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Chris’s “Ship of the Day” - 01/??: “Skysolo”

I had time to kill on a train ride and decided I’d start the Foxhole Court… I’m pretty pumped about it so far

Wip - Deco Kitchen Stuff

Just starting on it so don’t judge too much (I haven’t UV’ed it). It’s not smoothed either. But this and the other stuff will be fun to do. No mods to fiddle with just the mesh and textures (cross-fingers). And Sandy (ats3) graciously gave me permission to edit an item to make some complimenting objects. 


This is a sample of what the Day Without Immigrants protest looks like in my Chicago neighborhood. The quest to buy a simple lunch during a work break quickly became an exercise in futility. The new place near our house that sells pupusas that I’d been curious about? Closed. The usual Mexican place I was thinking about hitting up for tacos. Closed. The Mexican market and its lunch counter? Closed. The diner? Closed. The Ecuadorian place? Closed. The produce market I was going to purchase tonight’s dinner ingredients from? Closed. And on and on. I had to resort to buying a bean and cheese burrito from 7-11 (full disclosure - I’m not above doing something like this on other days). I decided to walk off my terrible American meal by surveying the neighborhood and found numerous businesses shuttered, some with signs and many without.

Additionally, all this week a team of Polish roofers has been working on our house. They are an amazing, hard-working and reliable bunch. They start on time, they end on time, and they are clearly ahead of schedule on their job. This morning the foreman called about an hour after they normally start and told me they have a big job they need to complete at another site and will be back tomorrow to finish up. I believe he used the word “emergency.” I didn’t question this because it’s true. Forcing a massive change in this country is a big job. It is an emergency. You want a country without immigrants, documented or undocumented? Enjoy your shitty 7-11 burrito.

A Leap Of Happiness // #BSPromptChallenge

Day 29: Home/House/Apartment

A/N: Little life update - I accepted an offer from my ideal university today! I’ve honestly been on cloud nine all day, I’m so happy. Anyways, enjoy this little fic as I prepare to finish this wonderful prompt challenge tomorrow (seriously can’t believe I’m almost finished it, it’s been a whirlwind!)

He knew he would give it to her eventually. The key to his apartment.

Even though they’d only been dating for a month, he could already feel himself becoming irritated at the constant moving between his place and her place - and he knew that she felt the same way. In fact, it had gotten to the point where they rarely went to her place anymore. Jane couldn’t remember the last time she was in her apartment, or had done a food shop for her place.

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Obvious Delight

 “You’re so warm…” Cooing softly like a pampered child, Hana nuzzled closer into to the warmth of his chest. Arms tightly wrapped around his waist, the Nohrian noble even slid one step closer, playfully shoving him as if the hug alone didn’t fully catch his attention.

 Ah well, Takumi was still thrilled beyond belief to receive such an attention; the prince knew she was only like this toward him.

 “Geez…” Chuckling once to stifle the embarrassment that brightly splashed his face, Takumi showered more and more loving kisses to the top of her head. His lips then slid down to her forehead, soft lips brushing the smooth skin until he reach the top end of her deep scar. His eyes still closed, Takumi pulled back just the slightest so that he could continue his silent little kissing fit.

 One hand gingerly patting the back of her head, Takumi traced his kisses to the black scar that was marked across her right eye. Mmchu, mmchu, his lips pecked and stroked softly, nose then gently brushing her own that it burst out a sheepish, blissful giggle from her warm, pink, mouth-


 Takumi then stopped. 

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i’m not picture perfect

Summary: Adrien and Marinette have more in common than they think. 

Day #4 of Adrinette April, and the topic for the day is stuck in an elevator/cupboard! (You can check out the full calendar on @krazy-ky-sta-hatter‘s post here!)

AO3 link here!

Tikki had told her that the reason she was a ladybug-themed heroine with the power of creation was that ladybugs were supposed to be lucky, like how Chat Noir, the black cat-themed hero with the power of destruction, was supposed to be unlucky.

Well, the girl behind Ladybug’s mask knew for a fact that there was no way the boy behind Chat Noir’s mask was unluckier than her in that moment.

To: Alya

From: Alya
> And Adrien will be there to save you.

The situation didn’t get any better once Adrien had heard the poorly contained scream that Marinette gave.

“Don’t worry, Marinette.” the blond model said, placing a hand on her shoulder in an act of comfort. “We’ll get out of here safely, I promise.”

Considering Marinette didn’t die of a heart attack, Adrien was right.

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the west wing + 10 plots in order of preference: #1: The MS Disclosure (seasons 2 & 3)

“Whereas, in his conduct of the Office of the President of the United States Josiah Bartlet has engaged in a course of deceitful and dishonest conduct designed to impede and deny the disclosure of vital matters of public concern, the United States Congress hereby condemns him for acting in a manner contrary to his trust as President to the great prejudice of the cause of justice and to the manifest injury of the American people.”

Did I ever mention how much I’m AGGRESSIVELY ignoring the appearance of a ginger, sword-bearing, trembling and afraid ‘Alys Karstark’ ( in short, everything the exact OPPOSITE of what the real Alys was in the book series ) in the show? I mean, Alys was dark-haired, didn’t use weapons as far as we know, and was CHEEKY even in the midst of danger to the point where it was actually quite reckless? Wielding a sword, having red hair or being nervous in front of a bunch of Northern and Vale lords aren’t bad things. But… That. Wasn’t. Who. Alys. Was. Just saying. I’m going to go queue all the replies I wrote and set them for tomorrow afternoon. I seriously FINISHED THEM ALL. Can you believe it? It only took me over a fortnight. Heh. No but really… who was that gingerbread that they tried to convince us was Alys Karstark? Am I still bitter even though it wasn’t even on this episode? Yis.

After our heroes decide to rescue Guren, an unexpected meeting will change it all! (well not really I just wanted to be dramatic lol).

Part 1¦ Part 2 ¦ Part 3¦ Part 4

This might be the last video I make in a while, since I’m leaving to Japan tomorrow night (I haven’t finished packing and can’t believe that one of the first things I put in there were my Mika and Yuu figures where are my priorities) and don’t know when I’ll be free enough to make the next one (I’ll try my best though). Please talk to me so I can get better soon because anxiety and depression are on their way (whatever is fine, just keep me distracted for a while please).

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B - Believer by Imagine Dragons
E - End Of The Day by One Direction
L - Lost Boy by Ruth B.
L - Lovebug by Jonas Brothers (still a BOP)
A - Any Kind Of Guy by Big Time Rush (another bop)

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