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5 Best Setting Powders

When it comes to setting powders, not all are created equally. Although using the correct techniques to set your face and apply powder are essential to help your makeup look great, using a powder of high quality is just as important.

Too Faced Primed & Poreless Setting Powder

A tried, true and tested favourite, the Too Faced Primed & Poreless Loose Setting Powder has been an essential in my collection for many years. The formula is extremely finely milled which means it never looks cakey and is great for setting concealer under the eyes.

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New House Oil

So I have moved quite a bit in my life, all over in fact, and when I moved into new places I could feel the energy of everything before. Then when I started getting into my craft I developed a special oil that I like to burn once I have moved into a new place. So here you are dearies, I hope that you enjoy and bring in new light to your new homes! 

Mixing bowl 
Oil burner 
* Peppermint essential oil. “I clear away all past doings
Lavender essential oil. “because I now bring in new life of peace,” 
Rose essential oil. “love, hope, and happiness.” 
Rosemary essential oil. “I invite abundance to fill this new home.” 


  1. Open the windows in your new home. 
  2. In your mixing bowl place one (1) drop of peppermint oil, two (2) drops of lavender oil, two (2) drops of rose oil, one (1) drop of rosemary oil.
  3. Mix the oils together, when/if you say “I clear away” stir the oil counter clockwise, when/if you say “I invite” stir the oil clockwise. 
  4.  Once you are finished, find the center of your home (for me it is the kitchen) and place your oil burner where it is safe and won’t fall over and won’t set off fire alarms or disturb anyone else. 
  5. Place the oil in the burner, you can say what you would like then let the oil burn. As it is going, clean your place. Dust, vacuum, and sweep. Personally I recommend sweeping everything out the doors to clear away. 

NOTE: If you cannot burn oils for whatever reasons here are a couple alternative ways you can do this same New House spell. 

  • You can make a sachet with the ingredients listed above in herb form and place in a white bag tied with a yellow string/ribbon. Mix the ingredients as you desire, tie it up, then hang up near your front door (inside or out, whatever your preference is) and then clean your place with the windows open. 
  • Make a powder with the ingredients listed above in herb form. With your mortar and pestle grind together your ingredients until finely ground. (NOTE: If you have pets, you might want them put in their cage for the duration of this process so they do not inhale the powder. Safety first for our fur babies.) When your finished, sprinkle the powder in your carpet and floors, while chanting or silent. Once your are done, sweep what you can out the door and vacuum the rest of the powder with the windows open.
  • Wherever the center of your home is, go to that place and say either out loud or in your head “I clear away all past doings because I now bring in new life of peace, love, hope, and happiness. I invite abundance to fill this new home.” or something along the lines. When you are finished, clean your house with the windows open. This method has no ingredients at all, just power of mind and power to clean, haha. 

* WARNING: Peppermint can be difficult for some people if they are sensitive to the strong, in your face oils. If you cannot use peppermint and wish to eliminate it, that’s fine. If you want to substitute, spearmint is more low-key or you can use lemon essential oil. Whether you use spearmint or lemon place one (1) drop of the oil.

If you cannot burn oils and are using alternative methods but still wish to not use peppermint (h) you can use spearmint (h) or a dash of lemon zest or you can just eliminate all together.

While burning make sure others who live with you won’t be irritated by the smell of peppermint, be mindful.

Be safe. Peppermint can irritating for some to touch if you have sensitive skin. If you are dealing with the herb wear gloves if needed. 

(h = herb)


Such a cute tutorial by @lawrencialovette 😍😍 #CocoaSwatches #Repost
What a Peach! 🍑
@esteelauder Double wear foundation ‘Rich Cocoa’
@nyxcosmetics_canada above and beyond concealer 'Nutmeg’
@blackopalbeauty foundation stick 'Black Walnut’
Ben nye powder 'Beige suede’
Sacha buttercup setting powder
@blackopalbeauty finishing powder 'Deep’
@mywunderbrow 'Jet black’
@morphebrushes 35C palette
@benefitcanada Real lash mascara
@dutchnessbeauty highlight in Céleste
@sleekmakeup lip liner 'Cocoa’
@colourpopcosmetics liquid lipstick 'Speedial’
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Here’s a list of my favorite make up products by category! These are all tried and true after years of experimentation 💋

