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"completely shit on two rookies WHO WORKED HARD ALL RACE" i ??? lance worked hard too?? he went up like 6 spots before he went out on a problem with his car, not something he did?? im pretty sure he worked hard too!! not to mention babe, gio+van got 12/13, where the rest of the cars went out on car problems and not driver problems. they worked SO hard, i can see that

You mentioned Giovinazzi and Stoffel to begin with. Two rookies, which now you ARE lessening their achievements by saying they would have finished dead last if it wasn’t for the retirements. Everyone has pointed out how difficult it was for Lance to get past Antonio - a feat which should have been easier given Antonio’s utterly shit car and Lance’s superior one and his higher accumulated time in an F1 car. That’s a BIG thing for Antonio. And you’re shitting on it. Not cool. Stoffel achieved such results with 235 laps of testing. And Antonio was competing in a car with a LAST YEAR SPEC ENGINE, 151 laps and still managed to pull something out.  

Look, I’m not going to argue with you over this. I don’t rate him and I don’t like him. Everyone on this hellsite hates and shits on Lewis on a regular basis. I don’t understand why Lance should be exempt from hate? Calling people “little shits” and “pathetic” is NOT the way to persuade people otherwise. Makes you sound like that teenager you’re defending imo.  

Alright, since I finished my homework before midnight, I decided to treat myself by sketching Yoosung… yes. He’s holding a finger gun up. Yes. He’s the type to say “You’re under arrest… For stealing my heart.” 

My Favorite Moments of Voltron S2

- Hunk Ramsey™
- Pidge-I-Don’t-Know-Which-Bathroom-To-Use-So-I’ll-Just-Hold-It
- Lance’s face
- Angry Space Dad™
- Knowledge or Death
- Protective Mama Red Lion
- “My name is Coran, and I’m a gorgeous man”
- Coran’s life phases
- EP 11 Titled “Stayin’ Alive”
- (Last episode wrecked me Im dead inside)


The “my little random moments of pleasure” series - Kings of Con: Epi 10. Arlington, VA - N°1


*heart repairing noise*

oh by the way guys! The next update will be the last part of this ‘DEAD END’ comic! Thank you so much for putting up with me! I will try my best to finish them by next week! :’DDD

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    “oh, angel sent from up above
                 you know you make my world 
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With You

Pairing: Daryl Dixon x Reader

Genre: fluff

Words: 1313

Summary: Daryl comes home to find you asleep on the couch. He thinks about his future–his future, with you. 

Notes: this takes place around the time Daryl gets the job from Aaron! i didn’t really edit this, but i just found it and thought that it was worth to post. i think we could all use some fluffy Daryl, especially after last week’s episode. enjoy. 

*credit to owner of the gif below*

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The future fuhrer and his wife