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Request: Adrien gushing over Ladybug, Chat failing to impress Marinette!

I’m not taking any more requests, but finishing up all those that are left, slowly but surely. :)

Boundaries || Jeon Jungkook

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Word Count: 1.4k

Genre: Fluff

It had started at lunch. It was the first time in a while that you had been invited out for lunch with Jungkook, and you were excited to finally be seeing him again after he had been on tour for so long. You could feel the excitement building up inside of you as you neared the cafe he had told you to meet him at and a smile made it’s way across your face before you could stop it.

When Jungkook had originally invited you out, you hadn’t hesitated to accept the invitation, What you weren’t expecting, was to walk up to the cafe and see a crowd of seven boys waiting outside the entrance for you. The others smiled and waved at you as you walked towards them, but you couldn’t return the smiles they all had on their faces.

Of course you loved the guys, there was nothing more that you enjoyed then hanging out with them, but you had originally only planned to have lunch with Jungkook. You suddenly felt self conscious in the outfit you were wearing, having chosen a shorter skirt than usual as it was something Jungkook had told you he had liked seeing you in. You had been prepared for a date with just the two of you.

Jungkook stayed silent for a few minutes, just taking you in and looking you up and down. As you finally reached the group, he smiled down at you and pulled you in for a hug, kissing your temple. You couldn’t help it, feeling the stares of the other guys on you, and pulling away. You weren’t one for PDA, not really liking to express yourself in front of other people.

Now that you were self conscious about the skirt, the open display only made you feel worse. You put on a smile anyways, wanting to see Jungkook smile as you had missed him and this was something you were supposed to be looking forward too. Jungkook finally let you go and he smiled at you once more before leading you in with the rest of the group.

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Slowly finishing up the light up fox skull. I am about 90% sure the front teeth it came with don’t even match the skull so finding replacements is kind of difficult. The crystal teeth are placeholders at the moment but something will have to go there because the teeth that were originally glued in make no sense at all.

venatorphile  asked:

Lawlu with 9, 2, 1, and 6? n_n One, some, or all. It's up to you~

Damn yeah, lawlu! Here, why don’t I give you all of them since you’re such a sweet person and I’m always up for some lawlu lovin’

Kiss on the forehead, nose, lips (cute) and on the neck

PS: I’ve had it with tumblr resizing image to ugly blur on dashboard preview, please right click on the pic and then select ‘Open Image in New Tab’ for better resolution.

[EDIT] I can’t believe I miss Law’s tattoos. That’s what you get from trying to draw in the dead of the dawn.

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@tvseriesmaniac96  asked, What if Shelagh came to one of Trixies Keep fit classes. {for the 5 sentence challenge}

“Beautiful lines Shelagh, you’re a natural at this,” Trixie said as she waltzed past her, it was Shelagh’s first keep fit class and Trixie knew she had a new star pupil on her hands.

“I can’t believe you convinced me to do this,” Shelagh muttered under her breath. “I’d much rather be exercising at home, with my husband,” she continued, thinking Trixie was out of ear shot. 

“That may be so Shelagh sweetie, but I don’t think the exercise you have in mind will help your post baby body, if anything it will have the opposite effect,” Trixie whispered in her ear, ensuring no one else heard her. Thankfully Shelagh could claim the way in which her cheeks had pinked was due to the exercise.

Following the class Shelagh felt exhausted, sweaty and bedraggled; she vowed she’d never go back. However, she had not anticipated Patrick’s reaction to her. “There’s something rather endearing about you looking so dishevelled” he had murmured against her lips. “though I much prefer it when I’m the one responsible for you looking like this, let’s see just how dishevelled you can look Mrs Turner.”

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Hey hey hey! Could you do a bts reaction where their girlfriend (or s/o) asks them to teach her how to put on makeup because no one ever tought her? Thank you

BTS Reacting To Their S/O Asking For Help With Their Makeup


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Asking this man for help with makeup is a big mistake. As soon as his s/o asked him for assistance, Yoongi would have immediately been thinking of what he could use to make them look as terrible as he possibly could. It would be the perfect way for him to get revenge for the time that they had made him wipe cream on his face while he was asleep. He wouldn’t even hesitate to cake the foundation on their face intentionally, purposely smudge the eyeliner he had messily put on and would smear their lipstick all over their lips and chin. Once his s/o sees what he had done to their face, he would most likely fall to the ground laughing and would laugh so hard that he had to gasp for breath. “Payback is a bitch jagiya.”


