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Save Me

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Summary: You are an angel. And being close to the Winchesters often proved a difficult task. You were prepared. Prepared to fight for them, for him. But nothing prepared you for this. This time, you needed him.

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Angel!Reader

Word Count: 2564

Warnings: Fallen angels, wounded reader.

(A/N): So I had just finished rewatching the Season 8 finale and this little idea popped into my mind. And so, I wrote it! Took me a few hours, but I hope you guys liked it. Oh, and because it 12 a.m where I’m at…. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! (And if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, then happy Thursday and I hope you have a nice, lovely day.)

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Horrible concept that is probably several seasons too late but

I was hit by the feels train last night after finishing Season 8, and I really need to get this idea out there.

TBH, looking at this post, I’m actually kinda glad the military took away the busted memory unit, because otherwise, I feel like the Blood Gulch crew (+Wash) would catch Caboose sitting there talking to it again.

Awkward silence, trying to figure out how to say it, then one of them points out that Church can’t hear him, and there’s really no point in talking to it. Caboose turns to the others and says, “Well, how do you know? Epsilon could hear me last time; maybe Church can hear me now!”

At first, the rest of the guys just leave him to it; don’t want to break the poor kid’s heart. But over time, each of them start doing it themselves whenever Caboose is busy. Eventually, all of them are taking turns talking to the unit, waiting for Church (and hopefully Tex) to come back.

Caboose sits and tells it stories and makes small talk, just like he did with Epsilon.

Grif vents a bit about the others, but also lets it know that things are actually doing pretty good, letting it know how everyone’s doing.

Simmons keeps trying to fix it, talking while he does-trying to get hints and saying "don’t worry, I’ll get you done soon.”

Tucker reveals that, while he still thinks Church is a dick, he was basically the best friend he had and if he finds out he’s chilling in then having a vacation his ass will get kicked. (But really he misses him and hopes he’s ok)

Sarge lets him know that he was actually a pretty good leader (even if his aim sucked) and he did pretty good in that last fight and he made the whole red vs blue thing really interesting.

Wash just sits there awkwardly for a moment, then sighs and says, “I’m sorry.”

I finished Gargoyles.

On one hand I’m like

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because it’s over and it was a good show and WHY DIDN’T THEY MAKE MORE???? (and the Goliath Chronicles is not canon according to the creator so I don’t think I’ll watch that)

And on the other hand I’m going

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because of that ending. It only took ‘em 65 episodes to make it canon! At least that wasn’t for nothing. 


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!🎁🎊🎉🎂(is that enough birthday emoji's if not I will send more) I thought I would also update you on my progress with supernatural, I have finished episodes 8 of season 1. It's good, it's something new apposed to the normal werewolves and vampires from the vampire diaries and teen wolf. But omg Sam's voice I did not expect it to be that deep. XD So thank you for saying to watch it, it has totally been worth it.


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