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if everyone had instagram how would yata react to finding fushimis profile and seeing his pictures??

Would Fushimi even bother to use Instagram, I feel like he’d find taking pictures and posting them pointless and a bother. Especially if say he gets roped into it because a bunch of the other alphabet boys have one and they want Fushimi to join too so he can see their pictures and Fushimi’s just like Hidaka I don’t give a shit about what you ate for lunch leave me alone. But then he gets coaxed into getting an account anyway and though he doesn’t post often he does occasionally post. He rarely makes any comments to go with his pictures and no matter how often the rest of the alphabet squad tries to engage him in conversation about it or get him to follow their Instagram accounts Fushimi never so much as comments.

So then say post-ROK Fushimi and Yata are in a relationship and living together. One day Fushimi comes home from work and he’s clearly sick but he even so he immediately opens up his laptop and keeps trying to work more, Yata pretty much has to bodily pry him away from it and toss him in the bed so he can rest and recover. Fushimi clicks his tongue and complains but he’s feeling dizzy and weak so he can’t resist much, curling up on the bed and falling asleep with his clothes still on. Yata figures he should go finish dinner at least, he can wrap up Fushimi’s portion in case Fushimi’s feeling better when he wakes up and wants something to eat. As Yata’s returning to the kitchen he notices that Fushimi left his laptop on and Yata figures he may as well as least shut it down for now while Fushimi’s sleeping, even though Fushimi’s always telling Yata not to touch his laptop because Fushimi is convinced that Yata will destroy it somehow. Yata’s like okay I’m just gonna close it, there’s no way I could break it just doing that, but as he’s reaching for the laptop his eyes focus on the image on the screen. As it happens Fushimi wasn’t working when Yata pulled him away, he was finishing something else instead, and right there on Instagram is a picture of Yata himself, fast asleep with his hair a little tousled and his face peaceful, and a hand that’s unmistakeably Fushimi’s brushing gently against his cheek.

For a second Yata’s like what the fuck why is there a picture of me here and then he realizes that it’s Instagram and that the account has Fushimi’s name on it. The only caption on the picture is ‘Misaki’ and it looks like Fushimi only just uploaded it so Yata figures it must have been pretty recent. He’s kinda surprised to see Fushimi even has an Instagram and he can’t deny that he’s super curious about what other pictures are on there. Yata finds himself sitting down in front of the laptop and sorting through Fushimi’s gallery. The thing Yata starts to realize looking at Fushimi’s pictures is that there’s like a distinct progression the further back he goes, like Yata decides to scroll until he gets to the first picture in the gallery and then go forward from there and the very first picture is one taken from some months prior to S1, just a picture of an empty sky and for some reason Yata feels his throat getting tight looking at it. The early pictures are all like that, almost all pictures of scenery and they all look so wide and empty to Yata, like Fushimi just wanted to focus on something hollower than himself. Also mixed in with the sky pictures are occasional little flashes of someone that Yata can only recognize as himself, seen usually from a distance or in motion – a quick flash of red hair off to one side of the photo, a blurred figure skateboarding from across the street and barely seen. There’s also one picture of a darkened night sky and red lights hovering in the air and there’s a distinct air of melancholy about it that makes Yata’s stomach twist a little, remembering that night. The only caption for that photo is ‘he’s dead.’

Then Yata starts to get to the more recent stuff and suddenly he can see how color is slowly seeping into Fushimi’s dull world. There’s more pictures of the alphabet boys at first, Akiyama smiling and holding out a teacup, Gotou and Hidaka laughing in a corner, Benzai looking furtive as he reaches to pet Kuro the cat. And then suddenly there are all these pictures of Yata: Yata smiling to himself as he cooks dinner, Yata asleep on the couch, Yata with an angry posture as he plays a video game, just so many pictures of Yata looking happy and content and all Yata can imagine now is Fushimi sitting there on the couch behind him watching fascinated as Yata cooks dinner, Fushimi lying next to him on the couch and staring at his sleeping face, Fushimi smiling in amusement as Yata curses at another video game. Just all these little moments that Fushimi clearly wanted to capture and hold onto, and suddenly Yata finds himself wiping tears from his eyes and smiling like an idiot because it just makes him so happy, seeing how far Fushimi’s come and how far their relationship has progressed.

It became clear that we all wanted to have Sidious in the story, not just as a hologram, but for the first time physically. It’s one of those things I could never have predicted at the beginning of the show, because I didn’t even know that Maul would be alive for God’s sake. But to have Maul challenged by not Obi-Wan at the end of it, but by Sidious, I thought was a great turn of events that the fans would all really respond to and made a lot of sense. We keep having to deal with this Rule of Two. So no matter how much fun we have of setting up Ventress or Savage or even Maul, at the end of the day, Sidious pulls the trigger and says, “This party’s over, because you only get to have two, and you’re now a rival.” We wanted to take what we had seen in Revenge of the Sith and really blow out the fighting style we saw Sidious have to a much bigger, more elaborate type of acrobatics, and to have him fighting the Maul brothers was a really great visual. It’s really Ian Abercrombie’s best performance as Sidious. And unfortunately right before he passed, he was able to finish his work on that episode arc. It’s kind of a bittersweet thing because he was so excited to finally play the villain in the flesh, because he was always playing him in a distant hologram. I think to finally get to do him right there front and center – you imagine having Sam Witwer, Clancy Brown and Ian Abercrombie together when they’re doing this – was really something special. It turned out really great. It’s nice to see the villain of Star Wars really kick the butt of other villains you think are powerful, which helps establish Sidious as “Oh, yeah. This is why he is the Sith Lord.”
—  Interview discussion of S5, Ep 16 - “The Lawless” with Dave Filoni about creating the fight scene with Maul and Savage, and Ian Abercrombie’s last performance.

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Someone on twitter said the prison scenes end on March 17th do you think that's true,judging by what Danny was wearing yesterday and as Lucy finishes filming next week I think Aaron will definitely be out by the beginning of April,here's hoping it's true

I don’t think they’ll be over so soon. where they getting the 17th from? (what the Bradford Museum posted by any chance). I think Aaron will be inside a little longer than that. Stuff being filmed now should air around end of march/start of april(?). It is possible he will be out by then. 

things i love about Lance
  • is the only one with a non horrendous outfit 
  • farts in front of people he just met
  • immediately wanted to knit the Arusian a sweater. immediately.
  • presumably can knit???
  • dances when he’s happy 
  • is afraid of ghosts
  • believes in ghosts
  • all leg 
  • gets super blushy all the time
  • feeds the mice from his own spoon 
  • super confident 
  • incredibly insecure 
  • says hello to Rover when he walks by 
  • does *finger guns* 
  • is super dirty minded all the time
  • this pic: 

She’s the betta half of the two

so i did a redraw of my first nohr fanart back in 2015

△ “You can control it, Credence.” 


McHanzo Week Day 6: Mangetsu and Coyote Sangriento

I got carried away drawing this. I had SO much fun swapping ults/clothes and also redesigning them! I hope you like it! :D

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @amazingphil!