- Moisturizer: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. Get the gel instead of the lotion if you have oily skin

- Primer: Nivea Sensitive Post Shave Balm for Men. Don’t question, just try it

- Foundation: Too Faced Born This Way or Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24Hr. Honestly can’t choose between them. Apply both with a damp beauty blender

- Concealer: Tarte Shape Tape. If you’re on a budget, Maybelliene Fit Me is actually worth while

- Cream contour: Clinique Chubby Sticks. Blend out beautifully

- Powder (extra coverage): MAC’s Mineralized Skin Finish Natural

- Powder (no coverage/for baking): Laura Mercier’s Translucent Setting Powder. NOT the secret brightener be careful

- Bronzer: Buxom’s Hot Escapes Bronzers if you want shimmer and Benefit’s Hoola if you don’t

- Contour: NARS Contour Duos. Color to get depends on your skin tone!

- Blush: NARS Blushes cannot be beat. Orgasm is an all time classic and looks amazing on everyone. I also LOVE the Lorac Unzipped Cheek Palette but it’s gone so you’d have to find it on eBay or something

- Highlight: Best highlight of all time is Becca Cosmetics x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop

- Setting Spray: Urban Decay All Nighter

- Eyeshadow primer: Urban Decay Primer Potion

- Eyeshadow: best brand for eyeshadow IMO is Anastasia Beverly Hills or Lorac. Great first palette is the Lorac pro

- Eyeliner: Stila Liquid Eyeliner NO DEBATE THE END

- Mascara: Maybelliene Clump Crusher (get water resistant to hold your curl)

- Eyelash curler: best eyelash curler of all time is from Shu Uemura which they stopped selling at Sephora but you can order it online

- Fake eyelashes: Absolutely love the Kiss brand’s Blooming line because they’re multilayered and have such a thin band and so many different styles

- Filling in: Anastasia Brow Wiz no debate

- Setting: Anastasia Brow Gel and if you’re really gonna rub them off, NYX waterproofing gel on top of that

- Maintenance: Tweezerman. Spend the money. No other tweezers are worth your time

- Balm: only chapstick I truly believe works (and doesn’t make them worse in the long run) is Burts Bees

- Lipliner: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On

- Lipstick: Too Faced’s La Crème line and Melted line

- Lipgloss: BUXOM!!!!! They are so unreal amazing perfect everything I’ve ever wanted. Also love the Urban Decay Naked glosses

Hope this helps anyone who’s looking for some new bomb ass make up products that won’t waste your time or your $$$!

if you guys want to buy cheap makeup, korean skin care, brushes, eye shadow palettes, whatever, SHOPHUSH.COM sells a lot of nice products and i’m in love with it! things sell out fast once theyre restocked but waiting isnt that long! i live in florida and their headquartes is in LA i think, but it doesnt take much time it gets here within the week. *youtuber voice* ummm this isn’t sponsored but like, go but umm its good

Invoke Your Inner Goddess - Self Love Spell

 “The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself.” - Mark Twain

Invoke your inner goddess and find the strength to be comfortable with who you are, it is time you banish the negativity residing in you and welcome in the love. 

The Ingredients:
Pink Himalayan Salt for self-love
💕Rose Petals or Oil for self-love and passion.
💕Rosemary and/or Sage for purification and cleansing
                 - Essential Oils are fine as well.
💕Lavender for self-love and happiness
💕One White or Pink Candle, whichever you prefer.
💕 Optional Crystals! I recommend rose quartz, selenite or moonstone and it explains why here.

The Spell:
Take some time to meditate, light some incense and center your mind, you want to make sure you are calm and only putting good energy into yourself. When you feel calm and focused mix the salt, rose petals, rosemary, and lavender into a small bowl, mortar, etc. Now crush them all up into a fine powder and remember to focus on healing and loving yourself.

When your magical powder is finished put it aside. Bring the candle of your choice in front of you. If you decided to use crystals in your magick this is the time to get them out and place them in a circle around your candle. If you can make it look like your crystals are pointing towards the candle. Now grab your powder and dip your fingers in it, on your candle either around the wick or on the face of it write your initial. Light the candle and wrap your hands around it (if you can, I just like holding my sigil candle) and focus on letting it all go, the pain, sorrow, doubt, insecurities, as the candle burns away so do all of those things. And you welcome in love, confidence, and strength as your initial fades away. 

