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After countless attempts at making a slightly realistic aesthetic for Vegeta…and ending up with a big-headed-Italian-looking Vegeta… This is my first satisfactory result. 🙌 I found my inspiration in @nickbateman …if he isn’t the ideal image for Vegeta, I don’t know who is. (the topic is free for debate) Lol Plus, his facial hair is impeccable. 😍 Aaaaand I completely horribly suck and drawing hands… First hand angle that I actually like.

Late Night Baking

MariChat May 27th: Baking


Marinette smeared frosting across Chat’s nose after a particularly bad pun about rising to the occasion.

Chat’s eyes crossed as he tried to look at the frosting on his nose. He heard Marinette giggle as he tried to look at it. Chat sneezed and the giggling stopped.

Marinette stood before him, now splattered with frosting, and gaped at him.

Chat stared at her a moment before he completely lost it. Marinette joined him a moment later.

Chat paused in his laughing and looked around the kitchen. “Marinette, how long before your parent’s get up?”

Marinette blinked her laughing tears away and glanced at the clock. “Uh oh.” She muttered going pale.

Chat looked scared. “Uh oh? What do you mean uh oh?!”

Marinette looked sheepish. “We have about half an hour.” They both took a look around the absolutely wrecked kitchen.

Chat shook his head. “We’re screwed.”

Marinette nodded.

One day I heard some guy tell this girl in my class that her gums stuck out too much when she smiled, so she started covering her mouth every time someone cracked a joke or laughed with her.

And I knew a boy in my English class who would always get excited over the tiniest of things, then say sorry afterwards. He’d actually apologize for being over-enthusiastic. This was probably because of the weird looks people would give him when he boasted about his favorite books or movies. He actually thought his passions were silly.

Another time, I was at my best friend’s house. We were trying on clothes, and I threw a crop top of mine for her to wear. She told me she couldn’t wear it because her belly would stick out, and she wouldn’t want people staring or making rude comments. It was only later I found out about the nights she’d spend with two fingers down her throat.

Then a distant friend of mine had this boyfriend who constantly criticized her. He never liked her hair up, so she always wore it to her shoulders. He didn’t like her in skirts or shorts, so she always dressed down. And when he thought her friends were too opinionated, she soon grew distant from me as well. When he eventually left, she had completely lost who she was.

And once upon a time I fell in love with a boy who was afraid to cry because his whole life he was told that it made him weak. So day by day he’d let his problems eat away at him until eventually it consumed everything he was.

What I’m trying to say is, be careful of your words. These might be small instances, but the biggest issues are usually hidden beneath a million smaller ones. Everyone is struggling in little ways. Be kind.

—  // Excerpt #87
Brother’s Best Friend (M)

Jaehyun x Reader (feat. Johnny)

Word Count: 3.6k

Genre: Smut, Slight angst

A/N: My first published smut ayy.. I was stuck on this for a while but last night lordt I just went on one and finished it at like 4am lmao… Ty to my FLOwer (@nctreacting) for helping me out with this 💕

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I made a Bonnie Plushie! I couldn’t get the right colours for Springtrap so i went with Bonnie instead. It’s hard to find FNaF merch where i live so i improvised. He can move his legs and arm and his ears have wire in them so they can be posed! I was really tempted to give him button eyes. I really like how it come out though! Also;

I finally got a Springtrap Funko Pop! It was the last one in store, super happy i got him!

batmanrogues  asked:

mayhaps a fic of batfam (or maybe just damian idk) finding out that bruce and harvey used to smooch ❤️ love u babe

“Father,” Damian tugged on Bruce’s cape as they walked from the Batmobile towards the computer. There was a curiosity in his voice that Bruce picked up on immediately, “What did Dent mean when he said he ‘knows you better than most?’”

Bruce’s stride faltered for a moment but he quickly recovered. He knew this day would come eventually, as if had with the others. “We were friends, Damian… best friends, before what happened to Harvey.”

“I am well aware of that,” Damian said. “Seeing as you two have to scream about it every time you skirmish. There was something in Dent’s voice though, it seemed… what are you hiding, father?”

