Things my sister has said to me this past week:

(Bear in mind that she’s nine)

- “Well, one of the first things I’m gonna put on my Christmas list is TABINOF…”

- “What is that video series where they have the whiskers again? I wanna watch it.”

- “Well, I had nothing to do after I finished my homework, so I just sat in the corner of my room and watched their videos for three hours.”

- “Wait, they’re friends with the guy who made those posters that are in our rooms? Oh my god, THAT’S SO COOL!!”

- “Why haven’t they kissed on camera yet? Like I can tell they want to…just go ahead and do it, you idiots, like COME ON!”

- “They used to be so WEIRD and FLIRTY. But then again, they’re still really weird and flirty, so…”

- “Why wasn’t there a polaroid in our Truth Bombs game? I feel like I’ve been cheated out of something even though I never wanted to see it in the first place!”

- “I am so glad Dan decided to wear his hair curly. It looks so much better than his straight hair did. Back then, he looked like a giant rat.”

- “Well, you told me to watch their videos on my own time if you couldn’t watch them with me, so I did!”

- “How is Phil so funny? Like I don’t understand it; Dan is so good with comedy and timing, but then somehow, even when he isn’t trying, if Phil says something that’s even just a little weird, I’ll laugh!”

- “I wanted to watch TATINOF, but I had to study…so then I watched Dan’s videos about exams and studying and procrastination instead. Hey, don’t judge me; you would’ve done the same thing!”

- “Wait, we have DAPGO in OUR HOUSE and you didn’t tell me?!”

- “Don’t bother me; I’m trying to finish the Undertale videos in peace here! Go away!”

- “Can we get that game Dan and Phil played on the Switch? The one with the kitchen?…Well, I’m sorry if that’s all I can remember about it!”

- “I wish they still had more than two seats next to each other available for Interactive Introverts ‘cause I can’t go without a dumb adult! Ugh.”

- “Oh my god; get a room, guys! We did not need to see this!”

- “You are a very bad influence, but I don’t even care. Can we go watch the new video now?”

Positive Weekly Aesthetics

Monday: New week, new motivation, a pile of finished homework and a nicely organised pencil case. A clean, fresh bullet journal spread and empty to-do lists. Your outfit is ready for you when you wake up, prepared the night before. 

Tuesday: Getting into the rhythm, your favourite tunes and morning runs. Your journal starts to fill up, cute drawings decorating the pages. The world seems slow, the week long as it has just started; yet it is chaotic at the same time.

Wednesday: Hump day. Early morning coffee and messy lecture notes, sticky notes with reminders and to-do lists, scribbling on white boards and collapsing in bed with blankets and a good book after a long day, the distant sound of rain hitting your windows.

Thursday: Grabbing brunch with friends and laughing at old memories, green smoothies and almond croissants. Friendly curious talks with your teachers and professors. Working on an assignment due weeks away and watching a movie by the fireplace.

Friday: Looking forward to the weekend, early morning study and typed notes. Going through colourful flashcards at a local cafe, friendly smiles and latte art. Going out at night and loud music blasting through your ears, walking home with friends under the cool air and peaceful stars.

Saturday: Green tea and cold water, warm showers and sleeping in. Readings and PowerPoints, looking out into the busy streets from your beautiful desk. Getting dressed up, sharp eyeliner wings and meeting with friends, engaging conversations during dinner and later crawling into the warmth and comfort of your bed.

Sunday: Lazy mornings and making pancakes in your pyjamas, finishing homework and getting a head start on next week’s readings. Dancing freely as you clean and organise and being comfortable in your own skin. Watching your favourite TV show at night and going to bed early and ready for next week.



fixed my room, studied precalc and science, rewrote a lot of notes, finished a bunch of homeworks and watched american horror story. i’m proud of my productivity today 🌞

some adhd lance hc’s

made by someone who’s got adhd and who loves lance. go figure!!!!

