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the boy who stole sweaters

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🌸 Gemanimate 2 🌸
animation cleanup (click full screen to see all!)

I know I haven’t updated with any art in a while, but all of my free time is dedicated to finishing my gemanimate shot! Rubies already have colors, but Sapphire has so many fraaaames (haha, I dug my own grave, I know). If you wanna know which program I’ve already answered here.

On my first day, when we finished my first shot. Chris was like: ‘Congratulations, Harry. You just filmed your first shot.’ I started tearing up and Chris said it was because I got sand in my eyes.

Harry on his first day of filming (Fotogramas Magazine)


Ima-Gun Di Realizing That Keeli has Fallen

Season 3, Episode 3 – Supply Lines

When he realizes that Keeli is dead:


Criminal Minds meme

Ten Characters 10/10: Alex Blake (Jeanne Tripplehorn)

Just imagine: You’re in the movie theater, watching Fma Live Acrion. It’s perfect. The actors nail each character flawlessly. The cgi looks stunningly real. The costumes are spot-on. The plot flowed perfectly. You have tears in your eyes because the end is nearing. The movie was such an emotional roller coaster for you, a dedicated fan, able to watch your favorite anime come to life. The movie is close to finishing and you have shots of all of the characters. Ed, Al, and Winry are sitting in a train and laughing. The homunculi are talking to Father. Team Mustang is back in the office, working. The tears are still flowing from yor eyes because this movie was a perfect, quasi-religious experience.

Then the camera pans up to Roy’s face. He has a mustache. The movie ends.