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Project I’m working on and this is what I name my folders

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i so badly want to just finish funding the project myself. like, its sooo close !!! i cant deal!!! but. my wallet would cry. hopefully everyone wil work hard together to spread the word !!!!!!! of course, il do my best too!

I feeeel your pain! But yess! We’re almost funded, and it feels great! Everyone has been working fantastically and it’s given us results! I couldn’t be more proud of my team and the Tumblr community! :’3

i’m sorry i haven’t been on much at all guys this week has been hell and it’s not over yet, i’ve got all my classes and papers and homework and i have to finish a really complicated funding application so i can get paid this summer and on top of that i’m trying to push minimum six hour work days every day so i can make money to actually pay for shit and i feel bad because all i did today was drop salt on the dash and abscond which i usually try very hard not to do so maybe i’ll have time to be here on and off if i’m lucky but i’ll be spotty until saturday. i might just take that day off to rest and then power through sunday instead.
My Summer as a Goth_Graveyard Dance Sequence
Sample scene from the upcoming film: My Summer as a Goth. Support our Current Kickstarter Campaign - $50k goal by August 17, 2016! The…

Here is a sample scene from our upcoming film. Help us get the funds to finish it! Donate to our Kickstater campaign! 


GUYS! We’ve just released our very first sneak peek clip of the movie My Summer as a Goth for the world to see! WATCH, SHARE, DONATE! Goth bless you 💀❤️