finished progress shots


Finished portrait for Flaerion, of his adorable feline character Tazzley!  Warm orange and red fur colors coupled with greens for accents (eyes, and in this case a horn) are just the sort of thing I love to paint.  Not to mention painting a kitty face, always a pleasure to paint a cat!

I did something a little different for my process, adding the more complex markings in later with multiply and overlay layers.  It’s been a while since I uploaded a WIP series, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to show how things can be mixed up a bit for a more effective process!

6 hours in PS6 with an Intuos 3 tablet

sword wife!! sword wife!!!! (unfinished screenshot study that i originally gave up on but then decided to come back to and gave up on again. a harrowing tale)


Hey! I’m doing Inksona icons for $15 right now!

If you would like me to draw you a custom icon with you as an Inkling from Splatoon, hit me up at! All I need to work with is a photo!

Payment is accepted after I send you a 70% finished progress shot via paypal at!