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Stronger Than You (Undertale Parody Response)
Stronger Than You (Undertale Parody Response)

Response and lyrics based to this post because I loved it but I don’t have a voice for sans so.


I didn’t know what I got into
Somehow I can’t go back even if I really wanted to
So what more can I do?
Here at the end, it’s just me and you

I never wanted to play by all the rules
A knife in hand, I’m playing out the part of the fool

So here we go, you can judge me thoroughly
It’s too late for apologies.

Go ahead and just hit me since you’re able
We know my determination is unstable
I’m not even mad because I keep on dying
But I don’t even know why I’m trying.

This isn’t what I want, yet it’s what I asked for
Curiosity over all my morals
I took away our perfect, happy ending
Resetting the world despite the warnings

Right now I’m made of LOVE ahh… of LOVE ahh…

I know who you are, you remember who I am
We knew that once in a timeline, we had grown to be good friends
And yet I killed your brother without giving him a chance
Every time you throw me down, I hope you kill me once again.

So go ahead and just hit me since you’re able
All the sin that I can feel is unbearable
If I could only hit you once it would be over
But the consequences last forever

The flowers are in bloom as the birds will tell
It’s a beautiful day to be burning in Hell
You gave me advice, I chose genocide,
But I know how to make it right.

I am made of LOVE ahh… but I’ll give up for you.


the You vs Riko WIP from this poll. I was writing then my vocabulary died and the fight scene wasn’t flowing so I ended up sketching these but losing patience too LOL #forever WIP

Concept Arts /Character Backgrounds: [Law Enforcement] [Fuurin Shrine] [Ohara Apothecary] [Chibi Icons]

Blips: [Of Cats and Thieves] (pilot blip) | [Our Contract]

Saintly Jealousy

 Heavy coughs sputtered out of his bruised mouth. Teeth clenching back the pain that pierced his back, Alm shakily, but carefully wobbled back to his feet with his sword that was sheathed into the ground as support. The enemy before him was unmoving, lifeless – thankfully – and Alm thanked the Mother that he didn’t have to go through the enemy twice.

 “Gods, you look like a terrible disappointment.”

 Ah, as if the wounds on his body weren’t bad enough.

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DDADDS and their kids headcanon

Okay so I’m a little late to the game, but I’ve been playing Dream Daddy and I love it. One of my friends is playing it too and she asked me if I was gonna do any headcanon posts about the game. Of course I said yes and she gave me my first suggestion. So I’m doing it now.

Here are the Dads’ getting into tickle fights with their kids.

Brian: when Daisy is upset or stressed over her school work he’ll be there to cheer her up quickly. Since Daisy is still a kid he’ll bring out the old tickle monster shtick and Chase her around before going after her until she turns red. Then he cuddles her and tells her everything is going to be okay.

Joseph: it’s three against one. Joseph will start it for fun, but the kids will finish it. He usually ends up being the one to get tickled then to tickle his kids. They all end up in a giggling pile on the living room floor.

Hugo: If Ernest is being particularly moody he’ll bring out an old trick from when he was a boy. He’ll sit next to Ernest and casually put his arm on the back of the couch. When Ernest lets his guard down Hugo makes his move and goes for his son’s neck. Ernest will shrink away and end up backing right into Hugo who easily locks him and continues the torment. Ernest will yell that he’s too old for tickles, but Hugo doesn’t listen. Once free Ernest will turn on his dad and Hugo will let him have his revenge. Ernest secretly loves these little moments with Hugo.

Damien: The father and son are already close so a simple tickle attack every now and then is nothing odd for them. Lucien will try to play off not wanting to, but ends up dominating his father and winning. Damien still gets in his fill and it always ends with a hug and kiss from both.

Mat: Carmensita loves all things cute and fun, tickles included. She always starts it and Mat always finishes it by being stronger than her. The two will laugh together no matter which one is being tickled. After the battle is done they always have a snack.

Craig: Like Joseph he’s out numbered. The twins are ruthless but Craig is strong. The three love to rough house together and the tickle war usually ends when one of the twins accidentally goes too far and makes the other cry. Craig also has tickle time with River and she loves Raspberrys.

