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That little show that could

Bones ends tonight. And I thought I was prepared for it. When they announced that this season would be the last one I wasn’t surprised, and I was kind of relieved that at least we were having one last season to say goodbye. But I think it never really sank in that BONES. WAS. ENDING.

This is the show that has been with me for 12 years. The show that taught me what fandoms were and that introduced me to the world of tv shows. And as much I can like other shows, Bones has been a constant in my life. It was always there, It was able to cheer me on bad days, to make me cry, to really fall in love with these characters. To show me what a real OTP was.

And it really annoys me how people aren’t able to see past the fact that it is a procedural. How they weren’t able to see the cast full of strong and independent women, or the plots that were able to touch in such a wonderful and delicate ways issues like transexuality, animal violence, rape, religion vs science, foster care… And at the same time Bones could be much more funnier that many comedies.

12 seasons is an amazing run for a show, but it doesn’t make the ending hurt any less. Specially when you felt that this show hasn’t been recognised enough, sometimes not even by its own network. But I’m glad for the Bones family; cast, crew and fandom. Because we have loved this show so much that we have been able to keep it on the air for 12 years. And even when my focus has drifted to other shows at times, I have always been proud of being part of this wonderful fandom.

So I just want to say thank you. Thank you all for being here supporting this show. And we are not going anywhere… this is just an hiatus until we make the revival happen.

Worth The Risk {Part 11}

Bucky x Reader
Summary: Bucky knew that all Steve wanted was for him to get along with her, but was it really worth the risk?

Part 01 / Part 02 / Part 03 / Part 04 / Part 05 / Part 06 / Part 07 / Part 08 / Part 09 / Part 10 / Part 12 - Coming Soon!

Word Count: 2376
Warnings: angst

A/N: Look who finally finished part 11! But also real talk though, seeing a professional doesn’t make you weak or lesser as a person. BUT not all types of help work for everyone and I strongly encourage anyone going through stuff to find a way of support and recovery that works for them. Take care of yourself, you guys <3

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You’d been hunched over your desk, absorbed in your work when a knock at the door pulled you out of your thoughts. Leaning back in your chair, you set down your pen and listened. The knock sounded again and you called out to FRIDAY, letting Sam in.

He’d been visiting you regularly over the past few days and as he entered the room you noticed the disapproving look he threw you. You weren’t surprised; you knew exactly why he was upset. He hated it when you buried yourself in work, yet there you were doing just that: anything to distract yourself.

You let out a small sigh and closed the binder in front of you, turning to face the older man.

“Hey.” You greeted, voice hoarse from lack of use.

“Hey,” he replied. “How are you doing?”

Sam took a seat on the edge of your bed and you shrugged. There was a pause and you opened your mouth to speak, but Sam beat you to it.

“I brought you something.”

You hadn’t expected that.

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me, in the shower, finally finished sitting on the floor crying over being completely unloveable: okay fucking finally lets wash ourselves and get out of here its been 45 minutes
the sudden paralyzing fear that pennywise the dancing clown is in my bathroom: hey

Birthday Dinner (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: I had an idea. Could you do Jughead x Reader where it’s jugs birthday and he wants to invite her over for dinner but he lives with Archie and Fred so he’s embarrassed and goes and asks for Fred’s permission if he can have his girlfriend over for his birthday and fill in the rest idk if I made this clear enough!

A/N: I changed the idea just a bit! SO glad I finally finished this. Hopefully you’ll still like it xx 


Birthday Dinner (Jughead x Reader)

It was Jug’s birthday on Friday.

You wanted to do something with him but he told you that Archie and his dad were going to throw him a dinner party/barbeque.

He felt bad but you assured him that you two could do something before or after his birthday.

You two have been secretly dating for the past three months so obviously you weren’t expecting to go.

Especially since you lived on the other side of town and went to a different school.

What you didn’t plan for was Jug to ask Fred Andrews if you could come.

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annabeth finally finishes her projects in olympus and takes percy on a night time tour the night before her opening day.

they finish and he’s in awe and she’s practically floating on air when she looks at him and says,

“i’m an architect and everything i’ve built will stand for centuries. but now percy, i wanna build something permanent, with you.”

she’s proposing but he’s the one who pulls out the ring. they’ve already started but it’s time they made it official

Family? - Joe Sugg

Pairing: Joe Sugg & Y/N
Word count: 1.4k
Warnings: mentions of other people on drugs

You were finally finished university after four long years of studying and training to become a fully qualified nurse. You were glad to be done because now you can spend some quality time with your boyfriend, Joe, as you had been busy recently with studying.
Today you had both decided to go out for lunch, and on your way home you took a walk through the park, Joe vlogging and talking about his trip to LA coming up soon and hopefully you coming with him.
However, while you let him vlog and tuned into your surroundings, you heard frantic baby cries and a woman’s voice that was shouting telling it to be quiet. Turning the corner, you saw a woman, not all that much older than yourself, squatting on the ground, a tiny baby laying on the hard concrete beside her.
The woman, as you got closer, you could notice she had a glazed over look to her eyes and she was muttering repeated words to herself.
The baby had only a small t-shirt and diaper on, its skin becoming red due to the lack of heat it was getting.

