“You really picked me?”

“No. I didn’t pick you, Bray.”

“Well I–”

“I never had any choice at all. I may not have known it right away, but I’ve been in love with you since the day I first saw you. You are everything I have ever wanted… I think you and I can have the kind of love that my mothers have: Pure, Honest, and Eternal.

I can’t imagine being anyone else’s wife, or the mother of anyone else’s children. Only yours. Always yours.”

“I don’t know what to say…”

“We won’t make it official quite yet, but if you’ll grant me the great honor, I’d like to be your wife.”

“God, Sapphire, Of course. I love you so much. I can’t wait until we have a little house of our own, and there are little Moore-Carter kids running around everywhere.”


“Me either, Bray. I love you so much. Thank you for everything.”


He pulled her face to his and smooched her.

She pushed him away angrily.

“Are you trying to take advantage of my drunkeness?”

He stuttered back, “!”

She fumed at him. “Well I’m not that drunk, Bray. Make another move and I’ll make sure you get sent home!”

Saph and Bray, from Finksim

*after taking the picture*

Bray: “Aw, we were a little off.”

Saph: “That’s okay, it’s still a cute picture!”

Bray: “Any picture with you in it is a cute picture.”

Saph: *giggle* “Well, don’t use your best lines up yet! The competition hasn’t even started yet!”


This is the sim I made for finksim. :)

He’s an impish brat of a young adult, enjoys playing pranks on his friends and family, yet somehow still has a great deal of both.

His idea of flirting is making jokes at just one girl instead of the whole room.

The only things that aren’t cc or basegame are his favorite music and his LTW, which are both university. Feel free to change those if you don’t have Uni :)

I’ll send you the dl in a second!


When she finally sobered up enough to make her way back home, Saph dragged herself into the sauna…

She worked through her hangover pain and thought about her date from the night before.

She thought about Bray’s jokes and how sweet he was to her…

She thought about how he wanted to be the gentleman and take her home, only to get them hopelessly lost… she found herself smiling.

She thought about how he had kissed her, and how she had pushed him away. She had been angry that he would force himself on her… but now she found herself wanting to go back to that kiss.

She wanted, more than anything, to apologize for yelling at him, and to feel his soft lips on hers again.

*in game explanation: She got the “Kiss Bray” wish!*


They never got to the bed, but they did spend all night in the hot tub.

Bray even got up the nerve to cuddle with her, and Saph seemed all too happy to accept. I have to say, I think they are very cute together.

But in the end, the winner is whoever has the best relationship with Saph! My opinion does not change a thing :)