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Spot the BondLock : Quantum of Solace vs What's Next for Mary [Part 3 of 3 The Living Daylights]

In the first two parts of this meta (Part 1 - x, Part 2 - y), I laid out how the situation with John Watson and Mary Morstan shares similarities with the marriage of Masters as described in Ian Fleming’s short story Quantum of Solace. This post makes more sense if you’ve read at least one or both metas already.

At the beginning of Quantum of Solace (pg 86 in the book “For Your Eyes Only”), we’re told that no one has to die: 

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We understand that you can only hire people to fake ecstasy over sparkling dishware so many times before your brain starts to break down, but you should channel that insanity into a rubber glove fetish instead of stealing science words.

Quantum Powerball Finish should be a special attack in Pokemon, not a chore supply. This is the latest step in the total disconnect of advertisers from even pretending to exist in the same universe as the rest of us. There’s a whole generation for whom “quantum” means “sciencey!” complete with misspelling and exclamation mark, because ads think they can use it as the verbal equivalent of neon lighting, in that it’s amazingly advanced science being used to draw cheap attention to totally unrelated activities.

The 5 Most Misguided Uses of the Word ‘Quantum’ in Ads