You quickly said to Joe to wait where he was while you cautiously walked over to the woman who was rocking back and forth. Approaching her you crouched down to her level, although you were about a foot away in case of any unpredictable behaviour.
“Hi, are you alright?” you asked her, trying to assess her situation and the baby’s from the distance.
She snapped her head towards you and her face turned to one of uncertainty and disgust. She nodded her head rapidly while looking away from you, muttering ‘Yes, yes, yes’ to herself.
You took a tiny step forward to see if she or the baby had any injuries, but as you did she flinched and told you to stay away from them.
“I’m not going to hurt you, I just need to know if either of you are hurt. I’m here to help.” You replied in a soothing voice, looking the woman straight in the eyes to show that you were being sincere, even if she won’t quite pick up on it in her drug clouded mind.

From what you could see, there were no physical injuries.
You turned your head back to Joe and saw a few other people standing by in case something happened.
“Can someone ring an ambulance?” You ask quietly to the small gathering of people. But evidently you weren’t quiet enough, the woman on high alert, stood up and started shouting at you to leave them alone and that there was no need for an ambulance.
Joe rushed over to you, protective mode on auto-pilot. However, some others there also came to your aid, attempting to calm down the woman.
You looked over to Joe, and nodded to the baby still laying on the ground, mouthing that you were fine.

He nodded at you, making my way over to the screaming baby.
He knelt down beside it, running his hands over its arms, legs, head, and tummy checking for any bumps or cuts, but luckily found none.
He lifted it up, and sat down on the bench that was next to where it had been laying, taking his hoodie off and cocooning it around the tiny baby. He lifts her up gently, placing her in the crook of his neck, attempting to get her warmer.
She doesn’t stop crying, although it is not as loud as it was previously but she was persisting. He tries to rock her back and forth a bit, whispering that she’s okay, but the crying still continued.
An idea pinged in his brain amongst the chaos of a crying baby and a still shouting mother.
He reached down and brought out his camera that he had forgot to stop recording when he lowered it earlier when you had gone to talk to the mother.
He lifted up the view finder, and directed it towards the baby, allowing her to see herself. This was a tactic that he had used when his friends’ babies began to cry.
She stared at herself in the camera, fascinated at this moving image, not yet knowing it was herself. In the distraction of the new thing in front of her, she ceased her crying, only a few sniffles coming out of her rosy pouty lips.

He began to see her eyelids drooping slightly, so he turned off his camera and placed it back into his pocket.
He shifted her position in his arms, holding her like a new born baby, and began to rock her back and forth, singing a small tune to her in hope that it would help her sleep.
Just as she began to sleep the ambulance pulls up beside them, a doctor’s car with it.
Two paramedics began to persuade the mother to go with them in the ambulance while the woman in the doctor car began to walk over to Joe.
She gazed down at the sleeping baby, placing her hand on its head to check her temperature. She smiles up at him, her gaze faltering to you walking over to his side.
She thanked both you and Joe for helping, assuring you that both mother and baby will be safe and properly looked after. She scooped the snoozing baby from Joe’s arms and walked back to her car.

You looked up at Joe, a small smile on your face, “Time to go home, yeah?”
A small chuckle released from his lips, “Let’s go home.” He agreed, intertwining your hands together and walking back to his flat, becoming more ready by the second to get in the bath when you get there.

It had been a few days since the incident, and Joe had finally uploaded his vlog to his second channel. He had included the clips of the beautiful baby, wanting to keep them in it for memories sake. He did a small voice over on them, explaining what had happened and how brilliant you had been to help this helpless woman.
He had wanted to avoid the comments on this video, expecting to see people criticising him for using the baby for views or some other nonsense like that.
However, when he did look he found positive ones, albeit some where rude, mixed in with the spam ones he didn’t know how to get rid of. There were comments praising the both of you for doing the right thing, but the most common comments with thousands of likes were about how cute Joe was with the baby and how easily he knew how to calm her down.
He got similar messages in his mentions on twitter, some jokingly asking when him and you were going to have kids.

You had both spoke about it, always wanting to have kids, not fully minding when you had them. He could easily imagine it with you, how beautiful you would look with a round tummy from a little mini Sugg, him coming home from the hospital and getting used to changing its diaper, the first time it would smile, walk, talk. He felt himself get excited, unbelievably excited for when you begin to add to your little family.

He got up from his computer chair in his office, and walked to find you curled up with a cosy blanket watching a cheesy Disney movie. He smiled at how engrossed you were in it, dressed in comfy clothes and your hair thrown up into a bun.
He sat down next to you, curling into your side, under the blanket too.
“Babe?” he whispered in your ear, placing small kisses just behind your ear.
“Yeah?” you asked, turning your head slightly to the side so that you could see him.
“How would you feel about beginning our own little family?”
You looked stunned when the words slipped out of his mouth, this was something you wanted but it was something you were going to wait for him to bring it up again so you knew it was something he definitely wanted.
You nodded your head slightly, “I’d love to.”

He leaned down and pressed his lips to yours, but were unable to properly do it because of the gigantic smiles on your faces.