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Half Rights and Half Wrongs - Chapter 1 - grasslandgirl - American Vandal (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 7/7
Fandom: American Vandal (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Sam Ecklund/Peter Maldonado, Sam Ecklund & Gabi Granger
Characters: Sam Ecklund, Peter Maldonado, Gabi Granger, Dylan Maxwell, Ashley Hanson
Additional Tags: Eldonado, Mutual Pining, Canon Compliant, ?? i guess as of season 2 at least, Bisexual Sam Ecklund, Gay Peter Maldonado, theyre in love dont fight it, Friends to Lovers, Dick Jokes, Shit Jokes, Season 2 SPOILERS!!, dylan and gabi both ship it lbr, rated teen for language and dumbass pining, Light Angst, Getting Together, eventually

in which Gabi is supportive, Dylan is surprisingly perceptive, and our two boys are hopelessly pining.
aka. another iteration of the hc that Dylan Maxwell deadass thought Sam and Peter were dating from the start
“Peter was half right. Not that Sam would ever admit it, of course. Peter already thought he was too smart- between the documentary and everything- and Sam wasn’t about to tell him he was right about this, too. Him and Gabi. Specifically, his feelings for Gabi… And if Sam was being entirely honest, there was another reason he didn’t want to admit to Peter that his theory was half right.”
“Say what you will about Dylan, Peter thought as he dialed his mom to pick him up. He was half right about a lot of things.
But that meant, of course, that he was also half wrong.”

Hey, remember that book Connie was holding in the first opening, that turned out to be a version of A Wrinkle in Time and how people started drawing parallels with the book (the three immortal alien beings living on Earth in the form of women, people guessing that Greg was going to get abducted by Homeworld way before the events of Steven’s Dream…). Now that we’re contemplating the idea of White Diamond being an actual star… Weren’t the aliens in the book also stars who became physical beings after going Super Nova? What if that has something to do with the nature of the Diamonds, maybe the pet name Starlight is more literall than we think? What if gems are literally made of the light of stars, their diamonds? There are even a couple of possible foreshadowings for that: Sadie’s song (And Steven being the one who sings it), Marty calling Steven Starchild… I’m even starting to wonder if Rose made the Crystal Gem’s symbol inspired by that…

you: animorphs is a book series about the horrors of war, how children deal with ptsd, the cruelty of wildlife, and morality

me: haha blue bambi :^)



                                   PREVIEW: chapter one

written by: starlightment

Keith is Altea High’s star athlete. And Lance, a wily reporter for the school newspaper, is crushing hard. The only problem? They’ve never actually met before. So when Lance decides to broadcast his long-hidden feelings in an explicitly romantic exposé, he ends up accidentally sparking a school-wide epidemic. Suddenly the entire student body is rooting for them to get together, but are words truly enough to win over the school’s enigmatic heartthrob? [High school AU. Klance.]

Language: English  |  Art Credit: here  

  • FANDOM: Voltron: Legendary Defender
  • RATING: Teen
  • PAIRING(S): Keith/Lance

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