Happy casting witches! 🔮💞
Get your own self-love and ritual candle here.


Overwatch Junkrat inspired Steel Trap Necklace

Now Available on my Etsy! $25 ea.

The perfect necklace to show off your Junker Pride! Whether you’re a Junkrat main, or just love Overwatch, this Steel Trap inspired fanart pendant is also a great gift for the explosives expert in your life!

Pendant: 2" x 1.75"
Chain: 18"

Cast resin, available in silver or gold powder finish, with adjustable chain to complete your look! A nice compliment for your cosplay, or casual wear.

Since these items are hand-made to order, please allow 1-2 weeks before shipping. TA!

ira-querelle  asked:

I have tried literally everything (sponge, brush, fingers, different concealers, powder, not using powder to finish, primers, creams) but still my undereye concealer creases&cakes, it goes in the fine little lines, blots... awful. Any tips??

Concealer is something that can go horribly wrong, I agree. If you apply too much it looks cakey, not enough and you can still see darkness and if you quickly dust a powder to set the concealer it can go patchy and uneven, if you don’t set it at all it can crease quickly and be overly shiny and if you “bake” the area with loads of powder it can look cakey, dry and unnatural.

Use an Eye Cream or Primer

If you’re applying your concealer directly ontop of foundation without prepping the eye area first this could be where you are going wrong. On the other hand if you’re applying a thick heavy eye cream under the eyes and immediately going in with concealer this could also be where you’re going wrong. Confusing? Applying an eye cream or undereye primer will help to hydrate the undereyes and give the skin a little more “slip” so product is less likely to settle, but if you don’t let it absorb for 5 minutes or so before applying your concealer, you will find the concealer immediately grabs to the eye cream and makes a bit, gross, uneven and creasing mess. I recommend: Origins Gin Zing Refreshing Eye Cream (because it’s lightweight and has light reflecting properties which brighten the undereyes) and Smashbox PhotoFinish Under Eye Primer (because it is a beautiful creamier version of their original primer which helps fill in fine lines under the eyes)

Try a Thicker Product

When I say a thicker product I don’t necessarily mean one that is full-bore high coverage, I just mean one that isn’t super thin and liquidy. Thicker, creamier products tend to sit ontop of the skin better and have a bit more playtime (great especially if you have issues with creasing) whilst thinner and more runny products often dry a lot quicker and as a result can settle into fine lines and wrinkles. Try using a product that has a creamier texture like Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer or you could even try a full-coverage stick foundation!

Use Sparingly

One of the biggest causes for concealer creasing underneath the eyes and looking cakey is simply applying too much of it! I recommend only using concealer on the areas needed and go easy with it. Just because you have a bit of darkness under the eyes doesn’t mean you should pile on heaps of concealer. You may find this post about how to properly use concealer helpful.

Set Properly

The key to setting your undereye area is to use a loose powder or a clean, fluffy blending eyeshadow brush and gently press the powder over top of the concealer before dusting/blending the excess product in with the same brush. Here is a video on how to use setting powder.

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I hope I helped you and if you need anything else feel free to ask.

If any product you use irritates you discontinue use immediately.

*Please view Makeup Tips disclosure policies regarding information and products mentioned on this blog.

lana's makeup recs

remember this is ~personal preference~ things that work for me may not work for you!!! but i am going to include all skin types as well by asking my friends!!!!!


  • dry skin: too faced hangover primer
  • oily skin: hourglass veil primer
  • drugstore: nyx pore filler
  • acne prone: cover fx mattifying primer (with acne treatment!!)

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A bunch of tips for Steam Powered Giraffe cosplay makeup and general makeup

I don’t know if people actually need this, I don’t know this might be helpful.

°Use gel liner (Preferably Maybelline EyeStudio) for your eyes. Snazaroo flakes off and can cause infections and irration. You can also use gel liner for your lips.

°Baby wipes work better than makeup wipes and they’re a lot cheaper.

