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This shot was adorable and I wanted there to be a more Vision-y version.


Naegiri phone backgrounds (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚

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How do you make shiros Galra arm

Okay, so I previously answered this question, but apparently people want this in more detail.

Note: My Shiro arm was basically made over a 3 day weekend (minus final gluing of hand pieces (drying time included, this takes a week or a week and a half) immediately after Voltron Legendary Defender season 1 was released. It’s not perfect, but I’m happy enough with it I have no plans to remake it. That also means I didn’t take a lot of progress pics. There is not a pattern, I free-formed it. Additionally I am a terrible influence and this is probably not a healthy example in so far as glue usage.

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Princess Zelda medieval fashion


Finally finished some older doodles I had made of these guys! So here ya go, more doodles of the Hyperion dorks! (Many of these were inspired by this song)

hero!Hitoshi and villain!Izuku showdown! which one of them would be saying that, i wonder…

my kinda prediction for @okieclover‘s fic, Enigma’s Box, which just happened to become partly canon in the most recent chap yay!

He didn’t need to ask his dad, he already had the jersey because he’s his dad’s biggest fan. (Bob doesn’t know this, because they don’t communicate. One day Bob will learn this -after Bitty sends him Halloween pictures- and Bob will cry SO. MANY. TEARS.)

i found the wip so i decided to finish it. yes Bitty’s costume is from Ratatouille. Shitty is probably Nero. 


I finally got a chance to read Dipper and Mabel and The Curse of the Time Pirates’ Treasure and I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH! The twins are extra adorable in @emmyc‘s illustrations so I couldn’t resist scribbling some fanart… and coloring it… and playing with overlays and color schemes as per usual. Looks like that’s a good way to knock me out of an artist’s block, who knew.

Number 2 and Dipper’s half of number 4 are kindasorta inferred in the text and I couldn’t stop myself, and I added a couple details to number 1. Otherwise they’re all referenced from the illustrations.

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How do you think Kacchan will react/reacted when he sees/saw Deku's body? I mean Deku probably has no muscle definition before inheriting All Might's quirk.

I think, at first, Deku’s trying hard to avoid his body getting seen; that’s why he’s the last one to finish wearing his costume during their first battle training. I can also imagine him hiding away during P.E. when they’re changing in and out of their uniforms. Between those times and the Summer Camp arc, somewhere along the way Deku started feeling comfortable with his body.

The following images depict the first time he changed with the rest of the boys during P.E.

Warning: Lots of naked Deku, swearing Kacchan and awkwardness.

Later Denki was sent to Recovery Girl.


One of my bnha OC: Aqua!

Her body is made of salty water and she can use it to fight (throw powerful water jets, drown her enemies,  etc) She can also change the matter which means she can make it liquid or jelly like (and for example use it to make some kind of water pillow for victims that are falling)

She also has a huge crush on Mezo Shouji


That time I threw a closet costume together in an hour, mostly with @castlecorsetry goods, because @solara_arai and I randomly decided to go to #StarWars Celebration for the day. I may have to finish my actual #Sith costume for cons this fall! 🖤 (at Orange County Convention Center)

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