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buzzfeed unsolved drinking game
  • “let’s get into it”
  • “that being said…”
  • “strap in”
  • ryan: *reveals something incriminating* shane: “not good”
  • “here are some of the theories”
  • “i hate you shane”
  • every time ryan says that he’s not going to talk to the ghosts
  • every time ryan scolds shane for how he’s talking to the ghosts
  • shane bringing up fanfiction
  • flashlights run out of battery/mysteriously turn off or on
  • mocking each other about their heights
  • “compelling”

impossible mode: 

  • (wheeze)

Have some progress shots for Kravice. Mom just finished with the trim. Now i gotta deal with the uhh complicated designs. Im keeping the sunglasses on because i cant see where im going if im hiding my face with the hood. 

Mysterious is sexy~

So way back when the 4x08 script was released, I thought of something that I can’t seem to let go…

On screen, the crew leaves Murphy tied up to the rocket and he screams out in agony.

In the original script, the crew does the same, and Murphy…. weeps. 


Murphy was supposed to break down in tears and weep at the realization that he’s just lost Emori.

And now I’m starting to wonder… When have we ever seen John Murphy break down and cry on this show?


Seriously. We have never seen him shed more than a few tears at once. He’s never had a moment where he utterly let go, lost it, cried out every pain and suffering he’s ever been through. 

Some may argue that this is a sign of strength, that it shows how he’s “not emotional or weak and doesn’t let life get to him” but I have to disagree because firstly thats toxic masculinity get it away from me if anything, it shows how he’s internalized. 

Remember in 3x13 when Pike tore him and his family apart in the Earth Skills class but Murphy just sat there and took it? Even with everyone watching? Even when he physically attacked him? He didn’t do anything. He wasn’t about to lash out at Pike and spill out his whole life story. John didn’t want everyone knowing the real him. He didn’t trust them with it. 

And yes, Murphy wanted the whole ‘tough guy’ persona and for people to fear him way back when, but that was only because at least I think he didn’t dare burden someone with his problems, his life, the real emotions he felt, the real person he wanted to be. 

He just let everything build up. 

And then he meets Emori, the one person on the planet who finally fucking understands him and has been through the same and who he can actually be himself around and its like holy shit, its you. It’s the person he’s been waiting for. Someone he can finally allow to get close to him instead of pushing them away. And you can bet everything you’ve got that he’s gonna do everything in his power to keep her here, and keep thinking that she was too good to be true. 

Until he realized she was. 

When you look back at it, many people on the show have broke down crying. Clarke when she lost Lexa, Octavia when she lost Lincoln, Raven when she lost Finn, Bellamy when he thought he lost Octavia, Monty when he lost Jasper… just to name a few. It’s a fairly common sight, and almost all of them pertain to the loss of a loved one. Never Murphy, though. He’s been through hell, but none of these events happened on screen, so I suppose it makes sense that we’ve never seen it. again with the internalizing though

Until now. 

Now he’s loosing her. The only person he’s ever wanted, and he’s loosing her. He did everything he could on this godforsaken earth to protect her, and he failed. She’s the only person who’s ever stayed, and now she’s gone. And they don’t care. 

Murphy looks at her, hollow. Destroyed. 

I just have to argue that Murphy crying here would have, in a way, been a more upfront way of expressing the severity of this loss. Both would have been even better but we didn’t focus enough time on him. After his past losses, he only felt anger, only saw the world in red, killed the hurt. But Emori found the sorrow in him. She showed him where his heart was, and for the first time in his life he acts not on his instinct to survive, but on his heart to live. With Emori, Murphy lived. 

With Emori, Murphy found his heart- and now it’s breaking.

She was here. She was real. She is dead.

He is alone.

Murphy weeps.

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I just read Not a Political Science Major...Why the cliff hanger and no update in 3 months? D:

This has been in a my ask box for like two weeks now…

But yesterday was the three month anniversary to my last NPSM update so…


(That’s the ACTUAL update not the weird fake draft I posted 5 minutes ago before realizing my mistake!)

just keith things

  • keith WANTS to connect with people
  • keith doesnt know why he’s so angry and why he is the way he is implying he DOESN’T want to be this way
  • his trigger is his abandonment issues
  • which makes sense why he’d rather leave people before they get to leave him
  • self loathing
  • hates crying to the point he’d get angry and storm off
  • desperately wants to understand and be understood by people

It’s okay, I miss home too.