°Use setting spray when you are going to a convention but NOT setting powder on the metallics because it gets rid of shine. Setting spray made my makeup last 10+ hours. (I use Wet n’ Wild setting spray)

°If you’re doing oxidation it’s good to put green paint first because it will show up a lot better.

°clean your skin before you apply your makeup! You can use toner or facial wash. This will kill the bacteria and help reduce breakouts.

°Use a Stipple sponge for oxidation or weathering! This will make it look real cool

°if using white cream face paint use a clean damp beauty blender or a cosmetic sponge. Make sure you set it with powder! Baby powder or HD powder will work. (I use E.L.F Perfect Finish HD powder with a powder puff)

° Use primer! It will make your makeup easier to take off and make it last longer! (I use Soap & Glory One Heck Of A Blot Primer)

Welp I hope that helped a few people! I struggled a lot with this stuff when I first started. Of course it is not required to use any of this stuff! This is just my suggestions.

The Governor’s Ball

I watched the transformation in fascination. 

Red-heeled shoes and silk stockings clocked in black. Gray satin breeches with silver knee buckles. Snowy linen, with Brussels lace six inches deep at cuff and jabot. The coat, a masterpiece in heavy gray with blue satin cuffs and crested silver buttons, hung behind the door, awaiting its turn. 

He finished the careful powdering of his face, and licking the end of one finger, picked up a false beauty mark, dabbed it in gum arabic, and affixed it neatly near the corner of his mouth. 

“There,” he said, swinging about on the dressing stool to face me. “Do I look like a red-heided Scottish smuggler?” 

I inspected him carefully, from full-bottomed wig to morocco-heeled shoes. 

“You look like a gargoyle,” I said. His face flowered in a wide grin. Outlined in white powder, his lips seemed abnormally red, his mouth even wider and more expressive than it usually was. 

Non!” said Fergus indignantly, coming in in time to hear this. “He looks like a Frenchman.” 

“Much the same thing,” Jamie said, and sneezed. Wiping his nose on a handkerchief, he assured the young man, “Begging your pardon, Fergus.” 

He stood up and reached for the coat, shrugging it over his shoulders and settling the edges. In three-inch heels, he towered to a height of six feet seven; his head nearly brushed the plastered ceiling. 

“I don’t know,” I said, looking up at him dubiously. “I’ve never seen a Frenchman that size.” 

Jamie shrugged, his coat rustling like autumn leaves. “Aye, well, there’s no hiding my height. But so long as my hair is hidden, I think it will be all right. Besides,” he added, gazing with approval at me, “folk willna be looking at me. Stand up and let me see, aye?” 

I obliged, rotating slowly to show off the deep flare of the violet silk skirt. Cut low in the front, the décolletage was filled with a froth of lace that rippled down the front of the bodice in a series of V’s. Matching lace cascaded from the elbow-length sleeves in graceful white falls that left my wrists bare. 

“Rather a pity I don’t have your mother’s pearls,” I remarked. I didn’t regret their lack; I had left them for Brianna, in the box with the photographs and family documents. Still, with the deep décolletage and my hair twisted up in a knot, the mirror showed a long expanse of bare neck and bosom, rising whitely out of the violet silk. 

“I thought of that.” With the air of a conjuror, Jamie produced a small box from his inside pocket and presented it to me, making a leg in his best Versailles fashion. 

Inside was a small, gleaming fish, carved in a dense black material, the edges of its scales touched with gold. 

“It’s a pin,” he explained. “Ye could maybe wear it fastened to a white ribbon round your neck?” 

“It’s beautiful!” I said, delighted. “What’s it made of? Ebony?” 

“Black coral,” he said. “I got it yesterday, when Fergus and I were in Montego Bay.” He and Fergus had taken the Artemis round the island, disposing at last of the cargo of bat guano, delivered to its purchaser. 

I found a length of white satin ribbon, and Jamie obligingly tied it about my neck, bending to peer over my shoulder at the reflection in the mirror. 

“No, they won’t be looking at me,” he said. “Half o’ them will be lookin’ at you, Sassenach, and the other half at Mr. Willoughby.”



heres a few of my holy grail makeup products that i still use and that are great and affordable for beginners!

