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PLAYING WITH FIRE: a Gryffindor playlist 

The Gryffindor house emphasizes the traits of courage as well as “daring, nerve, and chivalry,” and thus its members are generally regarded as brave, though sometimes to the point of recklessness.  


Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Ravenclaw

26.10.2016 | 3/100 days of productivity

Forgot to take a picture when I was studying between classes and now it’s too dark to take a good photo, but today I finally finished reading pride and prejudice during my train ride home! 

~ (__happy birthday, Huuuuuugh \( >//w//>)/__) ~

it’s our cute old child’s birthday today :DDD !
who knows how old he is now… ? probably a hundred years or more xD !
but as long as you look young… why not 8D

he even got a Selfie-stick >w>) !
“ let’s stop Tsubaki… ! but first, lemme take a selfie ! 8D ”
besides, since he used to live in England back then… why not a British flag phone case x'DD ?

grrrrr I had this idea for a very long time, but I never really had time ( or i juuuust fooorrrgooooot ) to draw the Selfie-stick stuff ~

but still, hope u like it :DDDD ! <3


Ok, so @holioc​ asked me what kind of bird would King Bradley be and THEN we spent a whole day on discussing A FMA BIRD AU.

May I introduce you Dominique Weasley, who could kill you in less than 10 seconds but also spent hours written and reading about magic history ?

May I introduce you Lucy Weasley, whose her ambition and intelligence made her becoming the youngest Minister of Magic ?

May I introduce you Amelia Dursley, who was really not the best student but who was full of imagination and curiosity ?

May I introduce you Alicia Yang, war veteran, ex-healer, current Hogwarts headmistress who had all Professor McGonagall’s respect and who wants before anything else be sure that all her students was safe ?

May I introduce you Lorcan Scamander, who often went alone in the Forbidden Forest to learn more about all the magical creatures there ?

May I introduce you Lysander Scamander, shy sweet boy who couldn’t hurt a fly exept when it’s Quidditch time ?

May I introduce you Luna Lovegood, who learnt to us that friendship is the most important thing in the world and to fight for what they believe ?

Some are canons, some are Ocs but they are Ravenclaws.

Because being a ravenclaw is not about being a boring know-it-all.

All the Ravenclaws are different. But they are passionate and creative.

Because Ravenclaws’ true power is that they can become who they want to be.

That feel when you’re halfway to making Emrakul and color the tentacles differently so you can tell which is which, then realize you accidentally made the demonic eldritch abomination horror support gay pride


Finished my final set of wand requests! Although I may do more in the much distant future. Oh and A big apology to the people who requested these! I know I’ve kept you waiting.

So from left to right (please click to enlarge);
Chocolat’s wand from Sugar Sugar Rune. The request was for an asexual and/or bi-romantic wand so I coloured it in the pink/purple/blues of the bi-pride flag.
Pansexual pride, Madoka soul gem re-colour.
Asexual pride, Sailor Uranus wand re-colour.

Another preview because I spent waaay too much time on this and I’m kinda proud!!

It’s gonna be a comic of like 7/8 drawings, so it might take a while for me to finish the whole thing(especially If I put this much effort into all the frames oooops) so please have patience with me guys!!

anonymous asked:

*bows* Good duke, I am the anon who asked you how to get over Mr. Rochester's behavior in Jane Eyre. I had just finished Pride and Prejudice when I picked up Bronte, and I think that influenced my expectations. Your response shocked and humbled me. I hadn't realized how superficial a reader I had been. You inspired me to give Jane Eyre a second chance; I have just finished it, and am in complete awe of it. Thank you for your amazing blog, and for opening my eyes. #realfictionneedsproblems :)

*curtsies* I’m… so glad to hear this? And I think you’re absolutely right: sometimes we get comfortable with black-and-white fiction where people are either all good or all bad and the worst thing that happens is an innocent misunderstanding and it all works out fine in the end. There’s definitely a time and a place for stories like that, but if it’s all we ever read we’re really kind of kidding ourselves. I’m psyched you gave Jane Eyre another chance and that you loved it the second time around :)