrophes or horrible mistakes. No. It was all because her feelings. Every day she felt more and more desperate, though she didn’t know for sure what she wanted. She had everything already, her land was flourishing, her brothers were leaving her alone and Fina, the sweet and lovely Finnish woman, was there with her.  Still, she wanted more.

She had seen Fina moving around so gracefully that every movement felt like seduction for the Swedish woman. She had seen the fire inside of her, the way how she defended herself and her people and fought together with Svea and how she talked about things she loved, bringing memories to life only by telling about them. She was a dream. Svea craved for her, but she was afraid. She didn’t want to break the deep trust between them. Her life would be over if Fina left her and so she kept her most intimate feelings hided and secured.

But Fina wasn’t a fool. She saw the way how Svea looked at her, how her eyes followed her movements when she thought Fina didn’t notice it, and how her hugs became just a bit longer after each day. She saw the warm and gentle feelings in the Swedish woman’s eyes and, thought Fina was first scared about these unknown feelings, she soon accepted them.

“Do you know how a kiss tastes?” Fina asked one morning after she got tired of the Swedish woman sneaking around her but still staying close and admiring quietly.

“I…”, Svea said and was clearly confused about the question. Fina saw the slight blush on her cheek and how her eyes glanced at the Finnish woman’s lips while she bit her owns. Oh, she was thinking about it and Fina knew.

“I want to try”, she said bluntly, “are you willing?” The look on Svea’s face was worth of every minute of waiting, Fina thought and smirked. The Swedish woman had never been so taken aback before and for a moment she could only stare and try to collect her thoughts while Fina stepped closer.

“Svea?” she asked.

“Yes”, the older woman replied and reached for the kiss. Their first one wasn’t so amazing. Fina had never kissed anybody before so she didn’t know what to do with her lips or tongue and the teeth seemed to be just in way. Svea had a bit more experience, but the love she had kept inside for so long was making her shake and she was too nervous to actually kiss properly. However, Fina made sure that Svea taught her everything later and after some intensive training she turned out to be amazing kisser with the skills of making the Swedish woman swoon.


For a while they were happy and it felt like it would last forever, but it did not. Fina was taken away, captured from Svea’s arms and she couldn’t do anything to keep the Finnish woman with her. She was hit down and her power was all gone. She cried and yelled but nothing brought Fina back to her. Instead they made her bother to live with her, but it wasn’t Norway she wanted to have. She was happy only with Fina and so she mourned for her lost love.

When Fina was free again, she met Svea in Stockholm. It had been over a century since they had seen each other last time and so it felt awkward to be in the same place. Fina looked tired and she had new scars, but the fire was still there. Nothing had managed to fade it and Svea knew she was still the woman she loved. Fina wasn’t sure about that and so she avoided the Swedish woman’s eyes.

“Fina”, Svea said and reached her hand to the woman, “you…”

“I am sorry”, she interrupted, “I left you.”

“No”, Svea said, “you were taken.”

“But I didn’t fight hard enough”, Fina said, “and now I… I am broken.” Svea looked at her and no matter how hard she looked; she couldn’t see a broken woman. Fina was exhausted and the hard years showed on her face, but she was definitely not broken. She had fought herself free and there she was now, standing on front of Svea and keeping her head up even after all the horrors she had went through. Svea didn’t see a broken woman, she saw one that had fought and won with a great loss.

“You are not broken”, she said with a serious tone, “I see your power and the fire inside you and that is why I love you.” She touched Fina’s shoulder.

“Svea”, she said softly and stepped closer. The Swedish woman wrapped her arms around her and finally felt peace when her love was with her again. Fina was crying and letting all the pain from the past years washing out while Svea hold her and the tears fell silently down her cheeks too.


“Are the girls still getting ready?” Denmark complained loudly and threw away the book he has been reading while waiting, “we should be leaving in ten minutes!”

“Let them take their time and focus on yourself”, Norway said calmly and tapped his phone while talking, “your tie is not fixed.”

“That is only because Fina said she will help me to pick up a good one”, Denmark said, “but she is still in the bathroom and I don’t understand what is taking her so long.”

“It is called doing make up”, Iceland noted and walked past the couch the Danish nation was laying on. The Icelander had a laptop on his arms and he was trying to find his bag. He was sure he had left it in the living room, but he couldn’t see it around. Frowning slightly, he walked to the kitchen to check if somebody had moved it there.

“Why she even bother?” Denmark said, “she has been together with Svea like forever and that Swedish bitch is so in love that Fina could scrape her face off and Svea would still kiss her.” Norway shrugged, but Svea who had just stepped in to the room, gave the Dane a look.

“What did you call me?” she asked.

“Bitch!” Denmark yelled almost happily and glanced up to see if the woman was taking the challenge. In his opinion, a little fight would be nice. Before Svea had time to reply, Fina finally appeared.

“I am ready!” she announced and glanced at the Swedish woman, “do I look okay?”

“Like the most beautiful creature I have ever seen”, Svea replied honestly and Fina smiled before skipping to her for a kiss.

“Get a room!” Denmark yelled.

“Shut up”, Svea grunted back and glanced around to see if everybody was ready to leave, “are we going now?”

“Yes”, Norway replied and put his phone in his pocket, “Is! We are ready!”

“I am coming!” Iceland replied from the kitchen and soon appeared with a bag on his shoulder.

“So, who is gonna drive the car?” Denmark asked when they stepped out from the house, “and who is sitting where? We can’t place Svea and Fina next to each other because they will be making out all the time.”

“It is the same if you sit next to Nore”, Iceland noted dryly.

“I beg to differ”, Norway said, but the Icelander rolled his eyes.

“It is same”, he said, “just in different level, and because I want to keep my sanity, Svea is gonna drive, Nore gets the front seat and we rest sit in back.”

“That is not fair”, Denmark complained, but they still followed the Icelander’s idea. Fina was sitting behind Svea so she could see her from the mirror and every time Fina gave her a smile. After all that had happened, they were happy.