• Maybelline Fit Me! - Matte + Poreless (for oily-normal skin)
• Maybelline Fit Me! - Dewy + Smooth (for dry-normal skin)
• L'Oreal tru match super blendable liquid makeup
• L'Oreal infallible pro-matte foundation (for oily - combination skin)
• milani 2-in-1 foundation + concealer

• maybelline age rewind concealer
• L.A girl pro conceal
• Maybelline fit me concealer

• Maybelline baby skin instant pore eraser

• Hard Candy sheer glow all the way face & body illuminator (can double as a primer)
• physicians formula shimmer strips
• NYX illuminator (can double as a primer)

powder/finishing spray:
• airspun translucent extra coverage loose face powder
• rimmel stay matte long lasting pressed powder
• covergirl translucent professional loose powder
• L'Oreal infallible pro-spray and makeup extender, setting spray

• nyc smooth skin face powder, bronzing
• rimmel natural bronzer
• wet n wild color icon bronzer
• milani baked bronzer

• milani baked blush
• Maybelline dream bouncy blush

• Maybelline great lash mascara
• L'Oreal teloscopic mascara
• Maybelline the colassal mascara

• L'Oreal brow stylist definer brow liner
• Nyx wonder brow pencil
• milani stay put brow color
• elf cosmetics brow kit

• covergirl truNaked eyeshadow palettes
• Maybelline color tattoos
• milani everyday eyes eyeshadow collection

• Jesse eyeliner
• Maybelline amster precise liquid eyeliner

• milani color statement lipstick
•revlon color stay ultimate liquid lipstick
• milani amore matte lip creme

• any ardell lashes

• real techniques brushes
• ecotools brushes

if youve read this far, id like to announce some BIG news in 30 minutes!

ciobellaaxoxoo-deactivated20160  asked:

Best drugstore makeup? I need a list for school essentials 😄

loreal magic perfecting base: for a super smooth finish
revlon photoready skinlights/loreal magic lumi light infusing primer: if you want that glow
nyx shine killer primer: for oily skin types
elf hydrating face primer/maybelline master primer (smooth+illuminate): for dry skin types

loreal infallible pro matte: for oily skin
covergirl 3 in 1 outlast: for combo skin
loreal true match lumi: for dry skin

hard candy glamoflauge: for heavy duty concealing
nyx orange concealer jar: for color correcting under eye circles
maybelline fit me: for general concealing
maybelline better skin: for a natural concealer

elf high definition powder: most natural
revlon nearly naked powder: for sheer coverage
physicians formula happy booster glow & mood boosting powder (beige): glowy finishing powder, hourglass powder dupe!

nyx matte bronzer: to contour
nyx taupe blush: contouring for very fair skin
la girl pro conceal: for cream contour/highlight
milani baked bronzer: to bronze

nyx powder blush
• elf studio powder blush
• nyx cream blush
• milani baked blush

personal fave drugstore highlighters
for fair skin
• for dark skin

elf eyebrow kit: personal fave/you can make it look natural or bold 
nyx brow pomade: for more definition
loreal brow stylist plumper: adds more “hairs” to the brows/tints them

maybelline color tattoo: you don’t need a primer, and it’s super easy to apply
loreal infallible eyeshadow: amazing color payoff and the shades are so gorgeous
best eyeshadow palettes

nyx super skinny eye marker: for wings
nyx slide on eye pencils: great shade selection
maybelline gel eyeliner: best drugstore gel eyeliner !

maybelline define a lash waterproof. that is all. 😂

LIPS (basically some of the best drugstore lip products out there)
• nyx lipliner
• nyx soft matte lip cream
• wet n wild mega last lipstick
• nyx butter gloss

loreal makeup extender spray: love this! actually makes my makeup last longer
nyx makeup setting spray: there’s a dewy and matte finish that you can choose!

anonymous asked:

Hi can I request genji, widowmaker, Sombra, and any other characters of your choosing with a s/o who has problems sleeping like insomnia and occasionally finds them in the kitchen in like one of their shirts with like fluffy bottoms making hot cocoa or something like that? Thanks in advance!

For someone who also suffers from sleep problems, this is something I can relate with. Thank you for requesting this, love.


