Kann jemand bitte sagen, wo ich deutsche Untertitel für deutsche Fernsehserien herunterladen kann?

I’m learning German - urgently - and I’m using and I’ve just started a language course, but I really want to watch something that’s originally German, cause part of how I learned English was watching TV series. So far, people have recommended me Tatort, DerrickKommissar Rex, and Alarm für Cobra 11 - I don’t know of any other German TV series, these are the ones I’ve heard of here in Hungary. So:

1. If anyone can recommend me a good German TV series, please do.

2. If anyone can tell me about websites where I can download those series (preferably torrent or direct download), please do.

3. If anyone can tell me about websites where I can download German subtitles for German series, please do that as well.

I am planning to pick a series and watch it in German with German subtitles PLUS either English or Hungarian subtitles at the same time. But so far, the only German subtitle sites I found were for English TV series. :/

Plus, thepiratebay is down. Again. Or still. I don’t even know anymore. :S

I’ve found a seemingly good Kommissar Rex on kickass torrents, and it has English subtitles, which is great, but the series itself is not ideal, cause its Austrian, and even though I’m still at the level where every accent is difficult, it’s probably still not ideal to be learning the Vienna dialect when I’m trying to prepare for a language exam. Plus, I have been utterly unable to find German subtitles for it.

I’ve also found some Derrick episodes on youtube and some current Tatort episodes on Das Erste’s official site, I think ( The latter is great, cause it even has German subtitles, but they are streaming, so I can’t download them to put additional subtitles on them. (I’m nowhere near the level to get by on German subtitles only. I’d have to use a dictionary a lot.) Same problem with youtube. And that site has a lot of programs, but I have no idea what any of them are, so I can’t choose.

I’m supposed to get a B2 (intermediate) language exam certificate by 9 July. I have an exam scheduled for 9 May. It’s scary. Help me, please?

Interview: Valiant EIC Warren Simons talks "Bloodshot Reborn"

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Interview: Valiant EIC Warren Simons talks “Bloodshot Reborn”

If you’re like me, you finished The Valiant #4 yesterday and the first thing you thought was “what now?!” (And if you didn’t read it, you should get on that… I’m kind of a fan.) The final pages spelled major changes for the Valiant Universe as a whole, but no …

The Spook Who Owned African Art

Firstly, this movie has absolutely nothing to do with African art! “The Spook Who Sat By the Door” (1973) is a fictional story of the first black CIA member and his journey to be indoctrinated into the organization. However in the opening scene there are not one, but TWO RELIQUARY FIGURES!!!!!! My heart stopped as I was on my phone (which is definitely a no-no) in class and heard African drums. I just so happen to look up and there were these two figures and it stayed on this scene for a considerable amount of time. I knew it was meant to be! We are watching this movie in my “Black Power in Africa class which I am not sure how it relates but I was very shocked to see these two figures!

UPDATE 2/16: We finished the movie in class yesterday so now it makes more sense about what I thought were two random reliquary figures in a movie. The CIA agent actually obtains training to start a Black Power organization focused on guerrilla warfare strategies against the government. He also has some Pan- Africanist interests therefore that scene with the two figures as his living room centerpiece match the concept. He also has masks which I do believe are of Senufo origin on the walls as well as other statues scattered about his house.

UPDATE 3/20:


Title:  Clash of Eagles

Author:  Alan Smale

Stars: ★★★ (I think.. maybe? ughhh)


I.. uh.. I liked it? I think?? Dang it I don’t even know!! This is like being back in college again when they ask you to respond to a topic or poem/book/short story/essay/etc.. and you’re just like “um.. it’s nice?” That’s how I feel about this book which is why, even though I finished it yesterday, I’m only just now even trying to sort out what I think about it. It wasn’t what I was expecting.. but it was still entertaining even if somewhat slow-ish.. and yeah. Seriously my only reaction right now is “Yup. That was pretty good” and then all thoughts just go *poof*! So for right now I’m giving it three stars for not being terrible/awful but not being mind-blowing either.

Full review coming.. eventually. Just as soon as my brain can think of something to say other than “ya it was good maybe.”