Robert: He never played much with Val growing up so he doesn’t remember having tickle fights. Neither does Val. That’s it.

MC: Amanda and you haven’t had a real tickle fight since before your S/O passed. You miss it and so does she but it doesn’t feel right anymore. You and her still remember the fun of rolling around and trying to one up each other laughing the whole time.

So that’s that. What do you think?

Have a nice day everyone.


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Pairing: Reader x Yuta

Word Count: 3.7k+

Warnings: nothing for now!

Summary: Brother’s best friend au! with Taeyong as the reader’s brother and Yuta as the brother’s best friend! Most likely going to be a three-shot but maybe more!

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

A/N: It’s finally here guys! I’ve been working on this all week and I know it’s a bit short, but I really wanted to use this part to set the mood and give you guys a sense of the personalities! Don’t worry though, there’s definitely romance in this part too! Feedback is much appreciated and I really hope you all enjoy!

A shiver runs down your spine, your jacket doing nothing to keep the icy droplets from burning your skin. You had called your older brother about 30 times, none of which were answered, to come pick you up from your friends house. You dial his number once more, and yet again are met with his voicemail. You knew you should have taken the car, but you decided to be a nice sister and leave it with your brother since he asked you to. You would’ve never left it with him if you knew it was going to rain and he wouldn’t answer your phone calls. The streets are eery and dark because of the small storm. Not a bit of sun is shining through the clouds, and you’re legitimately the only person on the street. You speed up your pace, hoping to reach the comfort of your house as soon as possible. A sliver of the view of your house comes into sight as you turn the next corner, and before you know it you’re almost jogging to your house. Carefully walking up the wet driveway, you make your way to the front door. You notice another car in your normally one car driveway, but pay no attention to it just wanting to warm up inside. Creaking open the door, you look in to see no one in the living room.

“TAEYONG, I’M HOME!” You yell, slipping off your soaked jacket and almost ruined shoes. You cringe in disgust as you ring your hair out, the stench of rain all over it and the rest of your body. Footsteps echo throughout the hall, as your older brother makes his way from the kitchen to your voice.

“Hey sis- What the hell happened to you?” He says, stopping once he see’s your drenched form in the doorway.

“It’s pouring outside! I tried to call you, but you wouldn’t pick up your phone, so I had to walk home!” You reply.

“I’m sorry y/n, I-” Taeyong starts, before he is interrupted by the man of your dreams himself.

“Y/n! What a nice surprise!” He says, painting a playfully bright smile upon his face.

The beat of your heart starts speeding up as your gaze falls upon the dark haired male. Yuta is not only your brother’s best friend, but he is downright the most beautiful man you’ve ever seen in your entire life, and you’re not even exaggerating. The guy makes you so nervous, you can barely get out two words when you’re around him. It doesn’t help that he’s the biggest flirt there is. Nakamoto Yuta will flirt with anyone, including you. He knows how to use his looks to his advantage. How he became best friends with your idiot of an older brother, you have no idea. 

“So, what happened to you? Decided to run through a sprinkler or something?” He asks, cheekily. A blush paints over your cheeks as you take notice of what a mess you must look like right now. Your wet clothes are sticking to your body, your makeup is all smeared and your hair is dripping. Not to mention, Yuta’s clearly staring at your exposed body, making you even more anxious.

“She had to walk home from her friend’s house in the rain since I have the car and I wasn’t picking up my phone.” Taeyong says, deciding to stick up for you since he feels guilty.

“Sorry y/n it’s my fault. Taeyong and I were playing a video game so his phone was muted… but hey, it’s not too bad right?” Yuta replies with a smirk, eyes raking up and down your drenched body. Yuta’s flirtatious advantages are nothing new to you, but you can’t help but feel self conscious with your clothes being so see through.

“Not too bad? She’s completely drenched!” Taeyong says, giving his friend a “wtf man” look. 

“Yeah, but I personally don’t mind the view.” Yuta says, shooting you a wink, causing Taeyong to elbow him in the stomach.

“Hey man, be careful what you say, that’s my sister.” Taeyong says sternly. However, Yuta just rolls his eyes and keeps looking at you. Not wanting to stay there any longer because of the awkward atmosphere created by Yuta’s daring comment, you decide to bolt.

