The Nightmare Before Christmas - Oogie Boogie by Matthew Kirscht

The signs as Nightmare Before Christmas characters

Aries: Lock (the devil)

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Taurus: Barrel (the skeleton)

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Gemini: Jack Skellington

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Cancer: Sally

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Leo: Harlequin Devil

Virgo: Shock (the witch)

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Libra: Santa Claus

Scorpio: Oogie Boogie

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Sagittarius: Doctor Finklestein

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Capricorn: The Mayor

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Aquarius: Clown with the Tear Away Face

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Pisces: Behemoth

The art collective, Gran Fury installed this poster in hundreds of bus shelters throughout New York City in 1991. Declaring women as central to the AIDS crisis, the bold text demands legislators take action to address their needs. 

Come see it in Agitprop! at the Sackler Center, next Friday. 

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Gran Fury (active 1988–94): Richard Elovich, Avram Finkelstein, Tom Kalin, John Lindell, Loring McAlpin, Marlene McCarty, Donald Moffett, Michael Nesline, Mark Simpson, Robert Vazquez. Women Don’t Get AIDS, They Just Die from It, 1991. Bus shelter sign, ink on acetate, 70 x 47 in (1.8 x 1.2 m). Public Art Fund, New York and The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles 

How long was Sally locked up?

So while repeatedly watching TNBC, I got into thinking about when Sally wakes up outside Jack’s house, and the citizens start singing. They are singing that  Jack hasn’t been seen for days. When Sally gets locked up, myself and probably tons of other people probably thought that on her first night she runs away. But then the song doesn’t make sense. So I went in to do the math.

We know the movie starts on Halloween, and when Jack leaves it’s late on October 31.
Now the next day when Mayor goes to talk to Jack it’s Nov 1. We also know it’s Nov 1 when the Wolfman corrects the Mayor and says 364. When Jack comes back into town it’s late afternoon of Nov 1, and the Town Meeting is in the evening of Nov 1.

Now here are the more of assumptions than facts.
We have to assume that when we see Jack sitting in bed it’s still Nov 1, after the Town Meeting. Which would make it Nov 2 when he borrows equipment for Doctor Finklestein.

Nov 2 is also the same day that Doctor Finklestein locks up Sally.

To find the date or time Sally was locked up, we have to look at things that later happen.
They basically give up the date when they fix the countdown clock. When it says 36 Days till Xmas. That day would be Nov 19.

I would have to say that Jack would have needed a day to figure out what tasks to hand out to everyone. And a whole day to give everyone their tasks.
So we have to wind the clock back from Nov 19, I’d say that they would have gotten the sign on the day after everyone got their tasks.
So with that, we’d have to assume that Jack handed out all the tasks Nov 18, and would have had to create the tasks Nov 17.

Jack would probably have created all the tasks on the same day he figured out he wanted to do Christmas, which would mean that he figured out he wanted to take over Christmas on Nov 17th.

Which that would mean that Sally ran away on Nov 16.

Nov 2 - 16 is how long Sally was locked up for (give or take), she was locked up for 2 weeks.

Any thoughts?

Poor Sally.