  • Honestly don’t think for one second that Genji doesn’t know that you’ve gotten out of bed in the middle of the night because he just knows
  • Sometimes you manage to sneak out of your shared room before he realizes anything but that’s short-lived
  • You pull on one of the few shirts that Genji owned while silently padding towards the kitchen, eyes wide open and ready to make some hot chocolate
  • If there was anything that could lull you to sleep (asides from Genji’s hugs), it was a great cup of hot cocoa
  • You had only finished pouring the cocoa powder into the pot when you heard the silent tip-taps of soft footfalls and before you knew it, two dimly lit arms had wrapped themselves around your waist
  • “Hey.” “Hello, my blossom.”
  • Even though the two of you don’t speak after that, Genji knows that you know that he knows why you’re up
    • Because insomnia is just a major pain
  • When you finish making it, Genji silently insists on letting him take care of the dirty dishes
  • You reluctantly relent and sit down while watching Genji as he speedily cleaned the pot before taking a seat next to you
  • He rubs circles in your back as you rest your head on his shoulder until you finish your drink and stand up to wash your cup
  • This time, Genji doesn’t protest as you quickly cleaned the mug thoroughly and you let him guide your body back to bed with a comforting hand on your back
  • Just before you fall asleep, you hear Genji remove his face mask and press a kiss to your temple and you snuggle against your loving boyfriend before you finally manage to drift off


  • She’s a fairly light sleeper like Genji, but Amélie doesn’t know that you’ve gotten out of bed until she unconsciously reaches out to hold you
  • When Amélie manages to regain her bearings, she notices the faint light seeping in through the crack in the door and she knows exactly where you went
  • You hum quietly to yourself as you pour hot chocolate made from some quality chocolate store in France that Widowmaker insisted on you using if you were going to wake up in the middle of the night instead of “that cheap, low-quality dust you call chocolate powder.”
    • You’d never say it to her face, but the first time you drink hot cocoa made from the French shop, it was a hundred times better than normal
  • Sometimes Amélie wakes up around the same time you do, so you’ve grown accustomed to preparing two cups instead of one just in case your girlfriend walks in to the kitchen
  • And just as you predicted, she did while adjusting her hair and sat across from you gracefully before taking an elegant sip of the steaming cup of hot chocolate
  • She doesn’t show it, but you know that she loves it
  • Amélie somehow manages to finish it quicker than you, but patiently waits for you to finish after catching a glimpse of how much of the drink was left
  • When you’re done, she plucks the mug from your hands and places them in the dishwasher before kissing you on the cheek
  • Merci, mon amour”


  • She’s a heavier sleeper than either Genji or Widowmaker, so she normally won’t know if you’ve got out of bed most of the time
  • Not because Sombra doesn’t care or bother to even take notice, but it’s because she spends a good portion of her waking hours hacking away for Talon (and herself) and it’s only at your insistence that she actually gets some rest
  • However, Sombra does figure out that you’ve gotten up
    • Especially when she realizes that no one’s contesting her for the blankets
  • When she gets out of bed herself, she smells the scent of her favorite drink being made: hot chocolate
  • Sombra cheekily sends a message to the screen next to the stove which shocks you a little bit
  • You quickly grab a second mug and pour half of the drink into it before walking out
  • When you leave the kitchen, you find Sombra giving you a cheeky smirk as you hand her one of the mugs
  • “Ah, perfecto. Thank you, corazón.”
  • The two of you idly chat about things that happened around Talon and how Sombra managed to tick Reaper off for the thousandth time.
  • When you’re both finished, you and Sombra both wash your own mugs while having trying to splash each other with soapy water
  • After you manage to place both cups on the drying rack, Sombra drags you back to bed and kisses you on the lips before curling into your chest
  • You swear you taste hot chocolate on your lips as you finally manage to fall asleep

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anonymous asked:

I'm FtM and I only get bottom dysphoria sometimes so I don't really want a penis looking one, but I want to be able to stand and pee, so is there something I can leave in my pants kinda like a packer but doesn't really look like a penis? Idk. I just want something that I can use a lot and don't have to wash after every use so I can just leave it in my pants or put it away when I get home

Lee says:

You could get a STP device, but they often can’t be packed with; you need to carry it in your pocket or bag.

STP devices:

If you want to get something you can comfortably leave in your pants like a packer, then you probably want a STP packer, but those look like a penis does.

