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i can't believe after five years of working together, josh flanagan was the one to Do That (or convince them to do that)

where lindsay and barbara tried and failed josh flanagan succeeded. third time’s the charm. he persevered through michael’s constant "gavin is ugly and has cooties” and it paid off. thank you, josh. thank you. he’s truly the hero The People deserve

finished the next @warintheshade update a week early!! mainly due to having a little extra time on my hands at the moment, but still!  Patrons will get to see the pages I finished tonight tomorrow and anyone following the WitS blog will of course see them next Monday!

read war in the shade for great relatable panels like this one:

Blow Us All Away

pippa soo x reader

prompt: pippa x reader future where they show their little child all of pips awards and how the pair of them met and just family fluff and cuteness?

a/n: aha i need to read a book for tomorrow, finish my day four hamwriters write-a-thon fic, and many other things, but instead here i am up late and writing pippa fluff.. oh well.


“Mommy, how did you and mom meet?” Your youngest daughter Aubrey asked with wide eyes, her small hands grabbing at the sky in a way of asking to be picked up.

“Well, mom and I-” You started to recall the story, picking up your daughter and placing her on your lap as your other daughter, Tessa, and your son, Jamie, came rushing into the room and sat in front of you as you began to tell your story.

“I want to hear!” Jamie cheered, practically bouncing in his cross legged sitting position on your living room floor as Tessa nodded enthusiastically.

“Me too!”

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The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants

Write A Thon Day 3
(Lit Day)
Eliza Schuyler x Maria Reynolds
Words: 1760

Hey, would y’all believe me if i told you i was stressed out of my mind? Cause let me tell you, I am stressed out of my mind.

i’m not sure if all the other write a thon fics will be posted on time but i will try my hardest. i had finished all of tomorrow’s one but it turned out that half of it deleted when my computer did an update, which was fun.

but moving on, my lit day fic is based on the books / movie the sisterhood of the travelling pants which is super cute so go check it out if you haven’t already!

requests are open and i send you my love xx



Eliza had never believed in fate. Sure, she had heard of people finding their soulmates and calling it an act of fate, but she had never quite believed it to be real.

The three girls had always stuck together. When Peggy got her first period, Angelica was standing right outside the toilet door with a heat pack and pads. When Eliza had her first date, Peggy did her makeup and made her look like a princess. And when Angelica had her heart broken for the first time, the three sisters stayed together and cuddled like there was no tomorrow.

When summer rolled around, Eliza knew that after many years of never leaving each  other’s sides, the sisters would have to part ways. Angelica was off to London to study for the winter holidays. Peggy was spending the summer at her friend’s beach house in Florida. Eliza had decided staying home in the summer was the best option for her. Someone had to take care of the house, so Eliza nominated herself.

A few days before the sisters were set to part, Eliza realised that her sisters weren’t prepared for the trips ahead of them. She was shocked when she went through their cases and found next to nothing. So Eliza decided the best thing to do was have one last shopping trip together.

“I still don’t understand why this was necessary. I have plenty of underwear, I don’t need more just because I’m leaving the country,” Angelica stated, swinging Eliza and Peggy’s hands as they walked down the sunny streets of New York.

“I know… but you didn’t do a very good job at giving the underwear to your suitcase. It might get hungry without them, so you’ll need more,” Eliza stated. Peggy raised her eyebrow.

“Damn. You’ve gone insane,” She replied, giggling quietly. She squealed when she saw a vintage store on the corner of the street, dropping Angelica’s hand and running towards it. “C’mon! We have to go in!”

“I don’t think that’s the best place to buy underwear. Aren’t vintage stores full of old stuff?” Angelica said, raising her eyebrow.

“Sometimes. Sometimes they’re new, but with vintage styles. It’s pretty cute,” Eliza said, looking at the store. “I agree with Peggy. We’re going in.” She pulled Angelica into the store, following Peggy to a rack of jeans.

“Look how cute these are! I’m gonna try them, you gotta come check them out okay?” Peggy exclaimed excitedly, bolting towards the change room.

Angelica laughed. “I don’t understand how she’s so energetic. She hasn’t even consumed any coffee this morning.”

“Well, neither have we but we don’t seem to be falling asleep while standing up,” Eliza replied, rolling her eyes and smiling when Peggy opened the curtain to the change room. She stepped out, doing a twirl with a big smile on her face.

“They’re wonderful! And so comfy. You should try them Liza,” Peggy said, stripping off the jeans and passing them to her.

“We’re nowhere near the same size Pegs. But just for your sake, I’ll try them,” Eliza said, taking off her skirt and pulling on the pants. Shockingly, they fit like a glove. Eliza looked herself up and down in the mirror, a smile spreading from cheek to cheek.

“Well, I guess it’s my turn in that case. Pass them,” Angelica replied, holding out her hands. Eliza whined, taking off the pants and shoving them into Angelica’s hands.

“It’s got to be some kind of miracle if they fit me as well,” Angelica stated, taking off her shorts and pulling the jeans on. Her eyes widened. “Well… what do you know?”

“This is insane. We’re cancelling the rest of our shopping trip and just buying these,” Peggy stated, smiling as she emerged from the change room.

“But how do we decide who takes them? I mean, we’re all going separate ways. We can’t exactly borrow them from each other’s closets,” Eliza said, huffing.

