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Finished #reading The Last Men on Top, by Susan Jacoby. 

This is a “Kindle Single” I bought ages ago but hadn’t got round to reading. It consists of three essays previously published by Jacoby looking at what she calls “the grateful generation”: the generation of men born between 1910 and 1935, the last generation of men to reach maturity before the arrival of “second-wave” feminism; the men depicted (and simultaneously glorified and demonised) in Mad Men. 

Essentially, Jacoby’s argument is that the old pre-feminist order, in which (at least for those in the middle class) the expectation was that the man would work as sole breadwinner and the woman would stay at home raising the children, was damaging for men as well as women. This is her father’s generation, and in the first two essays Jacoby depicts how unenviable her father’s life “on top” was - though equally how crushing things were for her mother, forced to abandon her career when she became pregnant, spending years drinking too much in the afternoons out of sheer boredom. A further essay, “Phallocrats”, highlights the damage caused to many relationships by the mutual ignorance of men and women of the “grateful generation” about sex, especially female sexuality. 

Jacoby is not romanticising the era of the “last men on top”: there was an undoubted bonus to being born a white man, and many men exploited this at the expense of the women around them. But, she argues in a closing reflection, this was also the generation that started to put their daughters, as well as their sons, through university, and to give young women jobs that would have been as solely for men at the start of their own careers. I suppose her position can be summed up as: “don’t hate the player, hate the game.” 

Jacoby concludes: 

When you are always supposed to be the one on top, there is never any time for rest. It is no denial of feminism, or of the wrongs that women endured, to look back in sympathy at the imperfect efforts made by men of another generation to cope with unsettling change in what were supposed to be the best years of their lives. Let us now take a moment to praise these not-so-famous men, who tried, as best they could, to meet the future instead of to stubbornly keep their gazes focused on the past.

Fics by Amymel86

I would like to recommend Amymel86’s fics. I tried to pick one but all her fics are exceptional. There is something for everyone. She’s very prolific. The range of ideas and contents in her stories are wide. If you’re especially looking for fluff and smut, you must not miss her fics. (IMO she’s the Queen of fluffy smut) The writing is brilliant, hilarious, moving, joyful, fun and evocative and it stays with you after you’ve finished reading it. The characterizations are lovely. Her fics are good times. Also, in one of her recent fics (With me?) Sansa, who loves her children, hides from them because for once she doesn’t want to share her lemoncakes- this was one of the most relatable things I’ve ever read. In short, all Jonsa shippers and fans of good writing should read Amymel86’s fics. Thank you

John writes Sherlock letters on the anniversaries of all their firsts and hides them in a little box under the bed in his old bedroom. Sherlock has no reason to step foot in there so John thinks his sentimental secrets will be safe.

One day while John’s at work, Sherlock goes up to the now spare room (‘It was for research, John’ 'Research into what? How much of stuff you can root through before I notice?’) and finds the box of letters. He makes sure to read every single one.

When John gets home he finds all of his letters on the kitchen table, each one with a reply written on a post-it note stuck to it.

He can’t stay mad at Sherlock for going through his things once he’s finished reading them all.

anonymous asked:

Hi. Your 1D music posts are a delight. I haven't finished reading them all yet, but I am pretty sure I am gonna be reading them more than once. I love when you write technical stuff with so much feelings and personality. I wonder if you could do a post on the band's songs for the fans, like Histor maybe. You have tackled mostly songs for each other (larry), and about their management and situation. I wonder how the process of doing these songs for their millions of supporters. Thanks a lot.

2-although technically, songs are made for fans to listen to. But songs like History or maybe End of the Day, seems to be really speaking to a group of people. I want to hear your take on this. Thanks again.

Dear anon,

Thank you very much for this ask, which I received on the morning of 2-22-2017, the morning of the BRIT awards. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to answer you until now.

I will make note that One Direction has won 7 BRIT AWARDS:

  • British Video Award: History 2017
  • British Video Award: Drag Me Down 2016
  • British Video Award: You & I 2015
  • Global Success Award: 2014
  • British Video Award: Best Song Ever 2014
  • Global Success Award: 2013
  • British Video Award: What Makes You Beautiful 2012

And on the night of 2-22-2017, Liam “Batman” Payne swept in from the depths of Gotham City to collect the award, vanished into the “dark night” like a bat out of hell. Then these sweet messages came to us:

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Friday Q & A Time!

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1. Tell me about your favorite person.

