finished the last lineart


Preview for my finished piece for @terumobzine2017!! really was a heck of a piece to color, but I feel like it came out okay :33


Choose wisely, Pacifica

(haha i just wanted to draw my version of older! dip and mabes. Feel free to tag as either dipcifica or mabifica

or both because both is good

both is awesome)


“That’s what I’d like, Doctor. That’s what I’d really like.”

I don’t want to know how often he must’ve listened to that recording, in order to know exactly how long to hold the fast forward and rewind buttons to skip over or get to certain parts…

“Love fills the infinite.”

Cause I'm poor: Commissions!

Yes, I’ve decided to do commissions. Why?
-I need money for college (my dad won’t help me in any way not even with advice)
- I might even have to get an apartment, but then I’m on my way to another college???
- And my job barely pays so if I run out of money in the bank I’m screwed.

ANYWAYS, all details are down below! Don’t be afraid to dm me with any questions, even if your not commissioning!


I will do:
Legit anything except:


Prices *USD
Every 100 words is $1

1000- $10
2000- $20
3000- $30

I will do:

Light nsfw
Weird doodles

I will not do:

Heavy nsfw

Prices *USD

Lineart- Head: $5 Torso: $10 Full: $15

Flat colors- Head: $7 Torso: $12 Full: $17

Shaded- Head: $10 Torso: $15 Full: $20

Every extra character: $2

Icons: $2

Transparent Background: Dis free
Grandiant Background: $1
Simple Landscape Background: $5

Doodles: $1

• Contact me via: Either tumblr dm or email-
• Payment through paypal!
• 80% Payment due before work begins! 100% due on writing.
• If you’re curious about progress message me! For art I will send a picture of the sketch, lineart, and base color before finished product.
• Last 20% of payment is due after base color is sent, product will not be finished until payment is received.
• Details are important so please load me up. Don’t be scared or embarrassed to do so!
• Please keep that in mind that I can get rather busy (and going between two houses/having a job takes up time) and I will get into contact with you ASAP!!
Feel free to ask questions at anytime!

Art tag is: pans_doodles

For art commissions, it may take me more time than to write because I can’t bring my drawing tablet between houses. And I’ll eventually get some examples up if I can. Thank you and have a wonderful life!

-Mod A

Inktober 04 - Kigurumis


**NOTE: Please forgive the quality of the photo; I’ll have to retake it when there’s better sunlight out o3o**

This is a speedpainting I did for the con that I finished today. I had the lineart finished for a while, but last night struck a creative cord in me, and I ended up painting. This, is the result! Painted on Canvas with Acrylics and Glitter.

So several of ya have been asking me about drawing Nightmare Moon, so I went ahead and used her for this painting. It’s of the mare staring off into the darkness (she’s probably on the moon or something), thinking hard about something that’s troubling her. What that is can vary, so have fun coming up with theories. c:

I really like how this came out, considering how big it is and how fast I managed to finish it. I managedd to get it done far faster than what I expected (in about 3-4 hours), and I’m quite satisfied with the outcome. And once again, I decided to use glitter to help paint the image for a second time. I used it on her hair, and I have to say, I REALLY like the look the glitter gives the paintings. I really wish you guys could see it for real; this photo is very poor in quality (it was taken on my phone), so it won’t show you how her hair actually sparkles when in motion.

That said, however, those who are going to the con CAN see this bad boy in real life! I’d like to get a better photo of it in case I want prints, but the primary reason I painted this was because I’m gonna try to sell her at the con. She will be among one or two other original paintings I will attempt to sell at the con. Like the others, she’s the only one I’ve painted, so once she’s bought there will be no more of her. I’m actually debating on not even selling prints, and making her an original painting exclusive only. So if anyone is interested and is attending the con, this is your heads-up. C: And if she doesn’t sell that the con, she’ll on sale here.

Okay, so I think that’s it for now?As usual, feel free to ask me any questions you may have, and thank you for stopping by! C:


My submission for the RWBY Fan Art contest, and I’m surprised cuz this is the first thing I ever really finished drawing on the computer! I finished the colors and everything after the lineart all last night since I couldn’t sleep. Not as accurate as I’d like, but I had to simplify some details like on Myrtlenaster so that the texture would be more visible.


I’M SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG. And I wanted to finish and colour it but, as said in my previous post, things have been seriously rough.
BUT! I managed to finish the last of the lineart tonight so MERRY CHRISTMAS:

ghastlyx-ray - Your new dragon sona is super cute so I couldn’t resist

coulsart - My wife.

mayadile - I couldn’t pick which of your rad ass characters to draw sO I PICKED MARTY COS I LIKE RABBITS AND HES COOL

catscater51 - I promised I’d draw you your character one day so here he is!

orlandofox - You’re cute ass fnaf character Bookie cos she’s a little sweetie. (Was gonna throw Chica in there but I didn’t have time GAH)

travellertalks - I couldn’t NOT draw you and your best buddy Marrionette!

lizzydizzydoodle - Liz, for seven years now you’ve had a crush on my villain character Ink. Well today I’m finally throwing you a bone.

I can’t believe I’ve made so many new friends and spoken to so many great artist through one little fandom of a horror game. It’s really rad! This never usually happens! Anyway, you guys are awesome, and all the silly posts and streams and chats have really helped me get through this horrid end of the year.