  • lance is a combination adhd type who leans more towards inattentive than hyperactive, but does have his moments!
  • teachers would be confused because he’s a bright kid who has a lot of potential but always turns his homework in late or not at all.
    • it’s the mix of procrastination, executive dysfunction, and fear that the assignment isn’t good enough.
  • stims by using his legs. does the leggy bounce™, leg shake™, the bicycle in the air™, stretches™, etc.
    • some bitch ass teacher: lance can you stay still for a second? you’re distracting the class.
      lance, who shakes his leg even more: just saying, but the only one who doesn’t seem really focused on the lecture is you.
  • knows other people perceive him as being dumb or annoying because of his symptoms. even if he pretends otherwise. 
  • some neurotypical: ooo shiny! a squirrel! haha, i’m so adhd and random.
    lance: you’re like the worst type of person.
  • when the rsd hits and he feels the suffocating feelings that come with it
    • happens when he least expects it to. (i.e. in episode 4 where he talked about his mom)
    • the emotions gets him really fast. sometimes he’ll start crying without meaning to, or end up getting so angry in a flash and then acting like nothing ever happened.
    • will usually isolate himself in order to not ‘burden’ anyone with it.
  • lance would frustrate cry if he was stuck on an assignment that should’ve taken only half an hour, but he’s on hour three, it’s past midnight, and he can’t read.
    • every time the teachers say that there’s no reason for anyone to not finish their homework, lance looks into the camera like he’s in the office. 
  • hyperfixates. a lot. anything regarding the ocean, space, flying, adventure, the great unknown are some of his known hyperfixations. 
  • has a hard time sleeping because his brain won’t stop. just never stops. 
  • also has a tendency to have bad memory/comprehension issues
    • will ask for things to be repeated because sometimes he literally cannot understand or even remember what the other person said
    • allura: lance, please pay attention while we’re giving the instruction for the plan. this is important.
      lance: i know, my bad. i was just looking at keith’s hair and noticed that his hair curls around his ears.
      keith: what?
      lance: you have my full attention, princess!

second-fannypack  asked:

Prompt: Richie and Eddie don't know each other, but Richie just wiped out on his skateboard outside Eddie's house

here we go

+ eddie hates sundays

+ he always finishes his homework friday when he gets home but his mom won’t let him go out past 6pm on sundays anyways so he always has to find ways to entertain himself

+ usually bill would come sneak in through his window to keep him company but he had therapy tonight until 7 and eddie was alone and bored out of his mind

+ he was currently staring out his second floor window and watching the squirrels 

+ but then he sees him

+ the cute, lanky neighbor kid from down the street skates right past his house

+ and then,,, back past his house?

+ he starts doing tricks on the sidewalk (nothing fancy, mostly just jumping up and landing about 50% of the time) but after the 3rd jump he… looks up at eddie?


+ and eddie’s like shitshitshit i’ve been caught staring at this boy and now he’s making me blush what the fUck

+ then the neighbor kid gets cocky

+ he decides to try that thing where you,, flip the board,, in midair before landing on it? (eddie is not very familiar with skating technical terms)

+ this trick makes eddie very nervous

+ Cute Boy falls flat on his ass and his elbow hits the ground hard

+ eddie runs down the stairs and out the door after grabbing his first aid kit from the nightstand

+ “ohmygod ohmygod what the fuck is wrong with you you could have broken your arm and all i have is neosporin and bandaids here what were you thinking come inside i have to clean up this scrape before it gets infected- no don’t TOUCH it do you know how many GERMS there are on human hands oh my god”

+ but then eddie just looks up and cute boy is smiling at him in the sweetest way he’s ever seen abut then he just smirks and says “hey i’m richie and i’m usually pretty good at skating but i guess i couldn’t help falling for you”

+ eddie needs his inhaler

How not to get bored while studying:

1. Take Breaks

This might seem like an obvious one but it’s often forgotten about. Second-level students should study for 45 minutes (which is the length of our concentration span) and then take a 5-15 minute break. Whether you go to get a quick cup of tee or go for a walk - it works. Returning to work is easy and you take in more information.

2. Switch Subjects Every Hour

If you have a LOT to do for, let’s say, history then do as much as you possibly can for an hour (with breaks) and then switch subjects and study something different. As a result, when you return to your history, it will be easier and seem more manageable.

3. Set goals before hand.

Before you start, I think that it’s easier to set out some goals. For instance, if you have 5 subjects that you have to do - create a plan. Set a goal that you will finish your Maths homework in 20 minutes, or your English essay in 40 minutes. Set a timer on your phone and if you go over the allocated time try to finish up quickly. That way, you will complete your homework more quickly, and be more organised & focused.

4. Switch study techniques.

By using different study techniques, you keep your brain on edge and interested. By using fresh and new methods, you will increase the amount of information you absorb and not dread studying.

red  asked:

bakugou "freshmen rep, #1 entrance exam, #3 quirk test, #3 class grades, doesn't want to be associated w/ troublemakers" katsuki: YOU'RE A NERD!!! ASSFFFDSSFF Why is he like This??

there are so many different ways i can respond to this:

  • Katsuki “king of denial” Bakugou
  • Bakugou is an enigma wrapped in a blanket of semi self-awareness and covered with a heavy layer of complete and total denial
  • “DIE!!!!!!!!” Bakugou screams as he gets perfect grades on every test and canonically avoids cigarettes/drugs/etc b/c they could get him into trouble and goddammit he’s not gonna fail UA b/c some dumbass delinquent brought in illegal shit and got the smell on him
  • Mr “all my casual clothes are black skull t-shirts” probably alphabetizes his homework 
  • he probably wears his pants 3 sizes too big and so goddamn low and refuses to wear his tie just so people don’t make the mistake of assuming he’s a huge nerd. even tho he is
  • i’d be willing to bet that he’s the type to finish all his homework before 8pm the day he gets it b/c he’s exactly that studious, and he actually has a fucking normal sleep schedule b/c he never has to worry about late work and knows it’s important for physical health and growth. what the fuck. what the fuck.
  • what a fucking nerd
Coda 13x06


“He’s an angry sleeper.”

Dean shoots him a look over the brim of his mug.

“Like a bear,” Cas concludes while Jack looks at them both, puzzled.

Dean doesn’t bother with a response, only motioning to his coffee to indicate he needs more time. Cas sits primly on a chair waiting until Jack and Sam clear out and then, once the door clicks shut, he moves to sit alongside Dean on the couch.

Dean plays it cool, hunched over his mug for at least ten seconds before he takes a drink and settles back, his arm pressed against Cas’s. Two sips of coffee later he’s cradling the cup between his hands and letting his head rest against Cas’s shoulder. Cas doesn’t say anything, but Dean’s sure he can feel the bastard smiling.

The first night Cas was back, Dean waved his laptop at him, beckoning him down the hall to his room. “Research,” he’d stated, purposefully neglecting to make eye contact with his brother.

Cas followed him, standing stiffly in the middle of the room until Dean patted the mattress, encouraging him to sit propped against the headboard next to him. Once he’d queued up Tombstone, Dean balanced the laptop so they could both see the screen. Dean’s enthusiastic commentary slowly trickled into comfortable silence and, before the movie was even halfway through, he found himself sliding the computer fully onto Cas’s lap. “Finish your homework,” he directed, as he scooted down to lie flat, crossing his arms over his chest and letting his eye drift shut.

When he woke, the room was dark and his brain alerted him that something was missing. When he heard a creak and a click, he had the gun in his hand before he even registered the light had snapped on.

Cas sat in a chair next to the bed, his hands up in a calming gesture. Dean kept the gun trained on him even as his own hands began to tremble. What a perfect chapter of his life it would be if, in his instinctive panic at losing him again, he managed to shoot his best friend the very night he returned.

“Jesus, Cas.”

“I didn’t wish to disturb your rest.”

Dean tucked the gun away again. “Well, guess fucking what.” He lowered himself back down onto the mattress while Cas continued to stare at him. Then he shifted over to make room. Cas shed his trench coat before stretching out beside him.

Dean kept his eyes on Cas’s shoulder, feeling the warmth radiate from him, soaking in his nearness. While his breathing had returned to normal, he still felt shaky. “We…uh…I thought I’d lost you for good this time. We burned your body–”

He stopped when Cas rolled onto his side, gathering Dean in his arms. Dean buried his face in Cas’s neck, and thought maybe he felt the brush of lips against his temple. In the quiet of his room, he let Cas hold him, feeling their hearts beat in tandem. When Dean felt brave enough to face him again, he kept one hand on Cas’s hip, a finger hooked through his belt loop.

Cas was smiling softly now, face gentle as his eyes shone with affection. “It would appear my desire to return to you knows no bounds.”

Dean felt something squirm in his chest, something quicksilver and warm. “What do you suppose that means?”

Cas paused, thoughtful. “I don’t know, other than that we’ve been given another chance.”

There was no time for fear. No time for second guessing or waiting for the right moment. The perfect time Dean had been waiting for was his to make, it always had been. Dean kissed him.

Cas’s mouth felt perfect against his and Dean tugged him closer, but a moment later they were both grinning too wide to keep kissing. Dean’s grin turned into a yawn.

“Go back to sleep,” Cas said, running a soothing hand through Dean’s hair. “I’ll be here when you wake.”

Not Northside Material - Part 5

Originally posted by stilinskikissme

A/N: BUCKLE URSELF IN BC I HATE MYSELF FOR THIS! I have so much love and respect for anyone who is still here and reading this, y’all are the real bros and I Love You All. As always hmu with that good good feedback, I live for anything you guys have to say (i check all my reblogs for tags, people put the best shit in tags I swear)

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 

Summary: Sweet Pea manages to piss off Toni, have an important epiphany, and ruin his own happiness all in the span of a day. Talented boy.

