finished progress shots


The finish product and the Progress shots
This is comission art on Google+
Heres some Sakura falling down
Annd Awwww Neko!Goth
Anyone will adopt him?
I love the colors of the flowers tho
The concept that originally concept of Panagbengatale is “By the flowers you show my beauty”
Happy Spring/Summer or whatever season you have right now
(Here in Philippines is summer time)
Goth by @nekophy
Imma tag caz they are lovely person~
@yume-gen746, @arakicanaria, @starlumen, @roch6103, and @ajsally


sword wife!! sword wife!!!! (unfinished screenshot study that i originally gave up on but then decided to come back to and gave up on again. a harrowing tale)

yukxno-deactivated20151211  asked:

is it alright if I request Yukino Aguria, in a Pisces or Libra stardress or honestly since there aren't any references of that, just anything with her works. bless you and your art it's beautiful <3


When I got your req I was so excited! It was really fun designing the Pisces star dress for her * w *

I tried to kind of incorporate my interpretation of their personalities into her and their human outfits into her dress. Hopefully it turned out ok!


Requests are now closed

Commission Information

ALSO for everyone who commissioned me, sorry for all the delays! Progress shots/finished versions will be mailed out during the break next week. Thanks for your patience! ; w ;

Happy 1st year International Xenoblade X release everyone!

I had a lot of fun playing his game. I enjoyed exploring Mira - discovering new areas, planting as many probes as a Pathfinder could. I loved the side stories/missions. Learning about the other Xenos.  Studying the weapon, armour and Skell designs.

Now, maybe not so strangely, what’s more important than the game to me, is you guys. You all on Tumblr, you all on Discord, who have shown interest and support in my stuff - I really appreciate that a lot. This community is an amazing place to give and receive good feedback on anything you ask it. You guys kept me in this fandom and develop a whole lot more on my Cross (most of it is draft work, but hey, it’s getting worked on) waaaaay more than I ever thought I would have. I’ve also become a way better artist thanks to you guys!

Now for an attempt at special thanks…

@flametorchic - You were the one that brought me into this community by reblogging my stuff when I just started this blog. I found your blog extremely helpful for finding all the Xenoblade X and related posts! If it weren’t for your dedication of reblogging this communities content, I don’t think I would have been good at keeping up with what this community was doing.

@love410s, @heroicmeep, @shiro-hunter, @anryl, @deltheor, @honestlyvan, @aeviann, @lilithcosa - you’ve all been big art inspirations! I’ve learned a lot from seeing your in-progress work, progression shots, finished pictures, tutorials, speed paints, streams I’ve been able to catch, feedback on my own art, etc. I may not have incorporated all the things I’ve learned from you all, but it is still valuable knowledge that will be useful one day if it already isn’t.

And all you people who supported me? Let’s give this a shot: @apolleh, @noot-scoot, @taptroupe, @andoryuanzuru, @bloodrawknuckle, @the-lazy-melon, @xenoblade-trash, @jaxstronomy and so many more of you!! Especially you all on discord who were giving me support and advice on this piece in particular!

@hennils, @reinasakuraba, @kingddd17 For creating/maintaining Discord. Even though I may only be active in the art related areas, I still really appreciate all your work!

If you’re made it this far, a big THANKS to you too! And Thanks to anyone who’s shown support! It means a lot!


Hey! I’m doing Inksona icons for $15 right now!

If you would like me to draw you a custom icon with you as an Inkling from Splatoon, hit me up at! All I need to work with is a photo!

Payment is accepted after I send you a 70% finished progress shot via paypal at!