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Dating KJ Apa would Include...

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Warnings: none

Requested: Anonymous asked:” Hey can you do a dating would include with either kj apa or Archie Andrews?”                                                               (Writing about Archie Andrews soon)

Authors Note: I’m still writing on two imagines that got requested, and I’m trying to finish them as soon as possible. But besides this:School started so it means I need to study a lot and Weekends are then my time relief. So when you request something please don’t think there is a due until I finished the Requestion. But I’m trying my best!xx

- everyone would love you guys as a couple

- KJ would always mention in everything

- you’re his princess

- long and passionate kisses is the reason why you both are so in love with each other

- watching how KJ is doing his job in acting

- KJ would take you out every weekend

- no fights

- being the cutest couple worldwide

- everything is literally passionate in your relationship

- spending as much time as possible

- planing already the future

- being silly/goofy together

- ass grabing

- KJ is overprotective AS HECK

- make out sessions 

- doing Photo-Battles on Snapchat or Instagram Story

- making jokes about each other

- I think KJ is the type of boyfriend that would go with you everytime on a concert

- forehead kisses

- Netflix & Chill (non Sexual)

- sometimes you guys have those “Chill out” days on the weekend, where you both  just off your phones and enjoy the time together

- scalp massages when KJ cannot sleep

- taking silly pictures together

- jealously KJ

- KJ could never be mad at you 

- “You’re too cute to be mad at you.”- KJ

- teasing him about his red hair

- watching him playing guitar

- late night cuddle sessions

- you love it when he lets his beard grow

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Maybe someones know but currently Peru is suffering landslides (also well known as Huaicos); as consequence, people lost her homes, merchandise, basic services and their lifes.
Government declared all cities from the north of the country in emergency.
I live on the north, in Trujillo city.
Please, to everyone currently messaging me in all my social network don’t be extremely insistent if I don’t answer your messages.
I didn’t had services until now, and hopefully after the next landslide coming. (I’m trying to answer now so..In case this happens again everyone will know why) I guess I summarized the context for the knowledge of everyone
So, to the point: MY CURRENT COMMISSIONS WILL DELAY UNTIL THE SITUATION GETS BETTER. I’m very sorry, but natural phenomenon can’t be predicted. I’ll finish them as soon as the situation gets better
I’ll work as hard as I can
I felt like I had the obligation to explain why I was kinda disappeared since March 15 so thanks for reading.


Today I had to say goodbye to Spock. 

Last week we put him on steroids and subcutaneous fluids, but they didn’t do anything for him. By the weekend he wasn’t eating anything, barely moved and was breathing heavily because of the fluid slowly filling his lungs. The vet and I agreed that the kindest thing for him was to let him go.

He was an amazing cat- too many toes, smart enough to do tricks and he was the cat that made dog-lovers wonder if cats maybe weren’t all that bad. At four years old it was too soon for him to leave, but I’m grateful for those years I had with him.

Yesterday when my friends came over for my birthday, he heroically pulled himself from his hiding place in the closet to flop himself over the game ‘Ticket to Ride’ we were about to play because he knew I was gonna hate it and wanted to rescue me from that pain.

Love you, Spock. Of my friend, I can only say this: Of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most… feline.

To those waiting on commissions- I’ll finish them up as soon as I can, but obviously this weekend and this week have been / are going to be a little rougher for me than usual.

I just wanted to thank everyone who donated to his medical fund last month- because of your generosity, I don’t have any outstanding vet bills and was even able to afford to have him privately cremated so that I can have his ashes. Thank you for all your support.

Have I mentioned writing Mor and Rhys (and co.) is like the greatest thing in the whole wide world? Because it is. And it makes me infinitely happy.

And you know, Mor + Cassian makes me really happy too. And I feel like we’ve failed to see that as a fandom. Moriel is amaze, but damn if there isn’t something special between her and Cassian too. They all just… look out for each other and care so much. Azriel doesn’t go to the camps with them, and when they aren’t out for the day, Cassian and Mor are just 1005% about each other and making sure they’re okay. It’s the most endearing thing in the whole world. These people all love each other so much. And it makes my heart so full.