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Taehyung would actually try his best to help his s/o out, sneakily messaging one of the makeup noona’s for tips as his s/o gets their makeup ready. After getting as much information as he possibly can without them noticing, he’d put up a confident front and would completely bluff about everything he’s going to do. Once he actually gets to the task, he’d become very nervous and hesitant about what to do next and would get a few things wrong along the way. Slowly but surely, he’d manage to finish the look off without too much of a fuss and would be incredibly surprised to see that it doesn’t look too bad. “See, I told you I knew what I was doing!” “Sure Tae, I saw you messaging one of the noona’s.”


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Jin would actually have his shit together, having spent some time with the makeup noona’s to learn the basic processes of applying makeup so he would be able to fix up any untidy areas by himself. He’d speak to his s/o in a confident tone of voice as he tells them about each step that he’s taking in order to keep them calm and also teach them how to do it themselves. He’d make small little mistakes that he’d easily fix after noticing them and would give his s/o the biggest smile once he’s finished. “I’m too good at what I do, aren’t I?


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Jimin would be a mix of Taehyung and Jin, confident in certain areas of applying makeup while being completely uncoordinated with others. He’d cake a little bit too much foundation on and would probably smudge the lipstick he painstakingly put on his s/o’s lips but would absolutely nail their eyeshadow and eyeliner, something that would cause him to puff out his chest in pride. When he’s about to show them the finished look, he would get nervous and would fidget a bit when they look in the mirror to see how he went. As soon as they see the finished look, Jimin would grin so hard that his cheeks would start to hurt as they start praising his work and would giggle when they press a kiss to his cheek in thanks. “No problem at all jagiya!”


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Namjoon would probably make a little bit of a mess, spilling some setting powder, accidentally squeezing out too much primer and putting the eyeshadow on too heavily. He wouldn’t really be too fazed, simply continuing on with the task and commenting on how it’s all about trial and error when trying to find the perfect look. He would tease his s/o a little bit though, unable to help himself, especially when they start pouting and complaining about the mess he’s making, how he’s wasting a lot of their newly bought makeup. “Ah ah, you can’t really complain, you knew what you were getting yourself into when you asked me for help.”


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Hobi would definitely take the chance to cause some mischief after his s/o asks him for help, but would eventually get so caught up with helping them out that he’d forget about purposely messing it up and would actually give them a fairly good makeover. He would have been a bit shaky with the eyeliner, mess up the contour repeatedly and fill in their eyebrows wrong, but the end look would have been pretty good. Hobi would probably end up preening like a peacock when his s/o compliments the overall look and asks him for further help with their makeup endeavours in the future. But as they lean in to give him a kiss, he’d probably squash a handful of foundation onto their face with the biggest grin on his face and start to cackle. “I got you in the end!”


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Ok, so everyone knows that Jungkook would most likely nail it right? We don’t call him the Golden Maknae for nothing 😂 His s/o would definitely take advantage of the fact that Jungkookie usually gets things right on the very first try and would tell him to simply go with his instincts on what he wants to do. He would most likely rely on what he could remember his makeup noona’s doing whenever they get him ready for a broadcast or performance and would take his time, making sure to check for any sort of errors as he goes along. Once he’s sure that everything looks alright, he’d let his s/o look and ask what they think. His s/o would immediately hug him and press kisses repeatedly to his cheeks, flustering him and making him smile sheepishly as they praise his work. “I’m glad you like it.”

This was absolutely so much fun to work on :D Thank you so much for requesting it ^_^ I am also so sorry it’s taken me this long to get this posted :( I hope that it is good enough after I’ve taken such a long time to get it finished and I hope you enjoy it. Please request again, I’d really love to hear from you ^_^

(all I wanna do is come) runnin' home to you

Pairing: Jake&Amy

Summary: He can’t even imagine spending that much time away from her.

When the verdict first comes he has no idea what’s happening. It’s like time and space have frozen and he feels paralyzed. He can’t think, he can’t move, he can’t breathe. It takes a minute or two– or ten– but he eventually manages to take a breath and realize what’s actually happening.


