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An appreciation post for Parallel Fiddleford

I know we don’t get much on the parallel earth version of Fiddleford but from what little we did get of him, I just love him so much and here’s a few reasons why I love him:

- He’s Fiddleford who got a happy ending and is now a respected member of the scientific community and I’m sure he’s making all kinds of inventions to help like he always wanted to (and maybe teaching at the institute, I always head canon he is even if it’s not technically stated).

- He seems to have found a healthier way to cope with his anxiety if he’s staff at an institute that deals with supernatural creatures and he goes on portal expeditions (to dangerous places by the sound of it).

- he didn’t have to help Ford, in fact helping him could have been putting his and the institute’s reputation in jeopardy by harboring a known fugitive of the the law (ford was still a criminal in the multiverse) and putting his life and everyone he loves’ lives in danger by letting him stay here knowing that if he even touched his own Ford their universe would be destroyed. Yet, he did the kind and noble thing by helping Ford finish and stabilize his Quantum Destabilizer to help him in his quest to destroy Bill Cipher knowing he’s a threat (the gun didn’t really work but that was only because it missed).

He’s just a good and kind soul who I am so happy exists out there. Fidds is so important even his parallel self had a role in trying to destroy Bill once and for all and I just love him so much. I don’t care how but I want the black light version of the journal to give me more information on this good and kind soul who I hope is happily married to his Ford (I mean I can dream right?)

Better With You By My Side

prompt: Dan and Phil are both sons of rich families and are sent to ballroom dancing lessons. Because there is a shortage of girls, Dan and Phil end up as partners. Phil really doesn’t want to be there and Dan doesn’t either, but is so frustrated by the fact Phil doesn’t want to dance with him he is determined to get him to.

a/n: WGAT THE FUCK AM I DOING WITH MYSLEF hi so i have only 1 exam left so guess what this means ????? The Return Of THis After One Whole Week Of Not Uploading i hate ymself im sorry this is so astronomically long also stuff will start to wrap up soon btu  fuck my life i hope this is okay sigh

-brief mentions of alcohol and being drunk-




The more time Dan spends in London, whether it be with Phil, his friends, or even Phil’s friends, for that matter (he and Luke had bonded pretty quickly over their love for Gerard way), the more difficult it is to accept the fact that in just over a month, he’s going to be dragged into hours of house-viewings and boxing everything up in the completely empty lounge with walls stained with faded patches where family pictures and expensive paintings once hung. He doesn’t want to think about how many weeks to go it is until he’s sitting an aeroplane on his way to fuck-knows where, the colossal city brightly lit with static human life shrinking in the circular plane window as he’s forced away from the one and only place in his entire life that actually felt like home.

Dan’s never felt as if he could give ‘home’ a proper definition. London’s the closest he’d got, and probably will ever get.

Neither him nor Adam have discussed anything about moving, but Dan figures he’s probably feeling the same with leaving Ross as Dan is with leaving Phil. He knows their father’s been wanting to pack Adam off to some fancy international University as soon as it suits him, but Dan knows his brother too well to believe he’d be happy living, watching stupid shit on TV, eating, working or just lying in bed doing nothing with anyone who isn’t Ross. He knows what it feels like, he gets it.

And the longer he goes without telling anyone, the harder it gets.


“Hi, boys,” Audrey breaks the silence of the lounge with an exhausted sigh, returning the vacuum cleaner back in the cupboard and dumping a stack of cardboard boxes onto the table in front of the two brothers. “You’ll be alright keeping an eye on these, won’t you?”

“They hardly look as if they’re planning an escape,” Dan glances at the boxes, giving Audrey a fond smirk.

She rolls her eyes, neatening up the magazine rack and edging a wad of brochures into the spaces between the glossed paper.

“There we are,” she mumbles, giving the two boys a satisfied nod, before glancing at Dan. “I’m impressed with you today, Dan.”

Dan narrows his eyes suspiciously. “Why?”

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Spot the BondLock : Quantum of Solace vs What's Next for Mary [Part 3 of 3 The Living Daylights]

In the first two parts of this meta (Part 1 - x, Part 2 - y), I laid out how the situation with John Watson and Mary Morstan shares similarities with the marriage of Masters as described in Ian Fleming’s short story Quantum of Solace. This post makes more sense if you’ve read at least one or both metas already.

At the beginning of Quantum of Solace (pg 86 in the book “For Your Eyes Only”), we’re told that no one has to die: 

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anonymous asked:

Absolutely not rushing you, I'm just generally curious about how it's coming along since myself and my little cousin are big fans of your work...How is the millennium puzzle going (the one in pieces that the buyer can put together)?

Hey, I remember​ you and your cousin! I hope you’re both doing well! Thanks for reminding me about the puzzle Puzzle!

I’m finally settling into a routine, so I do have some time to work on it. I’ve just been working on other fanprojects instead.

I’ll finish up the quantum cube model next time I sit down to 3D model, then I’ll get back to working on the Puzzle. 8)


(Could take place after their kiss in 3x17, or any time after 3x17 when they have a moment to themselves.)

Fitz gently pulls away from their kiss, bringing one hand up to tenderly stroke Jemma’s hair, a contented smile lighting up his face.  “You’re so beautiful, Jemma,” he murmurs, his accent alluringly thick.  “Y’can’t know how long I’ve waited to tell y’that.”  His eyes betray the earnest longing behind his words.

Suddenly curious, Jemma takes Fitz’s hand in hers.  “When did you first know?  That you…had feelings for me?”

Fitz cocks his head slightly and pauses for a moment.  “When you finished Dr. Llewelyn’s Quantum Chemistry final before I did, I knew y’were the most brilliant person I’d ever met.”

Jemma laughs at the memory, and Fitz joins in; it was before they had been assigned as lab partners, when they knew one another only by reputation.  She hadn’t realized that Fitz had been keeping tabs on her that early on; then again, she’d been doing approximately the same if she was honest with herself.  Little had they known then the accomplishments and joys a partnership would bring…

Fitz interrupts her reverie.  “The first time you made me Earl Grey tea and waffles after an all-nighter, that’s when I knew you were my best friend.  I don’t even know how y’knew Earl Grey was my favorite, but y’just seemed to know exactly what I needed, and then made it happen.  No one had ever done that for me before, ‘cept my mum.”

“I was simply exercising my powers of observation, Dr. Fitz.”  Her smile widens.

“When you decided y’wanted to go into the field,” he continues, his tone a little more serious now, “that was when I knew I’d go anywhere, do anything, with you.  I hated the entire notion of going into the field, but somehow, I hated the notion of staying behind, without you, even more.”

“Well you may have been the sensible one, just look at all the messes we’ve gotten ourselves into…”  She leans into him, and he wraps his arm around her shoulder.  “But you still haven’t answered my question.”

Fitz is quiet now, as if he’s gathering his thoughts.  He intertwines his fingers with hers and swallows.  When he speaks again, his voice is quieter.  “When you locked me in the lab, back on the Bus, and I watched you open the cargo bay and jump out of the plane,” his voice hitches slightly as he fights to keep a tremor out of it, “to save us all from the Chitauri virus, that was when I knew that…I couldn’t live without you, Jemma.”  She tilts her head up to meet his eyes, finding them brimming with tears.  She cradles his face with her hand and brings his lips softly to meet hers.  After a moment he rests his forehead against hers, and whispers, “That was when I realized I loved you.”