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The way countries says pineapple
  • Denmark: Ananas
  • Germany: Ananas
  • France: Ananas
  • Finland: Ananas
  • Hungary: Ananas
  • Iceland: Ananas
  • Italy: Ananas
  • Norway: Ananas
  • Poland: Ananas
  • Portugal: Ananas
  • Romania: Ananas
  • Turkey: Ananas
  • Sweden: Ananas
  • America: No! Come on guys its Pineapple!!
  • England: I hate to say this, but i agree with America.

I feel disappointed these haven’t appeared on tumblr yet

What did you say?

Ah, the languages of the Nordics.

Few people realize this, but Norwegians actually speak a language that is far closer to old Danish than Norwegian, while people on Iceland actually speak something close to old Norwegian.
Little FennoSwede is holding on to his uncle Finland because FennoSwedes are Finns who speak Swedish.

Though, you could really just say Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and to some extend Icelandic (But not Finnish) are nothing more than different dialects, seeing as we understand each other if we talk reeeeaaaaly slow and clear.

And it will of course never not be funny how some Americans treat British like a completely different language.
Sure, some words are different and it’s a different accent, but try coming to Europe. We’ll show you what “different language” means. ;)

With Tino

With Berwald

Being in Hollywood: Interviews with Berwald and Tino

AJ: It’s amusing for people to see the contrast between the two. Sometimes they think they’re my parents for some reason. Usually they’re asked what they think about my ‘success’ pfft.

Hetalia Harry Potter AU
  • Italia Veneziano: Hufflepuff
  • Italia Romano: Slytherin
  • Prussia: Slytherin
  • Canada: Gryffindor
  • Spain: Gryffindor
  • Germany: Ravenclaw / Slytherin (idk)
  • Russia: Slytherin
  • Belarus: Slytherin
  • Ukraine: Hufflepuff
  • Austria: Ravenclaw
  • Lithuania: Hufflepuff
  • Hungary: Ravenclaw
  • England: Slytherin
  • America: Gryffindor
  • Japan: Gryffindor
  • Latvia: Hufflepuff
  • Estonia: Ravenclaw
  • Denmark: Gryffindor
  • Norway: Slytherin
  • Finland: Hufflepuff
  • Sweden: Slytherin
  • Iceland: Ravenclaw
  • Greece: Hufflepuff
  • Turkey: Hufflepuff
  • Switzerland: Gryffindor
  • Lienchestein: Gryffindor
  • Poland: Hufflepuff
  • France: Ravenclaw
  • China: Hufflepuff
  • Monaco: Ravenclaw