“Uh, I’m gonna go change!” You say, turning around without waiting for a decent response. You quickly head up to your room and shut the door, letting out a deep breath. Everything is silent until Yuta’s laugh is heard echoing throughout the house and you finally manage to calm down. The stench of rain is still heavy on your clothes as you look through your drawers for something comfy to change in to. Taeyong’s sweatshirt that you always borrow is the first thing you see that you deem suitable enough your comfort. You’re about to change when you finally see your own reflection in the mirror. Black streaks are all over your face from your makeup and your hair is absolutely destroyed. To put it curtly, you look like you’ve been hit by a bus. Deciding the best option here is to shower first, you lay the clothes you were going to put on on your bed and head into the shower. 

The hot water runs down your body making all of the tense muscles in your body start to relax. Yuta always flirts with you, whether the two of you are in front of Taeyong or not, but you can never tell if he’s being genuine or not. Taeyong tells you about Yuta’s pursuits with girls all of the time and they make you sort of iffy. Whether Yuta seriously feels something for you or not, it’s too late for you. Your feelings for Yuta are in full swing and every time he flirts with you or looks at you a certain way, they just get stronger. Finishing up in the shower, you wrap your towel around your body and open the door to the bathroom. A small scream escapes your mouth when you’re met with Yuta’s smirking face.

“Oh y/n, I’m so sorry! I didn’t know you were in the shower.” He says not so discreetly looking you up and down yet again.

Even more uncomfortable than last time, you adjust your towel slightly, as if that’d do anything, and reply, “Yeah, well I felt all dirty from the rain so, I just decided to hop in really fast… don’t worry, the bathroom’s all yours now!”

“Great, thanks!” He replies, walking past you to go into the bathroom. His shoulder brushes against yours since he didn’t wait for you to move. Completely flustered, you go to walk away, but then Yuta grabs your wrist, pulling you into him so closely that you can feel his breath on your face.

“By the way y/n,” he starts, “You should really be more cautious of who you decide to walk around in a towel in front of” he smirks, shutting the door before you can respond. The door is shut before you even think of anything to respond, and you literally just stand there in awe for a few seconds. Not wanting to be there when he comes out, you race back to your bedroom and shut the door with a little too much force, making you flinch. Your face is bright red as you take deep breaths and try to comprehend what just happened to you. Mentally scolding yourself for not bringing your clothes with you into the bathroom, you sigh and take a seat upon your bed. Your personal heavy breathing is the only thing that you can hear until the creaking of the bathroom door opening breaks the silence. You quickly hold your breath, praying that Yuta won’t approach you again. Luckily, you hear his footsteps walk right past your room and head straight down the stairs. Deciding sitting in a towel staring into space is not the most intelligent or effective way to cope with your feelings, you stand up and prepare to get dressed. However, before you get the chance, your door is pushed open, making you let out a scream identical to the one from before.

“Taeyong! Why didn’t you knock, I could’ve been changing!” You shriek without even glancing to see if it was actually him at the door and just assuming. 

“Well that would’ve been a lovely sight to see.” You freeze once you hear the velvety voice that responds and wonder what you possibly could’ve done to be this unlucky. Nerves start creeping up your spine as you try to muster up something, ANYTHING, to say in response to Yuta. Sensing that you’re flustered, Yuta decides to take things a bit further.

“I didn’t know you liked sitting around in a towel after you shower y/n! If I had known that, I would’ve invited you to come hang downstairs with us.” He says with a wink, leaving you even more breathless than you were before. 

You try to say something to explain yourself, but all that comes out is, “I don’t uh… this isn’t… I don’t normally-”

“Hey hey, it’s ok! Maybe you just like to feel free sometimes? I don’t judge. In fact I’m the same way! If it wasn’t for your brother’s rules I’d probably be walking around nude right now.” Yuta says, causing yet again, another blush on your face. You wonder how Yuta is able to have absolutely no shame. He’s always confident and smug whenever he flirts with you, making sure to always make eye contact and do the correct body gestures; but, for some reason you can’t seem to do the same. It’s as if he hypnotizes you every time his eyes meet yours. After not receiving an answer, Yuta steps further into your room. Every step closer he gets, the more quickly your heart starts beating. Time feels as if it’s in slow motion, though in reality it’s only a few seconds as he walks over and casually takes a seat on the edge of your bed. 

