Don’t Leave Me Again

Warnings: none, I think
Words: 724
Request. The boys are doing an interview and the interviewer ask michael questions about your relationship and he has to get them right. And he calls you and see if you get the same answers and his prize when he does is you come out of the back room where you were hidden

[ i little different but not too much]

“Ok. We’re going to take a break and then, we’ll be back to do a game with 5 Seconds of Summer!!”

The boys were currently in America finishing up some writing and recording stuff. You had to stay back in Sydney for your uni. Finally, exams were over and you decided to surprise your boyfriend, Michael. All of the boys and the radio interviewer were in on the surprise. You were so excited to see the look on Michael’s face when he saw you again. His bandmates had kept you informed that he wasn’t doing well with the whole long distance thing. He never wanted to get out of bed and face the world. Even the fans had noticed that his tweets were just lacking his normal excitement. This visit was definitely needed.

Before you realized it, the commercials were over and the interview picked up again.

“Ok. We’re back with our favorite aussie band.We’ve got a game for Michael, here. Michael, can you take the challenge?” Everything was going as planned. You had told the interviewer that if he wanted to convince Michael to play, he’s have to make it sound like a challenge, just because he’s so competitive.

“Yeah. I’ve got this, man,” he chuckled. You could tell he wasn’t totally up for it, but he did it, nonetheless.

“We’ve got 5 questions about your relationship with Y/N. If you get atleast 4 right, we’ve got a prize.”

“Shit. Ok. I think I know some of this. Shoot,” Michael challenged.

“First question: what is your anniversary? This is easy enough.”

“June 25. I forgot it once, I’ll never make that mistake again.” It’s true. Last year, you were left at a super fancy restaurant all on your own. Basically, you kicked his ass when he got home from Calum’s house.

“Second: what is Y/N’s least favorite food?”

“Ketchup. It’s probably the only thing she won’t eat. Which is awesome because we never fight over pizza toppings, so…”

“That’s one way to look at it,” the interviewer laughed. “Okay. Numero tres. What did Y/N actually want to name your pet cat?”

You knew he wasn’t going to get this right. It just wasn’t happening.

“Oh… umm.. I think it was something like Ferris Meuller, ‘cause our cat meowed weird and it sounded like "meul” not “meow.”“ Michael rubbed the back of his neck, a clear hint that he was lying.

"Sorry, dude. That was Geoffrey, from Fresh Prince of Bel Air because the cat always greeted her at the door.” the interviewer laughed as he read my answer on the cards. “Question 4: When was the first time you bought Y/N flowers?”

“Easy. First date, I gave her a rose.” You could see the smile on Michael’s face getting wider with each reminder of your relationship and how amazing things are between the two of you.

“Yeah. Okay, this is it. Get this right, you get a prize, if you don’t, we’ll let our backstage judge decide if maybe they want to give you the prize. Here it goes. How long until you see your girlfriend again?”

Michael’s face dropped and you could almost see the tears nearly escaping those perfect green eyes. He took a big gulp before answering.

“2 months.”

Luke reached over to rub Michael’s arm to console him.

“I’m sorry, Michael. That’s wrong.”

Michael’s head popped up with confusion.

You stepped out of your hiding spot to show yourself to your saddened boyfriend. He ran over to you and enveloped you into a big hug. His precious tears hit your shoulders as he hid his face into your neck. His body is shaking as sobs run through him. You rub his back and hold onto him as you hold back your own tears.

“I’ve missed you so much.” Michael cried into you.

“I’m here now and I’m not going anywhere.”

“Don’t leave me again.”

“I couldn’t if I wanted to.”