Words: 2,549

Warnings: Serpents, Swears, Pain (if u listen close u can hear me break my own heart)

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Steady Feet, Don’t Fail Me Now

AO3 Link

Pairing: Reddie


word count: 9,870

Summary:  “You know how to dance?” Eddie demands, still skeptical, and Richie is almost offended.
“Yes, actually,” he scoffs with a good natured laugh. “Is that so hard to believe?”
Eddie opens his mouth, but Richie cuts him off before he can tell his friend that yes, that’s incredibly hard to believe.
“Don’t answer that, dickhead,” Richie says as he gets up, wiping his sweaty palms onto his jeans. “C’mon, get up.” He instructs and holds out a hand to pull Eddie to his feet. “I’m teaching you.”

also known as the fake dating fic 


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The Better Kisser - Tom Holland Drabble

Request: Anonymous - Hello! I love your writing and was wondering if you could do a fluff imagine where the reader is dating tom and she helps paddy with homework and stuff and tom tries to distract her + paddy being grossed out by toms affection for her which causes tom to want to kiss the reader more just to make fun of paddy

Warnings: Fluff and teasing Tom

Word Count: 778

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

A/N: Hope you liked it : ) Guys sorry they’re so short I just haven’t really had any inspiration.


“Ok so what’s 16 times ½?”

“I don’t like fractions, Y/N,” Paddy whined.

“Come on Paddy you know this. If it’s difficult to work out, then you just have to put it in the calculator,” You handed him the calculator and watched as he pressed some buttons.

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So what is time management?
It’s when you know you have a test next week and you don’t want to cram for the test again. Managing your time will let you study for the test an hour a day, instead of 5 hours in one day.

How do I manage my time?
The basic idea is that you create some sort of schedule, or plan, for your day. Then you stick to it. Here’s some tips on creating the schedule, and then staying with it.

I. Keeping track

  • Keep a planner. This will let you easily see what you need to have done by the end of the week!
  • I keep a todo list of what I need to finish for the day. Mine is simple to avoid overloading my brain. For today I wrote “Finish Math homework. Finish Electronics Lab report. Study Physics”.
  • I don’t write down exact times that I do my homework. I tried this earlier, and found it was too challenging to keep to such a strict schedule. My workflow works best when I can choose what to work on, and when I can work on it.
  • Some people will find that having too much freedom in their schedule will be challenging to follow. In that case, they would prefer a strict schedule saying to do homework at a specific time.
  • You need to find out what works for you, everyone is different. Try a technique, and move on if it’s not working.
  • I color code my life so that I know what I need done at a glance.
  • Determine what’s urgent. If I have a test the next day and homework due in two days, I’m going to use that day for studying for the test.
  • Tasks with a stricter deadline should be done first.
  • Tasks worth more of your grade should have more time allocated for it.
  • Allocate time when you have the most energy. I have the most energy mid-day, so I try to do my schoolwork after lunch, before dinner.

II. Staying on track

  • Don’t overload yourself and say you’ll finish 2 projects and 60 pages of reading in one day. This is what time management is for in the first place.
  • Break it up! That 60 pages of reading can be 20 pages over 3 days.
  • Start small if you’re new to this. Overtime it will be easier to allocate tasks since you’ll have experience with managing your time. At first you can simply say “Today I will write the first 200 words of the essay.” and then work up to larger tasks once you’re used to allocating time.
  • The hardest part is starting! Our brains create this dread with schoolwork, but once we start it’s never as bad as we make it seem.
  • Find out why you’re not starting your homework, and then learn to overcome it.
  • My fear of starting stems from a fear of failure since I’m a perfectionist. I overcame this fear by reminding myself that starting is better than nothing at all.
  • Reward yourself once you finish a task, or when you stay on schedule.
  • Getting off schedule is not the end of the world! Time management will let you make up for the time lost! Usually it’s a sign of stress when you miss work, so find what the cause is.
  • I would miss work in high school because I was afraid I would never understand the topic so I didn’t bother starting. This is a bad idea ™   since the work is there to help you practice and you will start understanding the topic once you practice!
  • Schedule time for breaks! It’s easier to have a guilt-free break when you put the time in to take a break!
  • Have a “Do nothing” day. On fridays I don’t do any schoolwork. I relax and enjoy the day. This lets my brain rest after a long week, and I get to enjoy my time with friends.
  • Have fun with it! I love checking off things I did and looking back at the week with checkmarks everywhere!
  • Check what you need done in the morning so that it’s on your mind and you can start planning your day.
  • Not every second of everyday needs to be allocated to schoolwork! If you have a 20 minute break between classes, relax! It’s better to give you brain a break and to feel better than to fill your entire day down to the minute with learning.
  • Don’t multitask. Allocate time for both tasks so that you can focus on a specific task.