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  • first off, yuygeom is a demon
  • jk jk he’s a lil shit but he is a form of spirit and demons are also technically spirits too, tho he isn’t one
  • yugyeom is a… special spirit
  • most spirits are kind of tied to something you know? and the most popular are elemental spirits and whatnot
  • well yugyeom is tied to a messed up ouija board
  • basically, somehow, he is now connected to this damn board and no matter how hard you try, the only spirit you can talk to is him and the only spirit you can summon is him
  • this board is sitting in an antique shop so yugyeom has been kinda dormant for a while
  • but one day, you come in
  • you were dared by your friends to get a ouija board so you could communicate with ghosts
  • if you could make it happen and record the experience, you’d pass
  • you hate your friends now
  • the number one thing you’re scared of is channelling a demon or some malevolent spirit or what the heck ever so knowing that there’s a good chance you will just. damn
  • what’s worse is that they requested you purchase a real one, aka an old one bc apparently that makes it all the more serious i guess
  • when you come into the fourth antique shop that day and spot it, you’re at the register and getting it rung up in record time
  • the little old lady who runs the place is super sweet and mentions how the board had been there since she was a teenager, and that many had bought it but many had taken it back, saying it was faulty
  • of course you’re intrigued and also this is your life on the line so you’re like what??
  • she giggles and is like “its kinda funny but apparently people are only able to communicate with one spirit using this board. i’ve heard he’s harmless but i should warn you, in case you were hoping to speak with your dead grandmother or something”
  • you raise your eyebrow but bid the old woman ado and head off home, ready to get this shit over with
  • at least if the spirit is “friendly” then you have nothing to worry about
  • your family is out so you head up to your room and pull out the board, dropping it onto your bed before you get everything ready, propping your phone up to record you as you begin
  • You do everything you’re supposed to, and then you go, “is anyone there?”
  • you’re expecting the planchette to move or better yet do nothing, so hopefully you can get this over with
  • and then
  • poof
  • you scream when a (admittedly handsome) teenage boy suddenly appears before you, legs crossed and his face in his palm as his eyes stay closed 
  • once you’ve finished screaming, the boy slowly opens his eyes and murmurs, “hey”
  • you’re not sure what to say
  • this is the only spirit you can talk to? dont the spirits usually stay in the board and talk through that? why did it appear in front of you like this, and bored looking nonetheless?
  • you blink for a bit, unsure of what to do next when the spirit sighs “if you’re not gonna ask me any questions, can you end the session? i was having a good dream”
  • “spirits dream?” you ask him, and his eyes rise to lock with yours before he shrugs “something like that. any who, what’s up? im yugyeom”
  • you tell him your name reluctantly, and he simply nods, thinking you’re about to ask him all the usual questions like “will i get married to (insert heartthrob here)?” ”will i ever get rich?” “who’s gonna win the Super Bowl?”
  • but then you go “my… my friends dared me to do this. t-to call a spirit and ask you some questions, so… um… why dont witches ride their brooms when they’re angry?”
  • yugyeom’s interest is piqued and he sits up, thinking long and hard to answer, “because… road rage?”
  • you giggle nervously, looking at the list of things your friends forced you to ask him “so they don’t fly off the handle”
  • you’re not expecting yugyeom to find it as funny as he does but he’s bent over laughing like you’ve told the best joke he’s ever heard
  • “tell me more!” he demands, eyes alight and all the boredom wiped off his face
  • quickly, you start listing off jokes from the top of your head, all of them tickling him in one way or another
  • you don’t even realize that your phone has died of battery or that it’s suddenly gotten late until you turn to grab your phone and see the moon high in the sky
  • “oh, i didn’t think we talked that long… I dont even think they’ll see you show up on camera”
  • “they won’t, but i can help you make it look like you did the dare, and prank them too”
  • you furrow your eyebrows and listen in and he grins, telling you to charge your phone and that you’ll find out soon
  • ten minutes later, you’re sat with the phone before you and the board out, yugyeom having disappeared from sight
  • he’s told you to ask the questions they’ve given you, and he’ll do the rest
  • once you’ve finished telling the first lame joke they’ve given you, the pillow on your bed flies across the room and starts hovering over your head, and its so unexpected that you react pretty well for the camera
  • yugyeom is grinning above you, having appeared above you with a finger raised to his lips
  • you have to bite your lip to keep from laughing as you continue to ask questions, and in response he makes the planchette move and gives you weird answers like “haunted horse party” or all out flips the board to appear like an angry spirit
  • he shuts off the recording in the middle of making it hover “in thin air”, and you’ve got your elaborate prank
  • “this is the most fun I’ve had in years” yugyeom laughs
  • “im gonna have to thank that old lady when i return the board”
  • you’re pretty surprised to see yugyeom’s expression turn sad and he just kinda pouts at you like a kicked puppy
  • you feel bad instantly
  • “you… can’t you keep me- i mean, the board? i promise im fun to talk to!! ill never possess you or anything… unless you want to be possessed by a spirit then i’ll definitely make sure we make a fair deal or something-” “yugyeom i can keep the board calm down” 
  • hes so happy and tells you that if you ever need someone to talk to you or whatever you can just take out the board and talk to him
