finishing this storyline

mirror, mirror

[a 100-word drabble inspired by today’s N7 month theme of “one human”.]

I spend hours looking in the mirror. It’s not vanity. It’s practice. I imagine how it will feel to kill someone who has these eyes.

“That face is yours, not hers,” Brooks scolds as I glare at myself in the murk of our hideaway’s bathroom. “You’re one person. She’s another.”

Brooks is right, but I continue.

Shepard is 32 years old. I am 6 months old. I have all of childhood’s fear but none of childhood’s innocence, so I take comfort in the one thing I know that Shepard doesn’t: the face that will be the last thing she sees.

Shamelessly Aesthetic Reasons for Fitz to be an LMD

  • crying-Iain when LMDFitz is forced into self-awareness and/or is confronted by the woman he loves

  • crying-Liz when she’s forced to confront “Fitz” and/or possibly injure or shut down (a spitting image of) the man she loves

  • fierce & dangerous Jemma Simmons being a steely-eyed bamf and actually getting to finish a storyline for once what

  • (bonus points if Daisy isn’t and LMD bc Skimmons Teamup = The Dream and Skimmons team up to rescue Fitz?? Bus Kids?? Platonic Fitz-Daisy feels?? Potentially Daisy comforting/inspiring Simmons?? Yes to all)

  • swoon-y post-rescue Fitz looking dazed/dreamily up at Jemma (a la post Maveth) after she pulls him out of the Framework setup, at which point all surviving members of the FS fandom will probably combust

So I’ve finished the storyline of gta 5 and was excited to buy Trevor a dress. I bought all of them, stayed in the white with pink flowers one and decided to go home to see them in my wardrobe. I climbed the stairs and opened the door of the trailer and I saw an old woman that kinda reminded me Patricia and I was like “not this shit again” but hOLY SHIT IT’S HIS MOTHER AND SHE GOES “tell me Trevor are you gay” AND TREVOR, STANDING IN HIS PINK DRESS WITH FLOWERS AND BEING LITERALLY THE DRAMA QUEEN REPLIES “NO”

Tenka’s Pretties

So if you don’t know already, I got obsessed with SLBP and Tenka because of the period Japanese costumes (I collect kimonos in real life) and the castle items (thus, my favourite part of these games are the battle events).

Tenka’s last event was an encore event with mythical/magical women theme. The six lords (the newer six) encounter a magical phenomenon or creature and after the route’s completion we got a themed costume, which are FABULOUS. I’m a sucker for costumes and folklore so I just have to blog about this! 

 This event was an encore/repeat so Voltage gave us lower clearance point (4,000 instead of 7,000) and an event only gacha where we can win items, short stories and the lord’s avatar!

We can spin this gacha everytime we finished a storyline, and best part of this is there won’t be repeat item, meaning if you play hardcore enough, eventually you can get the items you want and even if you don’t,you won’t end up with, like, gazillion hideous make up (gggrrr)  

Anyways, I love these kimono so much, especially the white furisode!

I’ve been planning to blog about Tenka and SLBP’s costumes, but just haven’t gotten around to do it yet. Might as well start with these pretties.

Furisode is a type of female kimono (kimono means “things to wear” so it encompasses a broad range of wafuku, or traditional Japanese garments) with long sleeves that typically reach the wearer’s ankle. It’s worn by unmarried women, but heh, more and more people just wear what wafuku they want these days, and I’m with them. The long fluttering (furi-furi) sleeves are said to be flirty and conveys youthfulness and availability. It’s one most extravagant types of kimono still worn today. 

Bear in mind in the historical sengoku, this type of kimonos here had not existed/ been simplified yet, rather princesses and noble women of that period wore layered garment called Juniihitoe, a 12-layered (yes, 12!) floor sweeping, totally unpractical kimono. The colours of these layers varied and the colour sequence conveyed different meaning or message or seasons - it’s pretty complicated. Voltage designed all sorts of anachronistic kimonos for these games, but I don’t mind because they are all soooo pretty!

Anywaysss… onto Tenka’s last event prized Kimonos:

天女のお着物 = Tennyo no o kimono = Celestial Maiden kimono

HIdeyoshi’s route prize. Designed after the Sino-Japanese celestial maiden’s costumes. Who are typically depicted wearing sheer garments and or topless. I would say that out of the bunch, this is the true furisode.

九尾狐のお着物 = Kyuubi ko no o kimono = Nine-tail fox spirit’s kimono

Mitsunari’s event route prize (of course). Designed after the legendary Nine-tail fox spirit. The obi is tied in the front a la an oiran (courtesan). The outer wear is called haori / kimono overcoat. 

人魚のお着物 = Ningyo no o kimono = Mermaid kimono

Inuchiyo’s event route prize. The story was there was a mermaid who fell in love with Inuchiyo (she’s depicted using Matsuko’s sprite in the event), she went to the land to search for him, and at towards the end of the story she asked him to come with her, presumably to the sea. But Inuchiyo, of course has given his heart to MC. I kinda like the story because it’s rare that Inu is the one given more than one suitors. The furisode’s not my favorite (they could’ve played more with scales and transparency) but the fin ear piece is pretty. The sleeves are shorter, so this would fall into houmongi (formal visiting kimono) category. 

