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a Fatal_Error has Occurred: Chapter Three - Part 5

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June 2nd - September 24th

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The I Love You Series – “Come here. Let me fix it.”

~DURING - 7 months~

Irritable is probably the best word to describe you right now. So far this whole day has just been taxing on you emotionally, and you are in not mood to deal with anything at the moment. You’ve just walked in the door, but you have about thirty minutes before you’re supposed to leave again to go to an event with Shawn.

All you want to do is to sleep, but you know you don’t even have time for a power nap. You glance in the bathroom mirror, and quickly apply more makeup before entering the bedroom and pulling out the dress you had picked out earlier. Shawn is supposed to be here soon, and you’re still not even dressed. In your rush, you somehow manage to jam the zipper of your dress, leaving it half zipped in the back, and it won’t budge. You’re still trying to un jam it when Shawn knocks on the door. “Come in.” You call, and the door swings open. He stops when he sees you, only taking a second to notice the frustration on your face, and your two hands behind your back, still trying to unjam the zipper.

A small smile ghosts his face, “Come here. Let me fix it.” Is all he says, and you do, closing the distance between the two of you. He manages to fix the zipper in a few seconds and then he wraps his arms around you from behind. He kisses your cheek and simply holds you. You try to wiggle out of his arms, knowing you’re going late and you still have to find the heels you want to wear, but he doesn’t let go. He squeezes slightly, and says calmly, “You look beautiful. Don’t worry about the time. We’ll get there when we get there. Just breathe for a second baby.” He knows you too well. He knows when you’re stressed and freaking out, and he has a way of calming you like no one else can. 

Just give me this one night                                                                                 Just one night to feel                                                                                           Like I might be on the right path                                                                         The path that takes me home

anonymous asked:

hey ty sorry to bother you but im really down right now my class had a 'be yourself day' today and im not sure what i did wrong but when i got there this group of girls pushed me into the street and i didnt go to class because i ended up falling in a puddle of mud so yea sorry again for bothering you i know youre really busy but i just needed someone to talk to but you know how life is sorry for rambling ill be gone now

*Okay, first of all, you did nothing wrong.  It sounds like these girls are just terrible bullies, and I’m so sorry that this happened to you.  Some people are just awful and seem to make themselves feel better about their own insecurities by being assholes to others.  I wrote something up for ya, so I hope this cheers you up a bit. <3

A bony hand appeared to your right  to help you from the puddle, where muddy water was currently seeping into your clothes.  Surprised, you followed the sight of the digits up the blue-clad arm, to the smiling face of a skeleton monster.  There was a tightness underlying beneath that grin, but he attempted to play it off with a slight shrug.  

“need a hand?” 

“I, uh… Thanks.”  Demurely, you accepted it, feeling a slight flush to your cheeks.  You hadn’t thought anyone else was around after they left, and you’d been so stunned–and so confused– that it had taken you a moment to regain your bearings.  It was embarrassing being caught like this, with mud on your clothes and your eyes feeling so hot, but there was something about the tender look in his eyelights that made you glad he came along.


Immediately, you jerked your hand away from the skeleton’s phalanges, your attention whirling around to face yet another skeleton.  Where the friendly one was round and soft, with an easy-going expression, this one was the opposite.  He was tall, his features and clothing filled with sharp edges, and his fanged mouth was pulled back in a snarl.  His fists were poised on his hips, eyesockets narrowed into slits, as he shouted again, “I SHOULD GO AFTER THEM AND DRAG THE ENTIRE GROUP BACK OVER HERE BY THEIR HAIR!”

Your eyes widened.  Was he talking about…?

“since when do random acts of violence get your marrow boiling, edgy?”  

‘Edgy’ stomped his foot, clearly unable to control his vehement temper.  “THERE’S NO HONOR WHEN ATTACKING IN A GROUP!  OR ARE THINGS DIFFERENT HERE IN YOUR VANILLA TIMELINE?”  He huffed.  “THEY MAY HAVE LACKED EXP, BUT THEIR LOVE WAS HIGH!”  

The shorter skeleton shrugged, slipping his blue jacket from his shoulders.  “you’re right.  every timeline has assholes.  the important thing is to not be one of them.”  He turned his attention back to you, his expression softening.  “you ok there, pal?”

You’d been so flabbergasted by watching them interact that you had almost forgotten what had happened.  “Oh, I’m fine.  R-really, no big deal.”  You tried to smile to reassure them, but it fell flat.  The shorter skele didn’t call you on it, however, and instead held out his jacket to you.

“good.  here, tie this around your waist.”

You held onto the fabric.  It was fluffy and thick–and now that you could see his white T-shirt, you realized that it gave off the illusion that he was bigger than he was.  “I appreciate it.  But… it’ll get dirty,” you protested, trying to hand it back.  He stepped away and held his hands up, palm-out.

“nothin’ that won’t wash out.”


“you just wish you could ketchup to my level of humor.”


Edgy crossed his arms and scoffed, and the exchange made you smile as you heeded his instructions and tied it around your waist.  At least it hid the mud on the back of your pants.  The softer of the two smiled wider.  “looks good on ya, buddy.”  He winked, and you felt that flush creeping back to your face. “do you need a lift home to change?”  He gestured toward a nearby parked car that brought the Batmobile to mind.  Holy crap, how rich were these monsters?  They seemed loaded! You really shouldn’t get in a car with a couple of zany strangers, but you also have to admit… you’d like to ride in that sports car.  

While you waffled between possible poor decisions, Edgy leaned in, grinding his fist against his palm.  “THE REAL QUESTION SANS SHOULD BE ASKING IS WHEN YOU WANT ME TO EXTRACT JUSTICE!”

“for the last time, you’re not going to fight anyone while i’m around.”


As…sweet?… as the offer is, you’re just not that kind of person, so you smiled and shook your head.  “Thank you, but I’m fine.  Really.  I’m over it.”  You weren’t–not yet–but you were well on your way thanks to these two.


“You’ll be the first to know.”

He seemed satisfied with that response, and Sans spoke up next, “hey, if you’re not comfortable with a ride, then how about we walk you a couple of blocks?”

Ah… he was worried that they would come back.  You hadn’t even considered it until now, but you have to admit, the offer’s too tempting to refuse.  You agreed, and by the halfway point to your house, you’ve gained both of their numbers.

Sans is going to need his jacket back, after all… and you’re going to want to ride in the Batmobile once you get to know them.