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Royalty AU - Princess Alya of the Césaire Kingdom

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(Marinette, Adrien, Nino, Chloé, Sabrina, Juleka, Rose, Nathaniel, Alix) (other classmates coming soon)

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One million years ago, anonymous asked:

I LOVE the Andreil prompt you just did. And I love how you’re taking potentially-angsty prompts and making them cute. So I’d like to challenge you to “This was never right.” for Pynch or Andreil :D

Finally, I have fulfilled this prompt. Technically, I fulfilled it twice, since I did it for both pynch and andreil, though that is not why it took me so long. Anyways, here it is for pynch! (Andreil is here)

Adam usually didn’t call before stopping by to visit Ronan. It wasn’t like Ronan was going to pick up his phone, anyways – most of the time, he didn’t even know where it was – and after the first time Adam had given up on getting a response to a day and a half of texts and voicemails, Ronan had decisively declared Adam welcome at the Barns without invitation any time, day or night. Besides, Ronan was almost always there when Adam came by, partly because he did most of the work in keeping the farm running, and partly because he really had no other activities besides spending time with Adam and stalking the competition at farmer’s markets, which was of course how he had met Adam in the first place.

In any case, it was a Friday, Adam was free from classes and work schedules for the day, and he saw no reason why he shouldn’t make the trip out to Singer’s Falls for a visit. With the farmer’s market the next morning, it wouldn’t be the first time Adam wound up staying over, either. With his overnight bag in the passenger seat and his gas gauge informing him that he had just barely enough to make this trip, the drive felt timeless, something Adam had done dozens of times before and would do dozens of times more. That feeling evaporated when he reached the Barns.

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Parks and Recreation: First Lines vs Last Lines


I got it from my dad, dad, dad, dad, dad
Dad, dad, dad, dad, dad
Dad, dad, dad, dad, dad, daddy.

PSY - Daddy

(My sis asked me how to make a gifset today. She came to me with a dream.  I helped her make it real.)

my long overdue skam appreciation post 👏👏👏

Skam is such an amazing show. The filming is so unique (somehow subtly giving a different feel than anything I’ve ever seen. not too cliche, not too offsetting) and the colors are (subtly but intensely) pretty, and I love the mix between texts and real situations they alternate onscreen. the angles they filmed it really gets me too, like when the characters are lying together, you can see what’s going on and their interactions from all the angles they film it at. 

this post will be heavily spoilery. i’m gonna start of with seasons 1 and 2. those two seasons are so raw and real, especially eva’s season, we can all relate to her and what she feels when she’s alone in the school yard, personally I related to Eva a lot because my parents are rarely home and I have to do everything for myself and my brother. I’m not as lonely as her when I’m home because I have my brother, but I guess his company is the equivalent of eva’s friends like the squad and jonas, isak who are over often.

they put little details out of the camera’s focus (in season 3, at the start of episode 5, you can see even’s arm behind isak and i thought that was someone walking in but realized it was even stroking isak *squeal* and the gigantic hickey at the back of even’s neck in epi 8).

the music is timed perfectly, mixed with a bit of humour. in season 1, after eva finds out about isak, the music kicks in with ‘jealousy’ and I thought that was really freaking perfect. (not to mention the ‘i wanna fuck you’ of season 2.) i love how they cut music off abruptly with cues like the door closing, it really signifies the change of the character’s mood and emotional state, and the song choices are spot on. 

In season 3, there’s a lot of romeo and juliet 1996 songs. I love romeo and juliet and i loved that season 3 was heavily indulgent with elements from it (like the pool make out, songs, that eye contact they have in episode 2). it makes me very happy.

i love how they treat the major/minor and minor/minor characters. the major/minor characters in season 2 and 3 would be eskild and linn, and in 1 it would be someone like ingrid. also did anyone else notice magnus in season 1 because i saw him a couple times when i was watching it again like when vilde comes to the party and passes out magnus rushes to help her etc. for the next two seasons, we don’t see a lot of ingrid and sara, but they’re still there dancing at parties or there on school grounds. i love the fact that they keep them barely in attention (does that line make any sense lol), other shows don’t really care to do that with their minor/minor characters. whenever there’s a party scene (end of s2, start of s3) i rewatch again and again to see that little bits of ingrid, iben, etc. linn and eskild having fun at the end of s2 makes my life. (also, ingrid and iben are really beautiful. (as minor characters.) just wanted to put that out there.)

they really have details that are unnoticeable and noticeable at the same time. and the acting and chemistry is so superb, and it’s real. not only with the romantic partners, but with friends like the boys’ gang and the girls’ gang and eskild/linn/isak, eskild/linn/noora, what really got to me this season was isak texting eskild that everything was fucked and eskild just responding with jeg kommer, i’m coming. just that. not to mention the way the squad is there for every one of them consistently. everyone taking noora to the police and standing behind her while she gives her statement, sana comforting vilde while she nervously talks to the kosegruppa, jonas, magnus, mahdi actually caring and constantly asking about even, the girls cleaning vilde up and making her breakfast in season 1. i don’t know if i’ll ever get friends/people that genuinely care for me, and their relationships are beautiful.

it’s unbelievably (compared to other shows) real, like, we’ve all taken the am i gay? test and taken advice from reddit. the way they actually use things we actually use like instagram, facebook, texting etc makes it more real and the way they treat these sensitive subjects delicately without tiptoeing around it is just amazing. 

not to mention it being humorous and witty, like when magnus breaks the fourth wall and gives a shoutout to nrk, when isak and even get caught in the pool, eva pushing jonas off the bed and jonas flipping her off when her mom gets home, these are just a couple humourous bits that were particularly memorable to me but there are so many more.

in the end, my favorite part about it is that it relies on the audience to be smart enough. a lot of movies that i recently saw did not do this (cough fantastic beasts cough). maybe it’s because i’ve spent countless hours watching things and now i can predict everything, but most movies tend to feed me little bits of information at a time or give me just enough that it won’t be boring, but skam gives me a lot of information and trusts us to follow along, idk. to think about it, skam’s story isn’t that complicated, is it? but i somehow feel like there’s so much more information and story than what is presented, maybe it’s because it’s so emotionally charged or maybe because it’s packed full with metaphors and references (bible, romeo + juliet, even talking about sonja’s “aluminum leg” being a metaphor to his bipolar disorder), but it feels like a lot and the writers do a beautiful job of giving us the right amount of information.

(last bit, i love that when they wake up it actually looks like they’ve been sleeping)

3 words to describe it: raw, real, relatable.

#GradblrChallenge Day 14:

Last day of Spring Break (crying face emoji).  This morning, I read Randolph Caldecott’s Picture Book, which is startling (look up the story “Babes in the Woods,” seriously) but that’s the last of my readings for this week, and I can now start working ahead again.  

I need to prepare for midterm student conferences starting tomorrow (which means repeating the same information to all 50+ of my students) and work on my degree plan (since I want to get my coursework done about a semester earlier than I’d planned).  I also want to finish Hannibal today.  I usually don’t binge watch new TV shows during the semester when I have other work to do and it is technically still Spring Break, if only for 14 more hours.  So I am going to postpone that “working ahead” and favor of some Me Time.  

Today’s To-Do’s:

  • organize materials for student conferences
  • prepare for class registration/check degree plan
  • finish laundry
  • meal prep
  • finish Hannibal
  • work on midterm proposal



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It’s snowing outside ❄️😄❄️! Which makes me even more super motivated to finish my winter tree lady today. Here’s a video to show where I’m at now in the process. Sorry for the shaky hand and silence in the video. 😝 #characterdesign #workinprogress #process

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