白蛇姫のお着物 = Shirohebi hime no o kimono = White Snake Princess kimono

Kenshin’s event route prize. My least favourite but I still love it because it’s designed after the Chinese folktale Madame White Snake, which I watched religiously growing up, ahahahah The feather boa reference and the Chinese cheongsam hybrid were clever, but oh boy, they could’ve done MORE.  

白兎のお着物 = Hakuto no o kimono = White Rabbit kimono

Shingen’s event route prize. Modelled after… er, the mythical white bunny that makes mochi on the moon? Hahahaha, it’s common Japanese motif for spring/summer. Also, since Shingen is tiger, he’ll devour the bunny for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The sleeves are shorter, so this would fall into houmongi (formal visiting kimono) category.

化け狸のお着物 = Bakedanuki no o kimono = Tanuki Spirit kimono

Ieyasu’s event route prize, based on the mythical bakedanuki or tanuki spirit. My favourite of the bunch, especially since I got really lucky in the event Gacha and got my Ieyasu avatar quite early, thanks to some awesome allies ^^ 

That’s it for now :) I’ll post more kimono-related stuff when I have the time, or when SLBP/Tenka compels me to write because of their pretty pretty items!

Replayed some of NFS:MW05 the other day

Gosh I feel so nostalgic and sad at the same time… I can’t find a street racing game that offers the same as this does.. Like if I’ve started talking about how I feel about thiss game I’ll keep ranting forever…

Look, I’ll just say this:

A game with this kind of graphics

With this kind of storyline and unique bosses

With this kind of police

And with wide tuning options, huge diverse map (for its day), nice list of awesome cars, and a great atmosphere…. Was launched 12 years ago..

Over a decade ago.

Yet people still praise (and play) it to this day..
It might as well be the best game of the NFS franchise.. At least for me.

Thank you, EA, for going all out on this game, pouring all your hearts and souls in it, and making a perfect street racing masterpiece.

I only wish, one day, we have the chance to enjoy something done with the same amount of dedication, passion, and innovation.

Reasons to make a second season of Magic Kaito 1412

  • We want some real interaction between Akako and Hakuba
  • We want to know who was the person who broke Jii’s heart
  • Because Akako needs to use her powers
  • Some nemesis for Akako, more powers
  • New enemies, if they could finish the spider storyline would be awesome, but new enemies
  • we don’t even need pandora, just bring jewels and epic episodes
  • Kaito helping people
  • Some fishes
  • Akako dressed as Kaitou Kid
  • Kaitou Kid dressed as Shinichi
  • Kaitou Kid dressed as Ran telling Conan Ran was naked somewhere
  • They could create some dramatic backstory for Hakuba
  • MK really needs more Aoko Nakamori
  • Kaitou kid’s version from the movies
  • More Chikage in action, some flashbacks with Toichi
  • We want to see how A-1 improves their animation
  • MK is the fandom that needs tv originals the most, we would never complain like other fandoms
  • Saturdays wouldn’t be the same without MK


Finished Mass Effect

Storyline: B

The storyline kept me intrigued throughout the game. The pacing was maybe a tad bit slow, but that may be because the last hour of gameplay revealed the most about the Reapers. I’m definitely interested in learning more about the Reapers and Protheans. I also found the other aliens and their cultures interesting. 

Gameplay: C-

It got better as I got used to it, but overall the game play mechanics were just meh. Even accounting for the game’s age and my natural dislike of shooters. The side quests were immensely boring. I can only drive around on some barren planet to maybe find an underground bunker with the same exact layout as the last three underground bunkers on barren planets so many times before it gets a bit dull. Maybe that is all to do with the age of the game. But thinking back to other games that are about the same age… this one just didn’t age well. Even if they had managed to make the environments a smidgen more interesting, that would have helped a lot. I actually probably enjoyed the last planet the most (Ilos, I think), because they did something different with the environment. 

Characters: C-

Probably my biggest disappointment was the characters. I remember that after playing Dragon Age: Origins I had much the same feelings about its gameplay as I do with ME1. But I loved the characters. I was hoping for the same feelings here, but it just didn’t happen. It’s not that I disliked them. I just overall felt rather apathetic towards them. I did like Garus and Tali. But Kaidan and Ashley were just meh. Liara showed up too late in the game to really get to know her (partly my fault for going to the wrong world when I was trying to go get her). And Wrex…well, I almost forgot to mention him, so that tells you how memorable he is, haha. 

Now it is possible I missed something. Maybe my game glitched or maybe I did something wrong, because I only got a personal quest for Garrus and whenever I tried to talk to Wrex he always had the exact same conversation cues. At any rate, hopefully ME2 will be better about character development. 

Overall: C+

While it probably isn’t a game I’ll be going back to play over and over again, it did leave me intrigued enough to want to know more. I plan on jumping right into ME2 (it’s installing as I type this).