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Hockey’s (probably) unbreakable records

Ken Dryden’s career win percentage of .650

Teemu Selanne scoring 76 goals in his rookie season

Larry Robinson’s career plus/minus at +730

David Schultz and his 472 penalty minutes in one season

Ian Turnbull’s 5 goals in one game as a defenseman

Wayne Gretzky’s 51 game point streak

Nathan Horton’s goal in a game in which he did not play*

Ken Doraty’s 3 goals in OT**

Alexie Kovalev’s 5-10 minute single shift***

Jeremy Welsh’s $17.945 million cap hit

Bobby Orr’s 139 points in a single season as a defenseman

Washington Capitals finishing a season with only 8 wins

Wayne Gretzky’s career 894 goals, 1963 assists, and 2857 points

Glenn Hall’s 502 consecutive complete games by a goaltender

Martin Brodeur’s 125 shut outs and 691 wins

Henri Richard’s 11 Stanley Cup wins as a player on the same team****

Wayne Gretzky’s 50 goals in 39 games

Bill Mikkelson’s plus/minus of -82 in 59 games.

Dave William’s 3,966 penalty minutes in a single season

Doug Jarvis’ 964 consecutive games 

Gordie Howe playing into his 50′s (jagr who?)

Bill Mosienko’s 21 second hat trick

New York Islanders 19 consecutive playoff series wins

Montreal Canadiens appearing in 10 consecutive stanley cup finals

Boston Bruins’ 156,679.74 bar tab after winning the stanley cup in 2011

*nathan horton scored in a game against Dallas before Rich Peverley suffered a massive heart attack. Horton was hurt and unable to play during the rematch but was credited with his original goal anyway.

**This was during a time when OT periods were 10 minutes long and not sudden death.

***after being forced to stay on the ice to teach him a lesson there are no official records for the time on ice, his coach says 5, the fans say 7 and Kovalev says 10. 

****jean beliveau won only 10 stanley cups as a player, however has the most as a combined player and non player at 17

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I finished Gargoyles.

On one hand I’m like

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because it’s over and it was a good show and WHY DIDN’T THEY MAKE MORE???? (and the Goliath Chronicles is not canon according to the creator so I don’t think I’ll watch that)

And on the other hand I’m going

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because of that ending. It only took ‘em 65 episodes to make it canon! At least that wasn’t for nothing. 


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