Aristotle and Dante Discover The Secrets of The Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz recommended by jerkbent and peter1quincy

I just finished this book, it took me three nights, which is kind of rare, i didn’t know it was a book that contained LBGTQA and mexican-american culture, it was a nice surprise. I loved the book and I really loved the writing style of Benjamin, it was not complicated to follow, it was simple yet serious. Sublime. I FELL IN LOVE WITH ALL THE CHARACTERS, these teenagers and theirs families. Note: it was cheesy as hell, i loved that.

#finishedbooks What I TalkAbout When I Talk about Running by Haruki Murakami. @tokyocamerastyle lent me this as we both like these sort of books (i.e. Tanazaki’s In Praise of Shadows or a Zen book on archery) because the fun with them is relating the theories to photography. For example in the archery book he talks about the importance of the process rather than the end result (which is a very Japanese aesthetic) but takes it to the point in archery where hitting the target isn’t even the desired goal but rather a by product. The correct form, state of mind, and fluid motion is the goal so much to the point at a certain master level no one looks at the target anymore….Was kind of disappointed with this one as it was rather straight forward. I guess i had his other non-fiction book Underground in mind that in simply interviewing victims and cult members of the Sarin Gas attacks, you see the repetition of the victims stories in their single minded goal of just making it to work on time and the cult members who all graduated from the nations top unviersities disillusioned with that mindset all paints the moral bankruptcy of Japanese society…yet here he really just talks about running (kinda made me feel fat reading it as well.)

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#finishedbooks The Phenomenology of Aesthetic Experience by Mikel Dufrenne. Broken into two parts The Aesthetic Object and Aesthetic Perception…this dichotomy forms a movement from the consideration of the object to a theory concerning its perception…put more simply the book attempts philosophically what Duchamp attempted artistically with the concept of readymades…how does an everyday toilet become a piece of art and how do people come to perceive it as such….this can then be summed with the fact that the true problem of art is really an ontological problem.