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just finished season 8 of iasip and “the gang dines out” simultaneously gave me life and killed me inside gODDAMN:

-dennis opening up his emotions and giving a speech to mac/singing a song to him in front of everybody in the go d am n r est aura nt


-mac & charlie being the only sensible ones tbh 

-frank’s fucking toupee



li-izumi  asked:

So I've finished season 8 and I'm getting ready to start season 9 and I'm a bit anxious...? I've heard... things... terrifying things... about season 9... Please tell me, amongst the things that will make me want to throw my television, is there at least some good episodes/parts and/or will it get better next season?

You WOULD ask the hard questions! 

Okay, so i don’t know how you felt about anything else, so i don’t actually know what to warn you about (good or bad) outside of a general sense.

There is good and there is bad. How much is bad is, apparently, dependent on how much of a destiel shipper you are and how bitter you feel that things aren’t getting there. Or possibly, how you watch the show. I found myself more willing to go past season 9 than a lot of other people and I *am* a destiel shipper so…*shrugs*

So, specifically -

watch out for Ep 3 I’m No Angel. (let me know what you think about that one)

There are 2 things that episode that is problematic. Sadly, one of them didn’t occur to me till afterwards and someone pointed it out and now i can’t NOT see it. the second thing had me feeling like a god damn heel because i didn’t warn my kid. I should have known. I mean, *I* was freaking  close to tears the first time. She literally bawled.

episode 5 - Dog Dean Afternoon is probably my favorite. (but i love the funny episodes best so…do with that as you will)

The episode First Born is pretty good as well

if you liked Charlie,  she returns for an episode :D For that matter, so do the Ghostfacers. Jody comes back too  - oh! and Donna gets her intro (I LOVE the episode in season 10 where Jody and Donna meet :D )

there are also definitely episodes worth it in future seasons . I can’t wait till you reach the erm….’fanfiction’ episode in season 10. Followed by “Ask Jeeves”

anonymous asked:

I just finished season 8 of the x-files AND I FEEL LIKE I'M IN HEAVEN BECAUSE OF THE LAST SCENE. I kinda don't want to continue because I know it will suck and I'll be sad and :(

i remember that feeling and when i finished season 8 i stopped for like three weeks. tbh season 9 sucks and you only have to watch like 5 episodes in it if you don’t wanna suffer thru it.

Save Me

Requested?: No

Summary: You are an angel. And being close to the Winchesters often proved a difficult task. You were prepared. Prepared to fight for them, for him. But nothing prepared you for this. This time, you needed him.

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Angel!Reader

Word Count: 2564

Warnings: Fallen angels, wounded reader.

(A/N): So I had just finished rewatching the Season 8 finale and this little idea popped into my mind. And so, I wrote it! Took me a few hours, but I hope you guys liked it. Oh, and because it 12 a.m where I’m at…. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! (And if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, then happy Thursday and I hope you have a nice, lovely day.)

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