“Well, we’ll mail them to each other! I’ll go first, then Peggy, then you Liza! It’ll be fun!” Angelica said, taking the pants off and putting her shorts back on.

“And with the magical pants, we’ll send letters of what happened while we’re apart. Sound good?” Peggy asked, turning to Eliza who was biting her lip. “Liza?”

“Well, I don’t believe there can be such a thing as magical pants, but the letter thing sounds fun. Let’s do it.”


It was two weeks before the jeans returned home to New York and to Eliza’s arms. Everything had been ordinary until the pants were clinging to her legs. She had been attending school as usual, and taking care of the plants in their apartment.

As Eliza stepped onto the streets of New York, she felt a confidence overtake her. She felt her sister’s presence in the pants, and that made her smile more than any cat video ever could.

That was until a rude girl in red decided to spill her boiling hot coffee all over the pants.

Eliza yelped as the brown liquid hit her thighs. She looked down at them and then up at the girl in front of her, frowning. “What the hell?” She exclaimed, crossing her arms.

“Oh my gosh! I apologise. I c-certainly didn’t mean for anything like this to occur. I promise that next time, I’ll be m-more careful! I’m just so clumsy this morning, i-it was an accident,” The girl rambled, a pink blush spreading over her cheeks.

“No need. Just… ugh. Now I’m going to be late for class,” Eliza mumbled, fumbling through her bag and pulling out a napkin. She dabbed the napkin over her the wet patches, a frown etched on her face.

“I am seriously so sorry. I didn’t mean it, I swear. Could I take you out for a… a cup of coffee? I mean… I need to get another one, and it’s the… the least I could do after all of this….”

Eliza glared, shaking her head. “Keep your filthy money. I have other priorities,” She muttered, turning and heading back towards her apartment.


She bumped into the girl five other times that week, and each were in the same situation. By now, the jeans had taken all they could. Brown stains covered the majority of them, and Eliza didn’t even bother washing them. She knew by the time she left the house again, they would be close to ruined again.

Finally, Eliza had had enough. When she saw the girl walking down the street, she stormed up to her and took the coffee before it could be spilled all over her. “What is wrong with you? Can’t you just hold onto your cup tightly or something just for one day?”

“I know i’m a terrible person, but if you let me buy you a cup of coffee I’ll…”

“If I let you take me out, will you leave me alone?”

The coffee girl went silent, nodding slowly. “I will leave you alone. I promise,” She said, holding out her hand for a handshake. Eliza rolled her eyes, shoving the cup into her hand before sighing.

“Where’s your coffee shop of choice?” Eliza asked, adjusting the strap of her handbag so it sat on her shoulder better.

“I hate to be typical, but Starbucks. It’s cheap and the frappucinos are delcious. I’m Maria, by the way,” She said, smiling and walking towards the Starbucks.

After the two had settled in the booth with their drinks, Maria broke the silence.

“I saw you walking into your apartment building a few weeks ago while I was working on a photography project, and it was one of those moments in which everything just fell into place. You took my breath away. And while I did not know your name, I knew your face and that was enough for me,” Maria said, fiddling with the many rings on her fingers anxiously.

“So you then decided the best way to start a conversation would be to ruin every single piece of clothing I own?” Eliza replied, frowning slightly.

Maria’s eyes widened.  “No! Of course not. It just kinda… happened. I never planned to spill the coffee on you that first time, I was just distracted that day because i had a lot on my mind… but then I ended up continuing to do it. And I knew it was terrible. I knew I should’ve explained myself that very first time, but in your presence I kind of froze,” she said, sighing softly. “You’re one of the first people that intimidated me honestly. But having even a moment in my day in your presence made me feel better.”

Eliza bit her lip, looking down at the cup of coffee that her hands were wrapped around. “I don’t think I ever properly introduced myself. My name’s Eliza and I’d love to meet you for coffee tomorrow morning… if it was okay with you.”

A wide smile spread across Maria’s face. “Of course.”


When the jeans arrived in London later that week, Angelica sat down with a cup of tea and began to read the letter from Eliza, the last wearer of the jeans. The oldest Schuyler was at first confused by the multiple brown stains over the light blue denim, but she hoped the letter would explain it all.

She ran her fingers over Eliza’s curly hand writing, a soft smile appearing on her face.

My dearest sister, Angelica.

I have never been the type to believe in mystical things like fate, but this week has changed my mind. These jeans are something incredible, Angie. They have lead me to the love of my life.

Of course, there was some miscommunication at first that involved the spilling of coffee and possibly the wreckage of the jeans, but now we spend most of our time together. Our apartment no longer feels as empty now that she’s in my life. Maria Reynolds makes me smile more than any man could. I cannot wait for you to meet her. I’m sure you two will get along like a house on fire.

I hope your London trip is going well, and I hope the jeans bring you as much love and goodness as they did for me.

Sincerely, Eliza.

Angelica placed the letter down on the table, running her hands over the coffee stained jeans. She sighed happily, placing them next to the letter. Angelica knew that for once, she would be able to sleep well. Her sisters were safe and happy. What more could she ask for?


Some time ago I said I wanted to make some patches. I finally got the materials to do so, and of course my first one would be something fandom related… and that would also explain why I’m still awake at 5am. I’m going to bed, I’ll finish it tomorrow hopefully

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