STP Packers:

A Future With Your Prince

So, this is part one of five for a request by @alicemoonwonderland that she placed a long time ago about the bros and Cor proposing. Welp, here is to our favorite dorky prince. Tagging: @thefriendlytonberry @noboomoon, @silverdriftdragon @mp938368 @singergurl91 @rikuaxel10 @lordeer-vus @momokitty27 @indigochocobo @prophetparadox Also, we are going to pretend that Noctis lives in the end so they can have their happily ever after.

You’d been dating the Prince of Lucis for a year now and for your anniversary Noctis had taken you to the arcade for a date. Most people would call it cheesy or immature to go on a date to the arcade for your anniversary, but neither of you cared. You were two dorks in love and that was all that mattered. Yes, there were people that crowded around the young Prince, but he only had eyes for you.

At this point in time you’d already played most of the games and had a couple slices of pizza and some nachos. Noctis had demolished you at the shooter games, but you showed him up by kicking his butt at DDR and Pacman. You laughed and smiled the whole time. You’d never had this much fun with your Prince Charming. He was your lovable, but awkward dork and you were his sweet, but feisty baby girl and that’s all that mattered.

Yet, there was something off with Noctis. He seemed nervous and a bit standoffish at times. What was going on in that mind of his? Maybe he just wanted to try something new in bed and he was nervous about asking. You always had been the more experienced and more proactive one in the relationship.

“Alright, time for the crane game.” Noctis chuckled as you made your way to the machine

“Ok, but let me go to the bathroom first. I’ve drank enough pop to satisfy a Garula.” You chuckled before sashayed over to the bathroom

After you finished your business, you powdered your nose and applied some more lip gloss before making your way back out to Noctis. He looked like he was sweating bullets. Was he sick? You sure as hell hoped not. Poor guy had just gotten over a cold and didn’t deserve to be sick any longer.

“Ok, come on. Let show me how easy it will be for me to kick your ass at this game too, Noct.” You smirked as you walked up to him with your hand on your hip

“Go ahead. You go first and show me, Oh great one.” He chuckled

You rolled your eyes and stepped up to the flashing machine and deposited the appropriate number of tokens to play. The machine came alive and sounds blared as you took control of the joystick. You only had thirty seconds so you had to make it count. Your eyes searched the inside of the machine for the perfect prize when your eyes landed on what you knew you wanted. A small plush Moogle.

You zoned in on it and adjusted the claw to just over the doll. You eased the claw down and plucked the doll from its place. You were on edge as the grip on the Moogle faltered and it slipped. It was as if time had slowed down. You swallowed as your eyes focused on the doll and almost willing it to stay within the grasp of the claw.

Finally, the moment came when the claw was hovering over the edge and dropped down into the slot for you to grab it. You grabbed your prize and squeezed it to your chest, excited that you had gotten it on the first try. You were going to have to rub it in Noct’s face. You marveled the doll and turned it around in your hands when you felt something attached to it.

Turn around and face me Y/N—Noctis

When you turned around to face your boyfriend, your eyes immediately teared up. Noctis was down on one knee and his cerulean eyes were peering up into your warm amber one’s. Was this happening right now? Indeed, it was. A small smile graced your face as your turned your body fully towards Noctis.

“Y/N, you know I’m not good with words. That’s Iggy’s deal not mine. But I’d like it very much if you became my wife. I can’t promise that it will be the easiest life being married to me, but I love you more than anything else in this world. I can only imagine making little princes and princesses with you. Marry me?” Noctis swallowed as he held up a princess cut engagement ring with a thin band that held small diamonds

“Of course I will marry you, Noctis Lucis Caelum.” You grinned as a few tears escaped your eyes as you ran into your now fiancé’s arms

The crowd around you was going was wild with their applause as Noctis held your face in his hand and kissed you gently before placing the ring on your finger. It was the most beautiful thing you had ever seen and you couldn’t believe that this was the way you were going to start your new life. Your new life with your new fiancé.

You’d never been any happier than you were in that moment and you wouldn’t change anything about how you got to it. Someday, you were going to rule side by side with Noctis as his Queen and as much as it scared you, you couldn’t wait to get to that point in your life. You would produce his heirs and grow old with him. Nothing in the world could top that. Your life was perfect and you wouldn’t have it any other way.