Bruce sighed, couldn’t help the fond smile that slipped onto his face as he took the cowl off. He sunk down into his chair and powered up the computer. “Since when was this an interrogation?”

“Interesting you consider this an interrogation,” Damian noted, folding his arms and staring sternly at his father as if their roles had been reversed. “Sounds like you do have something to hide. You realize I have multiple siblings at my disposal? The League taught me how to get people to talk.”

“Don’t use assassin interrogation techniques on your brothers and sisters.”

“You use interrogation techniques all the time!”

“Yes, well,” Bruce said. “Do as I say not as I do.”

Damian made his usual sound of exasperation, “<TT>

It seemed as though Bruce had won so he turned his attention back to the computer, pulling up Riddler and Scarecrow’s casefiles. Damian stood beside him for a few moments, silent and observing, hand resting on the edge of Bruce’s chair. Bruce glanced at him and there was an expression of distance on Damian’s young, brown face.

Finally, Damian spoke again, “There’s something more… He said he knew you better than Kyle, better than mother even… I-”

Damian stopped suddenly, eyes bugging out and clutching at his chest as if he was having a heart attack.

“Damian?” Bruce questioned, moving to touch his shoulder. Perhaps those fear toxin screenings had not been as conclusive as Bruce had hoped. “Damian, are you alright?”

Damian’s face scrunched up and his voice was dripping with disgust when he spoke, “Seriously?” Damian exclaimed. “Dent? Of all people… you and him…father, why?

Bruce let out a sigh of defeat. Damian was getting far too deductive for his own good. “It was a long time ago,” Bruce said. “Long before you were born. Harvey Dent used to be a good man.”

“The key term being used to be,” Damian looked at Bruce as if he had just grown a second head. “The alien, the thief, now the madman? You have an unwise taste in romantic partners.”

A bookcase slid across the floor to the left of the cave, revealing the secret entrance and Dick descending down the steps of it. He was dressed in his civilian clothing and slurping out of a Starbucks cup.

As soon as Dick was within hearing range, Damian rounded on him, “You knew, didn’t you? I’ll bet he told you before he told me.”

Dick’s brow furrowed and he looked between Bruce and Damian, searching for answers. “Uh… what are we talking about?”

“I was just speaking to Damian,” Bruce said. “About Harvey.

“Oh?” Dick seemed lost for a moment, then he almost dropped his cup. “Oh.

“Yeah, oh.” Bruce rolled his eyes.

“Perhaps you should use your son as a role model,” Damian gestured to Dick, who smiled back awkwardly in return. “Barbara and Starfire have been excellent assets to the superhero community.”

Bruce’s face hardened and his voice was sharp as he barked, “Damian, enough.

Dick tried to defuse the situation, “Love is messy, Damian. You can’t help who you want to hold hands with or kiss. You’ll understand one day.”

“I highly doubt it.”  

An Unexpected Surprise - Cody Christian Imagine

Request by Anon: Hey! May you do an imagine where Cody and (y/n) rarely fight but when they do it’s a hell of a mess and the current situation is that he and the (y/n) are having a fight, a really big one bc he accused her of cheating on him, bc maybe she’s coming home late and she’s always on the phone, but what really is happeningis that the reader is organizing a surprise birthday party to him, so when he finds out he’s really regretful for thinking she ever could do that to him and a happy and fluff ending? 

Warnings: Arguments, being accused of cheating, some curse words

Word Count: 4,056

Author’s Note: I couldn’t help myself with this prompt. I hope you like it. 

My Teen Wolf Master List

Originally posted by eu-nasciassim

Cody’s POV

The first sign

It’s funny how time flies by when you’re not looking at the clock, but when you do watch the clock, time seems to move slower. I drummed my fingers against the kitchen table as I slowly watched the second hand take its sweet time to move around the clock. Y/N was 29 minutes late. She’s never late and I was beginning to get worried something might have happened. If she was working late, she would have called or texted me to let me know. But tonight, she didn’t and I couldn’t help but think of the worst.

