finished my essay on time


Productive day today! Biology revision and I did a lot of reading 📖 today. One more class today, then I’ll try to finish my essay. I also bought 3 new books (I already read circle, but I just borrowed it) I’m looking forward to read thinking, fast and slow, I need to finish my English lectures first😧 Hope y'all having a good day and a good time!☀️

  • me: ok it's time to focus and finish this essay
  • my brain: it's a lip, it's a lip, it's a lip lip lip! it's a lip, it's a lip, it's a lip lip lip! it's a lip, it's a lip, it's a lip lip lip. liiiiiiiiiiiips! lip lip lip

it started out as a screencap redraw from the season 2 trailer and it’s developed. small part of it bc i cant draw male torsos apparently and theyre not ready to reveal their nekedness

Permanent Starter Call

I’ve finished with my last essay, so I should have some time to do more RPs over the next couple months. 

I thought it’d be a good idea to do a permanent starter call, so if you like or reblog this it lets me know you’re alright with me contacting you about doing a RP, and anyone can like/reblog at any point. I can be pretty slow lately, but hopefully I’ll have more time and muse for writing. 

Mraaaaah I thought sleeping it off would help but I’m still all self-loathingy. It’s a horrible cycle of self-loathing, feeling guilty, and then feeling even worse. I just want to help my friends, because they go through much worse things than me and actually deserve help and happiness so I don’t see why I have to be feeling down now.

I submit all my essays the same way I take out the trash - turning my head, grimacing, and closing my eyes slightly, and hoping the bag of trash doesn’t break on my head when I lift it into the bins.

Five things

I was tagged by @doctor-punkenstein, thanks and sorry it took ages! :-) <3

Five things you’ll find in my bag

  1. Headphones
  2. Lip balm
  3. Tissues
  4. Phone
  5. Tardis notebook

Five things in my bedroom

  1. My bed.
  2. My laptop.
  3. Books.
  4. At least one CD somewhere
  5. Sweets^^

Five things I’ve always wanted to do in life?

  1. Ballet, or just any kind of dance
  2. Write novels or scripts
  3. Work in BBC… that may still come true tho
  4. Live in the UK (success!)
  5. Meet my faves (still waiting for that)

Five things that make me happy

  1. My friends 
  2. Music
  3. Singing and dancing alone in my room
  4. TV shows and films
  5. My dog <3

Five things I’m currently into

  1. MUSE (as if you haven’t noticed…)
  2. Planning my future
  3. English Lit (because I have to as it’s my uni course)
  4. Writing my dystopian novel
  5. Matt Bellamy (yep, so very much)

Five things on my to-do list

  1. Finish this bloody essay in time and do revision
  2. Sleep
  3. Have a walk around Cardiff again as I’m back
  4. Watch DW Christmas special finally
  5. Re-read ‘The Infernal Devices’

Five things people may not know about me.

  1. I haven’t ever been in love truly with someone ‘achievable’ (I’m not talking about fictional characters or people who have no idea that I exist), except for few unimportant crushes and I don’t quite think I’m capable of that because of my anxiety and trust issues
  2. I was really afraid of vacuum cleaners when I was little
  3. I used to take ballet lessons, but then I decided that I don’t want to do that anymore (I hate myself for this stupid decision tbh)
  4. I got lost in a supermarket at the age of 10 xd
  5. I once wanted to be a spy^^

 I tag: @im–a–mess, @chiyouuuu, @thatcrazyfangirlwhohasnolife, @mylovida, @killjoyidiotx, @whatisthepointofyouhardy, @pillie-biper10 and @peace-will-arise (only if you want to of course^^) 

Finished my 40 page essay today, didn’t have time to draw anything these last few weeks… But I’m back now! And I needed a smol Chibi Vergil to celebrate. He’s trying to look badass, but he’s still cute like this.

I’m opening up Comissions again, will post some more info soon so keep tuned. Money has been sparse these days and I’m still looking for an internship, wish me luck! 

Me trying to do my history homework
  • Me: right, time to finish my history essay
  • Brain: or you could listen to Hamilton
  • Me: but I need to finish this essay it's due tomorrow
  • Brain: well listening to Hamilton is also studying history
  • Me: but I'm learning about the Nazis
  • Brain: but what if you're in class one day and the teacher just happens to ask a question about Hamilton, you could impress everyone
  • Me: that's true but why would my teacher just bring up Hamilton for no reason
  • Brain: why wouldn't they
  • Me: fine you win
  • Me: how does a bastard, orphan, son of a whore and a Scotsman...
  • Me: *continues to sing entire soundtrack*

my manager did really well at work throughout the past year and she earned a spot on the bank’s yearly paid trip for super awesome staff and she gets to go to orlando, florida!!!!

and she was like “i’ve never been before?? what should i DO????”


and she was like “yeah no, i do not care for harry potter or disney” and i was just!!!! EXCUSE ME. let me take your spot instead. I WILL PUT IN GOOD USE OF TIME IN ORLANDO FOR YOU.