finished art challenge 2014

So I noticed Magneto and Loki have something in common (not just their villainy and affinity for headgear lol). 

I’ve had this in my WIP folder for a while and had a pretty clear vision of how this was meant to look but then I got a bit bored of it about halfway through. Came out looking like a vintage movie poster or zombie comic book cover which is kinda what I was going for.

The eyes are a bit supernatural. Sounds like a job for Team Free Will ;)

I’ve been slighty MIA for the past couple weeks but hopefully I can keep the arting going from now on :)

Here’s a screenshot of something I’m currently working on. My friend Jordan and I decided to try to complete an original piece of finished artwork every week for the entire year. Err… It’s a bit more difficult that I expected. I’ve also realized that I’m incredibly self-conscious of my original designs. I think I’ve fan-arted (farted lol) too much. Not sure where this is going. Hopefully I can pull something off ahhaha.