Just give her one more minute, I thought to myself as I pulled out my phone. Instead of looking at the clock on the wall, I looked at the time on the phone. Why must the last minute take the longest?

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anonymous asked:

Hello! Can I request a scenario where Kuroo tries to seduce his crush who playfully rejects his advances because they think he's just being a huge flirt when he's not being a little shit? thank you!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!

Oh no!!! This has been sitting here (along with a bunch of other asks and drafts D:< bad, me)! I’m so sorry!! But this looks like a totally awesome scenario! So coming right up~ I hope you have had a wonderful time (waiting for this request <.<)! Thanks for requesting! Please enjoy this scenario as well as my apologies for this being late -n- -Admin 4AM

P.S I’m switching back to past tense verbs!! I’m trying to get into the habit again, have been ever since I opened up a general writing blog :U It’s hard.

“Hey there, come around often?~”

Kuroo-san, this is my desk.” A couple of your friends nearby covered their mouths to drown out their snickers. “We’re supposed to be in our assigned seats. Isn’t it that one over there near the front?”

“You remember where I sit? How cute that you’ve been staring-”

“I’m the class president, Kuroo-san. I’m supposed to know these things. You see, the homeroom teacher forgets their attendance book frequently so it is my job to be able to take care of class matters, is it not?”

“…Aren’t class presidents just representatives of the classes?”

“Aren’t you supposed to be in your seat, Kuroo-kun?”

“Ah, yes, sensei!” Kuroo shouted a little too loudly in your ear. The homeroom teacher rolled their eyes when he finally sat in his seat.

“I hope his flirting wasn’t too much on you, ____-chan.” The teacher voiced and sighed shortly after.

“It’s fine, sensei. He flirts with nearly everyone he sees, I’m sure that I’ll be fine because he has no real intent. Right, Kuroo-san?~” The teacher laughed and then proceeded to call out attendance. They commented on how close the two of you were, which made Kuroo play along and nod with a smirk. He hoped that you found his smirk the least bit attractive. You sent him a smirk in return, which made Kuroo’s heart nearly stop. He looked away with red tinting his cheeks.

Kuroo was found watching you talk with some of your friends during lunch. He tried to get the message across that he really liked you that morning, but it really wasn’t working out in his favor.

“Ah, how am I supposed to get them to notice me without them thinking I’m being a flirt!” Kuroo yelled. You looked his way and deadpanned, wondering what all the ruckus was about.

“Kuroo-san, please refrain from yelling. This is a classroom environment. Besides, your food is getting cold.”

“Then why don’t you come feed me?”

“I see nothing wrong with your hands, Kuroo-san. Are you cramping or bruised? You know the infirmary isn’t too far away.” Kuroo sighed in frustration.

“No, that’s definitely not it,” he said. You finished chewing on a bite of your lunch.

“Ah, no pain in your hands?”

“More like a pain in my chest.” Kuroo stared at you, which you did in return. Immediately you stood up and dragged Kuroo out of the classroom. “Where are we going?”

“I suspect that you may be experiencing abnormal chest pains or perhaps breathing errors. Your red face and lack of breathing after this long distance running isn’t affecting you at all. I know you volleyball players can’t run as fast or as long as the track players, but they’re usually panting slightly at this rate. It’s been five minutes of sprinting.”

“… Jeez,” Kuroo sighed. Your hand gripped his own even tighter, and his face got undoubtedly redder. He found it hard to form words when you were even touching him.

“Need a break?”

“Yeah.” The two of you stopped just outside of the infirmary. You managed to catch your breath before Kuroo did, so you rubbed his back just to make sure he’s okay.

“Breathe, Kuroo-san. I’m here with you,” you said as Kuroo turned away for a quick second.



“I’m sorry… you’re just making me fall even harder,” Kuroo mumbled. You moved to stand in front of him and then grabbed his shoulders.

“Kuroo-san, maybe if you sit down then you won’t have to fall.”

“… I can’t believe I’m in love with you.”

“Ah, ____-san, Kuroo-san, what are you doing outside of the infirmary?”

“Nurse-san… I think I’m having a heart attack.”