“So anyways, Tae asked me to come up and tell you that the two of us are going out tonight so we won’t be home until late.” He says. Your heart drops. It’s no shocker that Taeyong and Yuta are going out tonight, they’re two attractive teenage guys. But you can’t help but feel a little let down that Yuta was just harmlessly flirting with you. Determined not to let him win this little game you just made up, you try to keep your guard up and calmly ask, “Where are you two going?”

Yuta just laughs softly and looks into your eyes. “Just to our friends house. He’s having a party tonight and the two of us decided to go.” Yuta places his hands on your bed and leans forward so that he’s closer to you. “I asked if you could join, but your brother insisted it’s best if you stay home. It’s too bad really, I feel like the two of us could’ve had a lot of fun together.” He says, with a mischievous glint in his eye. Looking into his eyes just amplifies what he was making you feel already. 

“Yeah that’s really too bad… but I’m not ready for a party anyway… it’s not like I could show up in this towel right?”

When Yuta doesn’t respond, you look up at his face to see him staring at something. Turning around, you follow his gaze to Taeyong’s sweatshirt that you had laid on your bed.

“Whose sweatshirt is that?” Yuta asks, his voice void of emotion.

“Why?” You ask, your brow lifting up in confusion. 

“Just curious…” He says quietly. You didn’t catch on at first, but a little smirk slowly makes it’s way onto your face as you read the situation. It’s entirely possible that Yuta is jealous right now.

“Oh it’s just Taeyongs. I like guys sweatshirts better than girls, so I steal his all of the time.” You reply. An apparent wave of relief washes over his face.

“Cute.” He says with a small smile. “I guess I better get going.” 

“The two of you have fun. Tell Tae to keep me updated so I know he isn’t lost and shit faced on the sidewalk ok?” You reply with a new sense of confidence after learning about Yuta’s jealousy.

Yuta simply smiles as he gets up. “Will do y/n.” 

He starts walking towards the door, but turns around again before the exit. His eyes bore into yours with a matching sense of confidence. “By the way, you’re welcome to wear one of my sweatshirts anytime.” And with that, he shuts the door and leaves you to delve in your own thoughts.


After Taeyong and Yuta had left, you didn’t really know what to do with yourself. In an attempt to wait up for them, you get yourself comfortable on the couch in the living room and begin to binge watch one of your favorite dramas, hoping it’ll distract the images of Yuta from your mind. However, your plan fails when the drama actually has you thinking more about Yuta, like what’d it’d be like if he treated you like guys in dramas treat their girlfriends. You wonder if the two of you could ever be like that; cuddled up on the couch, looking at each other as if you two are the only things that matter in the world, saying cheesy declarations to one another, sharing soft kisses. You shake your head lightly, telling yourself not to get your hopes up. First of all, it’s a drama that you’re comparing this type of relationship to, AND it’s with Yuta of all people. You scoot around on the couch, adjusted the pillow you are laying on so that you could feel more comfortable. The voices of the actors eventually begin to fade out as you slowly fall asleep to the noise of the drama.

The sound of the front door pulls you out of your sleeping state. Blurriness clouds your vision as your eyes begin to adjust to the light. You grab your phone and take a quick glance at the time, seeing that it’s 3am. You stretch your arms above your head and look around to see where the noise came from, your stiff back aching as you slowly stand up from the couch. Walking out of the living room all disheveled, you’re met with the sight of your extremely drunk brother being held up a by an only slightly drunk Yuta. 

“Oh hey y/n!!!!” Your brother slurs, “What’s up sisssss?” 

You sigh and go to take Taeyong from Yuta’s hold, your body falling forward from the effect of holding up your brother’s weight. “Come on Tae, it’s 3am and you’re super drunk. Let’s get you to bed.” 