  • you’re kinda surprised that you’ve unintentionally made friends with a spirit but hey, he’s cute and he’s almost definitely not going to kill you
  • so this goes on for a while
  • you lock yourself into the privacy of your room and take out the board and honestly you and yugyeom just hang
  • he tells you about all of the weird experiences he’s had with people who try to channel him and you sometimes use him to spook your friends bc its pretty funny ngl
  • he makes you into a lil shit too
  • sometimes you just open the ouija board and let him follow you around the house
  • he’ll bother your family, move things onto high shelves, take things and hide them in new places, and overall just entertain himself
  • you accidentally left the board open once and when a guy in your class came over to study he spent the whole time tugging on the guy’s gelled hair
  • when the guy went to the bathroom, yugyeom snuck in and made fog appear on the mirror before he wrote for him to “get lost or get possessed”
  • needless to say that guy ran away from your house and never talked to you again
  • “i dont like that guy” “oh wow, i didn’t notice with how you repeatedly whispered in my ear ‘i dont like this guy’”
  • technically, if you keep the ouija board open, yugyeom can go anywhere with you, but only so far or the connection gets kinda weak
  • so sometimes you take a backpack and open the board inside when you go places and you want him to be there with you
  • one time you took the board with you to a horror movie and sat it up in the seat next to you and people thought you were crazy but yugyeom was right next to you making fun of the fake ghosts
  • one time you’re really curious so you go “yugyeom, has anyone ever tried to release you?”
  • yugyeom is pretty shocked that you’ve asked and tells you that no, no one has ever cared abt him enough to stick around after the first few sessions, let alone to release him from the board altogether
  • you decide that you’ve formed a pretty strong relationship with yugyeom so you offer to let him out
  • yugyeom is really apprehensive and you are too bc obviously its dangerous and he doesn’t know what will happen to him if he is released
  • will people see him? will he inhabit something else? will he live a normal life or remain a spirit?
  • “i’d… think i’d like that. but i can’t promise that everything will go right afterwards”
  • you know, you’ve known for a while, but you want to try for him
  • you can’t help daydreaming of being with him in other ways bc he’s so sweet and really cares for you
  • he knows you so well its kind of crazy
  • you’ve even caught yourself day dreaming about kissing those pretty lips every time he laughs, or whispers in you ear late into the night
  • the fact that he has no problem being close and intimate with you already leaves you pretty flustered as it is
  • you’ve grown impossibly attached to this goofy spirit and if you can free him from the board, you’d love to
  • the only thing is that the only way to free his spirit from the board is to break it
  • either you’d free him or you’d lose him forever, and that’s what scares you
  • you make up your mind and summon him to get his permission, and when he gives you the go ahead with a shaky smile, you snap it in half with all your might
  • its silent afterwards
  • you don’t feel yugyeom’s warm presence like usual
  • you call out his name softly, sadly, thinking that you’ve done it and lost his spirit forever
  • your hands hold the broken pieces of the board and you’re moved near to tears now, knowing you’ve messed up for real and you’d never see yugyeom again
  • then two warm arms wrap around you from behind and you flinch, eyes wet as you turn to observe who’s there, and you smile when you make eye contact with yugyeom
  • hes grinning at you too, but something feels,,, off
  • its not like his usual, carefree smiles
  • his canines look a little sharper
  • his grip feels a little rougher
  • his lips a little more red than soft pink
  • his arms tighten that much more around your middle and you blink, your smile faltering as he says nothing
  • “y-yugy?” you ask softly, and you watch as his grin melts into something of a smirk
  • the smirk is different too bc unlike his usual playful smirks after he’s scared you coming out of the bathroom or pulled a successful prank on someone, it’s hidden with intentions you’ve never seen on him
  • it doesn’t fit the yugyeom you know
  • “you know… when they tell you not to play with spirits, you should probably listen” he says, his pupils glinting a blood red as his fingernails, no, claws dig into your hips
  • your hands shake as he twists you around, shoving you up against the nearest wall as one of his hands encircles your wrist and the other grasps your chin
  • you’re nearly shitting your pants at this point, staring at who you once thought was the kind, caring spirit that you’d grown to love
  • he leans in impossibly close, taking up all the air in your lungs as his breath fans across your lips 
  • his tongue glides out, licking his lips slowly before he whispers teasingly against your trembling mouth
  • “they might just be demons in disguise”
  • remember when i said he wasn’t a demon :)))) i lied

other ghost!got7



imaginary friend!mark




Get to Know Me Meme  |  [3/5] Favorite Movies
   ↳ The Mummy (1999)

‘Look, I… I may not be an explorer, or an adventurer, or a treasure-seeker, or a gunfighter, Mr. O'Connell, but I am proud of what I am.’
‘And what is that?’
‘I… am a librarian.’

Counting Up part 2

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Steve rogers x reader

Prompt: soulmate au where you have a timer tattooed on their wrist that freezes the second you meet your soulmate.

Three long hard years spent training… one thousand and ninety five days of sweat, tears, pain and work- not to mention the longing and waiting, and in the end it was so worth it.  All that time and energy had definitely paid off.  You’d been a full agent for a little over a year now and it still hadn’t gotten old.

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