2. What was the last book you read and finished?

3. What is the weirdest scar you have and how did you get it?

4. Recommended Netflix shows?

5. If you could trade lives with one person for an entire day who would it be and why?

6. Do you believe in miracles?

7. Snorkeling, sky diving, bunjee jumping or zip lining?

8. How do you take your coffee?

9. All expense paid vacation to… ?

10. Favorite homemade food?

11. What is something you’ve always wanted to try but have been too scared to?

12. What accomplishments are you most proud of?

13. If you were going to go to the movies alone, what type of movie would you want to see?

14. Dream job?

15. What is your favorite physical attribute about yourself?

16. Favorite vacation spot?

17. Where is your favorite place to go on a weekday afternoon when you have no plans?

18. What are you waiting for at this very moment?

19. Five favorite songs!

20. You have thirty seconds to tell the world anything you want. What do you say?

21. Favorite Disney movie?

22. What is your favorite board game or card game?

23. What did you love most about the place you grew up?

24. Where do you want to be in 5 years?

25. What is your most bizarre talent?

26. Do you collect anything?

27. If you could change one thing about your past what would it be?

28. Have you ever been arrested or in trouble with the law?

29. You could have any super power in the world, what would it be and why?

30. Ever been in love?

31. If you could achieve anything what would be your number one goal?

32. When was the last time you left your comfort zone?

33. Think of the five people you are closest to. Are they good people who influence your life in a positive way?

34. If you found $100 on the ground what would you spend it on?

35. Favorite quote

36. Do you have a good relationship with your parents?

37. List five good things that happened today

38. Do you think we should make things happen or let fate guide our lives?

media to dos

-finish reading achewood
-watch always sunny
-listen to every radiohead album
-read crow cillers
-finally finish reading in cold blood but not until i’m done w/ my current manuscript because i want to remain in a ya romance headspace as much as i can

anonymous asked:

I just finished reading (where at least the chapters that are up) a coraline au about mm... and i really really liked it. I think you will appreciate it because the writing is quite good, i mean, i felt like i was in there. And by the way i love the things you write, seriously, i hope you never leave this fandom because ill be super sad. I really love what you write T-T (English is not my mother tongue so it may be trash)

Thank you so much sweetie.
You can send me a link to it. I think @xchiriu you like coraline a lot don’t you? Have you seen this?

I haven’t eaten or slept and my sleep schedule is the approximate opposite of over 90% of people in this region. I don’t feel a part of society or a part of anything. Just need to work on the project thing I guess. Like actually, it’s getting more important.

I entertain myself by watching videos of people dying in terrible ways and listening to music about the end of the world and only leave the house at 2330-0400 to go to 7/11 and eat an entire pizza at the adjacent laundromat.

It feels like I’m in a strange afterlife. I kind of want to push it until it breaks. Maybe I’ll finish reading Worm.

More SWAN stuff cause feels

Once I got grounded from the internet in the middle of reading SWAN

I must have been like 16-17 and I was in a real bad place. I’d just finished binge reading Vargas and I saw SWAN linked through @zarla-s ’s IGTY nny and edgar shrine, and of course I read like half the damn fic in a night and the next day my parents were like “you know what? No internet hand in all ur music and internet devices” and they confiscated everything. I don’t even remember what I did, just that all I had was my stereo, which played CDs, my DS lite, which unbeknownst to my parents could connect to the internet, and 3 panic! At the disco albums I had borrowed from a friend that I had never heard. I was coming off a nasty breakup with a girlfriend no one could know I had and I was looking at a year of school where I had to make it and make it well or I wasn’t going to be graduating senior year.

I re read the first chapters, because i had skimmed over them in excitement the first time, and I finished the whole thing by the end of the week. It’s odd because there was exactly none panic at the disco in SWAN that I remember but, because it was all I had to listen to, it’s what I most associate it with XD

So, a bit about my ex. She cheated, several times, and on top of that she had in the course of us dating sort of intertwined our personal stories that we had been writing. I had a small baby character just budding into being when I had to figure out how someone who viewed his dad so promimently in his life could be written woth no mention of this fucking character that my ex had made his dad. I loved this little green anger child and had no direction on where to take him.

And then SWAN. I went into SWAN with all this and some PATD songs. I came out the other end as, Tbh, a better teenager with a better idea of what Teenagers Do, and I immediately turned to literally all of my characters, especially the small green anger child, and just went to town with it. SWAN has influenced how I write, I mentioned before, but there’s prolly a bit of @ladyyatexel in all of my characters too just because her characters allowed me to make my characters my own again. Even the new one that I turned into a neon green, sharp toothed panic at the disco loving music blaring german speaking trash bby (I feel like it was the best tribute I could do; hes my favorite XD).

So ye just more of me gushing about SWAN. It really had a big impact on me and tbh getting to see the creator of such a life altering, liminal space story post about old pony dolls is one of the few good things left of tumblr?? I think I scream at my friends literally every time I make a post she reponds to Im shameless and I male no excuses.

Also probably going to keep gushing about SWAN so, yeah.