“No, I wanna stay here!” Taeyong says pouting like a 5 year old, pushing you away from him and plopping himself down on the couch. Having been in this situation before and knowing it’s best not to fight him when he’s drunk, you decide to just take a seat next to him, too tired to fight him anyway. You failed to realize that Yuta’s been watching you the entire time, and for the first time, he almost doesn’t know what to do with himself. He just showed up to your house with your drunk older brother. Does he flirt with you like he normally does? Does he leave? Does he stay over like he was supposed to? Lucky for him, you decide to initiate conversation this time.

“Are you staying over tonight?” You question quietly, having no idea where you got the confidence to ask him that.

“Well yeah I was supposed to… but I could go home if it makes you uncomfortable?” He says politely, almost shocking you.

“No it’s ok, you don’t make me uncomfortable. And you’ve been drinking, it’s probably best that you don’t drive and just stay here.” You say. A curt nod is the only response you get from the dark haired male. He then walks over and takes a gentle seat next to you on the couch. Taeyong is passed out by now and the atmosphere between you and Yuta is just awkward. Neither of you can find anything to say to one another. You wonder what could’ve happened at the party to rid him of his flirtatious persona, but you decide it’s best not to ask. You look over to your right and see Yuta carelessly scrolling through Instagram. Without realizing, you unintentionally end up staring at his side profile for a long time. His perfect nose, his long eyelashes, his smooth lips; every feature present on his face is able to appeal to you. Feeling your stare, Yuta looks up and meets your gaze. Too embarrassed that you were caught, you immediately look down towards your lap and reach behind you to take out your phone. However, Yuta eye’s don’t leave your face. He’s studying you just as you were him and you know it, but you can’t find the courage to look up.

“Y/n can I ask you something?” He asks, finally breaking the silence.

“Go for it.” You reply anxiously.

“What do you really think of me?”

Your eyes widen in response, not expecting such a question, you reply, “What do you mean?”

“How do you view me? Like when you hear my name, what comes to mind?” He asks, his eyes not leaving your face for a second. When you don’t answer, he decides to go further.

“Look, I like you Y/n. I’ve always thought you were gorgeous but the more I’ve come to hang with Taeyong and the more I’ve gotten to know you…” He stops, almost as if he’s trying to find the right words to say.

Having a feeling where he’s going with this, you interrupt, “Yuta, you’re my brothers best friend…” as you’re fighting an internal battle with yourself on what you should say, since he did almost basically just confess to you. 

“What? Is that ALL you see me as?” He asks, scooting closer to you. “I know what you think of me y/n.” He pauses, sighing. “I know that you think I’m insanely attractive, and I know that you like me. But, I also know that you think I’m a flirty fuckboy who only flirts with you for my own enjoyment.” He stops, making sure he’s looking in your eyes before he says, “Well I want you to know that none of that is true.”

“If you already know, then why did you ask?” You reply.

Yuta nods slowly and meets your gaze again. “I’m really not like that you know.” He says. “I don’t flirt just to flirt, I flirt because of you.” When you don’t respond, he decides to continue. “You aren’t just some girl y/n, i’ve known you for as long as I’ve known Taeyong. And everytime he invites me over, I get the pleasure of seeing you. I can’t even tell you how much I secretly love it when Tae tells you to chill with us and you say yes. I love watching the heat rush to your cheeks whenever I talk to you, and I love how nervous you get whenever I’m around.” Yuta finishes, leaning even closer towards your body.

“Yuta… you’re drunk.” You tell him, unable to come up with any other valid response. He definitely drank, but the both of you knew that he was no where near Taeyong’s level, and he knew that you knew. 

“I’m not drunk y/n, I’m just barely tipsy. You and I both know that. And even if I were drunk, they say alcohol is what causes the truth to come out.” He says, leaning in even more, which you didn’t even realize was possible, to a point where there’s barely any space left in between the two of you.

“B-but Taeyong?” You say, your breathing getting heavier, anticipating what’s about to happen.

“Just forget about Taeyong for a second.” He says, reaching his large hand up to cup the side of your face, the warm of his hand acting as a sense of comfort. “Let me just try something.” He says softly. His hand gently guides your head, pulling you closer to him. His breath is light on your face as the space between your lips slowly begins to disappear. Yuta’s lips softly graze your own for not even a second, before you’re suddenly hit in the back of the head by the Taeyong’s arm, signaling that he’s waking up from his little drunken nap. A grunt escapes Taeyong’s throat and you and Yuta quickly pull away from each other. Silently cursing Taeyong in your head, you turn around to check on him. 

“Hey guys! What happened to the partyyyyy?!” He asks, slur still clearly present in his voice. Yuta has yet to look away from you, it just not feeling right to remove his gaze after such an intense moment. He had been waiting for that for a very long time, it was about to happen, and Taeyong had managed to rip it from his fingers in a matter of seconds. But being the good best friend he is, Yuta puts his needs aside and goes to help Taeyong.

“Come on man, let’s get you to sleep.” Yuta says sighing.

“But it’s party time!!!!!” Taeyong slurs again, falling into Yuta as he tries to stand up from the couch.

“We really should monitor how much he drinks next time.” You joke, laughing slightly in hopes of lightening the atmosphere after such an intense moment.

Yuta gives you a genuine smile in return and says, “Well I guess I’ll get him into bed so that you could go to sleep.” 

Yuta leaves Taeyong on the couch for a second as he goes to approach you. He walks up to you, cradles your head in his large hands, and brings your forehead to his lips to place a gentle kiss upon it, causing your heart to flutter at the sweet act. “Goodnight y/n”. He says, shooting you a small smile and leading your brother up the stairs. And with that, the two of you are left to wander in your own thoughts. 


A/N: Well that’s the end of part one guys! Again feedback is really appreciated! It’d be awesome if you guys let me know what you liked about it and what you want to see in part 2! Thank you so much again for reading!

In His Lap (Mick x Plus Size! Reader) Imagines - Request


To my darling anon,

I hope you don’t mind; but I actually combined your idea with another reader’s request, since it was very similar to yours. In addition to, I apologize for the late post. Due to technical difficulties - and just the fact that life sorta got in the way - I am turning this piece into a New Year’s prompt. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, dear anon, but, if you find that you aren’t happy with the piece, please let me know and I’ll write you a seperate Christmas one…!

With love,

Kendra tries to get you to talk to Mick at the New Year’s Eve Party. At first, you said no; but, after taking a shot, you gained the courage you needed…


“Talk to him!”

“I can’t!”

“You can!”

“No, I can’t!”

“Yes , ________, you can!” Crossing her arms, Kendra gave you a gently scolding look. “Please do yourself a favor and just walk over there.”

Upon hearing her suggestion, you flushed bright red.

While you have had a crush on Mick for the past few weeks now, you still had yet to start a conversation with the pyromaniac; much less, confess your feelings to him.

Chances were he probably never noticed you.

I mean, who would? Your harsh inner voice scoffed. You’re not pretty, you have no sex appeal and - worst of all - you’re fat. What kind of guy would want THAT?

A small part of you hoped it would be Mick.

Though many assumed there wasn’t much to the guy - what, with his brutish behavior and vulgar language - a part of you liked to think there was more to him.

That he would somehow accept you the way you were.

Peering over at the poker table across the room, you watched your darling hulk of a man play against Leonard and Jax. His brows furrowed, he focused all his attention towards the hand he was dealt with.

You bit your lip. He just looks so…badass.

“Oh my god, ________,” Kendra turned her eyes up to the heavens, before shaking her head. It was her typical ‘don’t-make-me-do-this’ gesture. “You’re a great girl! You could so go over there and say ‘hi’! He’s not that complex of a man to talk to, anyway…”

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This is my second stardew valley . This time the giante is Alex, a young man who loves sports and trains all day in order to keep getting stronger. After finishing of lifting weights in an absurd heat, the young man realized he was not alone in your room …

It took me long to finish this drawing because it has many details. After I finished the drawing, I noticed that this is a very repetitive position in my drawings .. I think I should vary slightly, but hope you like it.

If you guys like it and want another drawing of this game, tell us comments.
Remember that if have a drawing third probably Sebastian will be the new giant.

The Captain and The Recruit - Part 4.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader.
Warnings: Language, Light Smut, Bucky being an awkward little duckling, Slow Burn.
Word Count: 1.2k

A/N: If you would liked to be tagged, let me know.
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A lot of stuff happening really fast, right? If you want more info about this point in their lives I did a couple one-shots based on little-lord-brat and mine’s RP that this came from, so it gives a little more background. This includes the explanation on Naruto’s gender and how this was possible for him.

During Pregnancy
Twins’ Birth

And if Sasuke seems OOC it’s because there was a lot of development during the RP for him to get to this state. It was a real-time RP that took place over a year so every day was a literal day in their lives. We were very dedicated. ;) So this was not an overnight change for Sasuke, and he was an asshole occasionally. But as the doujin continues and he interacts with people other than Naruto he’ll seem more IC with his usual persona. Naruto’s the only person he’s really open and happy with, and his family of course.

Cold New World

Summary: She glances down at her watch; 16:49. “Alright, I gotta go. Bellamy and Murphy should be back soon and I need to be there in case something happened.” she swallows again, not even wanting to think that something bad has happened to one of the six people she has in her life now. She stands up but doesn’t walk away. “Happy Unity Day, I guess…” she finishes and places the radio on the desk where she found it.

Or, AU where the adventure squad was left behind on Earth while the Sky People went up on the Ark. Oh and after Praimfaya, the planet is a snowball…

Chapter: 1/?  [AO3]

Note: S/o to @jasperjoordan​ for beta-ing this bad boy! Thanks girl <3

“Hey mom, it’s me again. Clarke, reaching out from the bunker. It’s been 730 days since Praimfaya, 2 years and still no sign of you” she sighs and leans back on the chair, “Raven says it must be your end that has a problem, our comm system works just fine. She also says that you should have built a radio by now and that if-” she stops herself.

The truth is, she’s the only one who still believes they are alive up there, that they made it. The rest just feel guilty for being the reason their family and friends died on their way to what was left of the Ark in the sky. They believe that they had one job, they failed and now they are stuck on a dying planet.

“Anyway” Clarke continues, “I still believe you’re up there, maybe struggling to survive but alive.” She pauses and lets the hand that holds the radio fall in her lap. “Raven has this idea… That if they manage to climb on a mountain top, get as close to you as possible, we might get a signal or some kind of sign from you. Find out if you made it or not…” she swallows. “The truth is- I’m sacred. Bellamy said that it hasn’t snowed for a week now, the longest we’ve gone without snow and the ice has started melting somewhat. But I still go out of my mind every time they head out to scavenge for technology. How are they gonna make it to a mountain top without the needed equipment?” she laughs for a moment, “Well Raven says she can equip them but I know she’s lying, that Bellamy made her lie to me so I don’t worry.” A tear falls on her cheek, “And the thing is… they want to do this for me, mom. I’m the only one who believes that you’re alive, they want to try everything– for me.” She quickly wipes her tears away and takes a deep breath. “I don’t know what to do, mom. I miss you so much…”

She glances down at her watch; 16:49. “Alright, I gotta go. Bellamy and Murphy should be back soon and I need to be there in case something happened.” she swallows again, not even wanting to think that something bad has happened to one of the six people she has in her life now. She stands up but doesn’t walk away. “Happy Unity Day, I guess…” she finishes and places the radio on the desk where she found it.

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Part One of a Two-Part attempt at an angsty Mileven fic. This was prompted by: @bugheadqueen. Thank you so much for the request, because i’m having a lot of fun with this. I hope it’s sort of what you want!

Part Two is here

She wore the same white, high top chucks and jeans that she had the first time she walked back into his life. Every side of the converse was covered in words written in black sharpie. Her brunette hair was longer than he remembered, but still curly. Still hers.

“El came back,” he told his sister that day after school. The phone was silent for a couple of seconds. “She seems okay. Not hurt.”

“Did you talk to her?” The voice asked quietly.


“You should call.”

Mike sighed, resting his forehead on the wall that the phone was attached to. He tapped the phone against the side of his head and balled his free hand into a fist. “Nancy-” his voice cracked. “I can’t” he finished in a stronger voice. “I just can’t.”

“Mike, I know it hurts-”

“No, Nancy, you really don’t” Mike stated quietly. He was shaking his head now and letting his tears fall softly. “You just don’t, okay?” His sister said something else, but Mike had checked out of the conversation. He told her he loved her and that he hoped she had fun in New York with Jonathan, and even though the words were genuine he had to force them out.

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